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Banarasi Wholesale Market in Faridabad: Kuch Nahin Soch and Nayi Disha Ki Himanshi has come back from the Kesaria Textile Company with new varieties as a sign that every week there are some or the other changes within the designs that keep up with the times. It is also necessary to walk with what is there, so that we can give you the details of the new to new collection very easily, so you can see that the whole Banarasi concept is going to happen wherever you look. There you are going to get more than one pattern, inside which you go to many collections, now if I talk about the collection, then we have only 210 starting inside Banarasi, which way inside it, the way catalog wide variety is required, box packing You want a variety of bridal concepts, you get many patterns, so for more information, the numbers given on your screen, now definitely call once, do tweet, so that you can know about all these collections very easily. If you know, then we talk about the website, its variety being first, in this way you get inside Banarasi, which is a very good design that has a color button and you all know that the summer season is going on.


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There are many more, then it happens like this, at the same time, the functions that are held in the morning, some are light in color, some are dark in color, they are liked more, then they are such that they are very much liked in functions in the sun. You can see that the whole design is going to be found inside the cotton, which comes in a tube of golden color and which you can see, the whole pattern has been made that you can find inside it. If we talk then the complete laughter damaged length is going to be found inside it, now it is about catalog and non catalog, so here you will get all the variety with figures, for this you will stay till the end because today’s duty is today’s Jodi science is going to happen, it is going to be very special variety, so whatever design of birthday new design suit is going to come, it is going to come, perfect design for the bride because there is red color too, but even inside red color, you will find very beautiful Classics design is available, which means that you will get the whole traditional look inside it, so you can see that in this way the whole design is found, here the whole Siroski diamond in silver color has also been used, with pallu in one.


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You can see the side in this way, one sided, you get the whole pattern, which is made according to the whole golden zari and now you can see the blouse which is going to remain, you can see the blouse here with the whole border concept. I go to the golden color head with its diamond, we have used three and send it, there are varieties of five pcs, which you are going to get a perfect play list set up, then let’s move on to the new design and all this variety, which is now sitting at home Which is, you can view once through PDF also, rest now come to Surat anytime, do do Vijay because you can do online purchasing but once you visit, then it becomes easy for you too. It is to know because you get the complete collection of Ladies Way here, inside which you will get every variety like Saree, School, Dupatta, Plazo, Suit, Material, Language, but one special thing, whatever new arrangements are associated with us, would like to tell them. Varieties have started like sitting here, which you get with dumbbell pillow covers, you get everything inside cotton and printed concept here, so now let’s talk about Banarasi saree from Banarasi Wholesale Market in Faridabad, and you can see this.


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Can very best saddest this because inside this whole watch is going to be of similar color so here you get complete testis pattern inside which you can see colorful silk thread with this whole which is a bouquet type design Made which you are going to get with any rose diamond, then you have seen the whole pallu concept, so you can see the whole body part which is going to be a whole, you get it with different designs in which you can see the whole With full length you get 630 with blouse piece you get every concept here and how in Kesaria Textile Company whatever varieties you get the whole quality is the best product you are going to get no shortage in quality Everything is going to be available to you, which is going to be available within the factory rate, just whatever collection you like, you have to take the complete set voice that if you do not like the flower setting from here, then you will move towards the new design. Special Variety to be had Yes, in this way, you are going to get a lot of designs even inside the voice packing, which you give tagged with catalog, you get the catalog which will remain, in this way, you can see the colors design which you will get.


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You can easily find out through them, if you like any of these designs, take a quick screenshot so that it becomes easy for you to know the price according to them. To know the price, you have to do this. It is important to connect with our online team that only from them you can get good guidance, so you can see that this pattern is going to be a complete import. The tent is made inside the favorite, inside which you get the whole different design, the stones which are golden colored stones, you get the patch and the main thing is pallu, so you can see that you get the very highlight pallu concept, which is normal. These are the functions which are done inside the morning time, we can wear such varieties very comfortably even in the sun, because it is the summer season, what kind of season is it, in which we like to wear such colors, which make us eye-catching, such design time advancement So you get all such design combinations from one place here, so let’s grow inside the new design, because new designs are going to be the seed, if you find it inside the premium collection, then you can see something like this.


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Many more ways, you are going to get it through box packing, you must be able to see the catalog, in this way you get the catalog and in this also you can see the pattern, you get the complete strips, in which you get set up. The colors are also going to be very special, which are used in the regular routine, whereas the color combination is going to be found here, now you can see that even the length which is there, it is also necessary to be complete, so this too You will get inch plus lenge and in this also you can see Puri ki Puri which is going to be found inside the silk pattern and the design which is going to be done in this pallu you get with this zari border in some way One side it has a border, in this way you get the complete pattern, flower type design go to India, but I am not going to get you complete, so now let’s go towards the nice collection, but before that we must tell you one thing If you want, in today’s time, everyone starts a business, but the biggest thing is to take the business forward and how to take it forward, so if you are doing business of clothes, then keep the same variety in it. It is also necessary to change with the time of everything, if every time we must have seen many of our videos, in which we have told you that keep variety desi, which is quality besto, but along with quality best, if some design is also like this Which starts getting old but still you should present to the customers as if that variety is not there yet and till now it is running in the train.


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It is very important to bring that when a salesman sells any If he sells, the first thing is that he will present the variety and how the customer is going to convert in 19, then through this you can take your business forward very comfortably, the margin is also very easy. From this you will be able to set up so that you will also get the ID that while doing business, we do not have to keep it in the statement whether the business is small or big, but it is necessary to grow our business as it is, so that is how it grows and we have gone to the net variety. And which is going to be very special because you get the complete bridal collection here because you can use the recording of the cigarette as well, so you can see the complete Banarasi concept golden zari work with time. You are going to get it inside the saree and it is Banarasi saree, because you all know that it is necessary to keep the variety in the name of Banaras family, so you can see this mask in full full length, you are going to get it here.


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But and this whole jakad fabric is going to be inside in which you can see that in this way you get motu patlu concept, it is perfect vest material you are going to get here, similarly you get this whole design with very fine detail because China’s work is such that it is unique and such variety is considered very special for Jyoti’s traditional look, so whatever information you want about all these collections, then the numbers given on your screen are here. Call on us and you must join us, we are not able to tell you about the rest of the price because you all know there are some wholesalers and retailers who start doing business by joining with us and in the same way you There should be no problem in setting up the margin, it is taken care of by us, so I will come with some more new collection, but till then you must like and comment so that we can get to know more about it. I can easily get information about how your test is going to be, till then bye-bye.

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