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Silk Sarees Manufacturers: Hello friends, I am Devang again in your own YouTube channel, friends who test from Banaras, test from Tamil Nadu, test from Telangana, test from Karnataka, like this, we make test from everywhere, here we make whatever you want. Friends, I showed you in the earlier video, we have shown you the concept of whole silk which failed in these three states of Banaras, Bengaluru and Mysore, which is Kesaria Textile Company formed in Surat, then keep watching the video from beginning to end. Stay friends, so that the collection you have is the best, you can choose for your counter and friends, I talk, if you understand anything from this, then friends are on the screen. Contact the given number and directly where will you join, your application will be done, moving forward, I will take some more collections, I will talk to you first, this is cotton saree and cotton saree as I told friends, party wear concept, now party From the middle of the wear concept, friends.


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I want to tell that very beautiful, very wonderful fragrance made of Malti stains and sequence, you are going to get it with beautiful square and the concept you are seeing, friends, this is the concept of Aanchal and This is friends, see how beautiful varieties of Jhalak are also found in it, friends, see Jhalar is also not so much that the current one has come by paying ₹ 10, ₹ 20, ₹ 25, friends, this is the express way of making Jalak, isn’t it, minimum 57 means ₹ 50 From ₹ to ₹ 70 the frill is divided, so friends, please open it and see and stay tuned in the video so that like the next video, you can see this type of collection very good, so the first piece is friends, this cotton cloth pe so much Big answers are given in the panel border like beautiful, and see friends, to enhance its beauty with small batiya, you have made such a beautiful concept in it, and the border is also set in the middle of the aanchal that you are seeing. Gone so that the beauty of your saree remains amazing, friends, see how beautiful saree collection from Silk Sarees Manufacturers, let’s go to the next product, friends will make it in the video, today we are going to show you the pattern of cotton and tissue concept only and that too amazing The first piece we opened with the collections.


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Friends, see how beautiful it was, how the next product is going to be, we also tell you, friends, that too is going to be in cotton fabric, you can see such a beautiful saree and beautiful like its which What has been done, friends, the concept of that thing is going to make you feel as if it is done on a computer, as if the whole thing is made on the computer, see how beautiful it is made of thread, that too with two colored stains, friends, one in it. Jo daga dene hai woh brown color and another jo daga dene wala hai friends se tu se color matching tone tu tone thread which is yellow color concept friends with such a beautiful saree friends I tell you the second thing like this we are going ahead And this is the concept of tissue water, see, came with fancy clothes, now this concept is going to be shown to you, friends, this is tissue quarter, it is a fancy cloth, which is making a lot of noise in today’s market, so see Friends, with such a beautiful design, you are going to get the sensation of tissue bottom, that too wonderful and its design is going to be very beautiful, with a very beautiful triangle design, you are going to get the whole concept, see friends, you will get the whole concept like this. Let’s see with such a beautiful design, let’s go ahead and speak with the next concept, friends will see the collection and with good beautiful centuries.


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Friends, this is the issue pallu, as I told you, friends tissue Cotton saree in this way the pallu which is given in it na aanchal which is called chit pallu is also going to be available to you from the middle of tissue ballu and the concept of tissue ballu which is complete which is over touch is the whole concept of the saree. See friends, the sequence like over continues and sequence like it comes in it, isn’t it also in very small sequence like zero sequence and friends, this sequence is not going to get you out. It happens, see how beautiful, with so many beautiful designs, you get it, friends, let’s go ahead and move forward, in the same way, with many good concepts, I get good new designs, friends, the consent you get This cloth is going to be available, friends, as I told, there is a lot of movement in the market nowadays, see friends, you are going to get such a complete concept, such a concept, which is very wonderful, very beautiful. Wale hai See ye friends yeh jo saree hai itni sundar saree jo jo over dal middle me se see poor jo over dal medhya se see friends aanchal me aanchal me friends here you can see the whole 2 :15 m reduced which becomes the concept of heavy middle i.e. pallu and shoulder and after that you can see full skirt panel me puri which is going to come in over saree.


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Friends so let’s go ahead friends Very beautiful variety show with very beautiful collections. Friends, I have brought good varieties with you, and those which are not new concepts, but varieties are ready in our factory, friends, what is left is empty, come to your cell office, friends, if you will get this type of product in our cell office as soon as possible, See friends, there are many other saree designs which we cannot open in full video, so there are many sarees in this collection, here you can see all kinds of collections, you get all kinds of varieties, friends, varieties. And how did you like today’s collection? The benefits that you will get later, friends, not today, not tomorrow, not in 6 months, but friends, you will definitely see that benefit in the dead year, for today, I will continue to talk a lot, with the next video, till then friends screen Contact me on the given number and friends will definitely comment thanks till then bye-bye.

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