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Banarasi Wholesale Market in Nashik: 9th Banarasi saree, we have killed it with many more varieties, so how many such connections are you going to get only in Kesaria Textile Company, where you can get this Banarasi saree starting from only 114 ₹ 5 and like this In the collection which is not there, you want bridal, which catalog you want, non catalog, if you want daily routine accordion, if you want any saree, step by step from every angle is going to be found here, then all you have to do is the number given on your screen. You have to call and you can connect with us while sitting at home and you all know Kesaria Textile Company which is a manufacturing company, here you get a complete collection of Ladies, in which today I am going to show only Saree Sarees. Talk to us, we start with only one rupee, inside which you get the heavy work saree you get, which is a daily routine service, you need some time and the bridal collection is based after the wedding collection, then additional people. If you find Banarasi sarees till last on the channel, its varieties are available here, as you will be seeing tattoo collections here too, you are going to get all such collections, today I have nothing for you with varieties, then there is a storm towards pot varieties.


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Variety is going to happen, something like this you get, it is a very cute concept and you can see that the entire maroon color is on top of it and inside it the whole golden zari work is done in small pieces. We have gone through which you get the accordion here, now if we talk about this variety, then you can see that I am going to get my sign in this way, very beautiful sub pattern because the color used in it. This design has been made according to the very turn, it is the concept of Banaras and not the contact of Banaras, if we get such a pattern, then you all know and it is liked everywhere in Hindi. You can see the pallu pattern is so wonderful, the same as you have here, the border is also going to be in the same way, the whole golden zari worker has worked in it, the plain is going to be given to you, you are going to get only c30 finance blouse piece, this saree varieties are available to you. If you get here, then you can see that new designs are increasing, so you can see that if we talk about some light colors, then you also get sarees in light colors. But it is going to be available and in this also if we talk about the whole colors, then you do not go back to its set up, inside it you want dark color, you want light color, every single concept is found here that you can see something like this You are going to get this design inside keri pattern and here you can see which border is made of which fully you are going to get with app Honey Singh Hundred percent quality guarantee from us you are going to get anytime you If you visit here, you will get similar varieties here, which means that what we show you in the video, you will get the same collection here, in which we talk about Banarasi saree, it is here that you have 500 plus designs all the time.


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Will be available again stay with us and number given on the screen you can order pdf very easily but Edison why you can see this very lovely color this and some unique design we get inside it That you are going to get the whole background of the whole, now if we talk about its border, it is very cute here you get it, here you are going to get the design and here after the pallu pattern which has been made, you will get it completely. You are going to get it only with Honey Singh and how in Kesaria Textile Company this means that every week some or the other variety keeps on coming, inside which if you want box packing then you can easily find that variety here. But whatever collection you like, now you have to take it set-wise, we do not take orders for single face only, but you can see some new designs here. Dark colors which are liked by everyone very much, now all these colors which sleep normally are also being liked very much and you can improve very easily in your business too, so you can see some In this way, you get the type of design, inside it you will get the complete Banarasi Saree from Banarasi Wholesale Market in Nashik, in it you all like the pattern, you get the peacock pattern, all such collections are going to be found here.


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And now you can see in this, which is made here from Vodafone, in this way, with small flowers, you get the designs of big flowers, with proper definition, you are going to get all this and here also you You can see the complete Rich in Royal collection here that Banarasi we are going to give you such a test which you have not seen anywhere because special you all know when the name of Banarasi saree comes then first of all we represent If we do Banaras then you get the same collection here, peas add like this, so you can see whatever pattern is going to come, the way the light is inside the color because the cotton is going to stay inside the silk and you can see it. Can be the design that has been made If you get a ton’s accord, then the quantity of such collections you have, keep a minimum budget of 10,000 to 20,000 so that if you want to get all this collection made at a set price, then you can easily order it from us without the cost of transportation. People are not going to have problems, we are available, so you can see that you are going to get the best design of the whole, and you can see that this show is very much liked for the special look.


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Are done that you are going to get that this is what you are going to get and this you can see pura-pura is going to get in this way you get and you can see here which pallu design in the design made The pattern has been made and the minimum means that you are going to get and you can easily airsell a lot of variety by making up to 50%, how the collection is there, customers just need one thing that variety, which has some strong collection and And with that, if we get a quality witch product, then you all know that once the customers open on the counter, such Marathi is sold like this, then we hope that you will besan jo hai. Keep progressing in it, if you need any support, then you get support from us, you get property, that means how you can start a business, how you can make different relations within it, then all these varieties are more about this. To know about all the details, you have to call the number given on your screen and you can see all the varieties sitting at home, that means click on the eye button and it will be your collection of all varieties once. If you can take a look, with this, how did you like the varieties, then you will definitely tell by commenting so that new times keep bringing these great designs for you, so I will meet you in the next video with new varieties till then by Tata -bye thank you!

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