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Banarasi Wholesale Market in Agra: Hello I am Himanshu from Kesaria Textile Company have come once again with new thinking and new direction nothing but varieties because you all know how Kesaria Textile Company is a manufacturing company here you get ladies perfect collection now If I talk about the collection, then you get every variety like saree, scooty, jacqueline, dupatta, palazzo suit material and lehenga, because you are going to get it in the manufacturing rate only, now as I want after saree, today I specially made saree for you. I have brought variety which is going to come inside Banarasi concept and starting price of sarees that if I talk then 2017 starts at our place inside which you get printed concept and I have brought in Banarasi sarees All this variety, which is here, gets started at our place, in this, if you want its accords in Delhi or if you want some bridal look related to turmeric, then every WhatsApp is available from one place here. You stay like this, I will call you on the number given on your screen and if you can join us sitting at home, then I do this tight variety of saree, so you can see the pattern of some years you will get here.


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This border is given in multiple colors and the tube name which is going to be Cadbury, you get the option in it at least so if you like any of these designs, you can take a screenshot of it. Take and message the numbers given on your screen, if you get the facility of PF, then you can see that valve saree is going to be done in this way only, in this way you will get the whole pattern. And this pallu which is going to happen now, you are going to get it in this way, inside which you have been given zari lining very sweetly, which you will be able to see here, the border made here is red in the same way. You are going to get inside the whole saree inside the color, here you also get the designs of tractors, which were Banarasi, then the people of Jhalron tiles inside it, we are all liked the most, then send 19 designers of utensils new design coming.


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Cotton is going to come inside silk means that the whole Banarasi concept is going to remain the same but it is going to be in turn, so you can see that in this way you will get the whole background which you will get inside the pink color of the saree. Now if we talk about its pallu, then you will get this whole pallu in green color, here you will get the plain which will be the complaint of the saree and you will get the blouse which you will get along with it, you can see some In this way you will get the blouse inside the green color of which juice the body is going to be. The border in Banarasi saree is very much liked, so you can see that in this way you get a fully diverse set from Vodafone.


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Here you are going to get and send inside it, you get many concepts, which means that you are going to get 150 designs available all the time in Kesaria Textile Company, but the one who likes the brightness, you have to take back the whole set. We deal only in wholesale here, so the next one that comes in this way, it is going to be inside the yellow color and what is inside it is going to be available to you, which you will be able to see and you will get the same. In this the design that you get the kerry pattern is made you can see that you are going to get you are going to get something in this way you get it with the power line you are going to get it I will get it in this way and its You will get this Banarasi saree from Banarasi Wholesale Market in Ludhiana, if you want a readymade blouse, it starts at ₹ 70. If you want a blouse piece within the Banarasi concept, it starts at ₹ 90 only. According to which you can purchase your favorite thing very easily with design, so soon I will move towards new design in this way, you can see that the next designer has been sent, Dhandheri Banarasi is going to be done within an hour, but which border is it?


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Made this complete you are going to get according to Kanjivaram test you can see in this now you get design of multiple colors and this saree having badi check pattern because in this saree full zari of boora that you complete and lover in this saree If you find it in the right way, then you will get many more from the collection here, to see many such collections, you will be able to see the full design of the Banarasi saree by clicking on the eye button given on your screen and you will also get the idea. That’s how the collection is going to be available to you here and your face also comes, once you definitely receive it, how is the facility of quick up and drop available in the Kesaria Textile Company, Jaan Sahab, just mentioned the sodium in the description, so that you can easily can come here soon new design in this way so far we have seen daily routine according all this saree now this concept is going to be completed for we can save i have brought this saree that’s why we are showing device According to the player, so that you will also get some ID.


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If the wedding season is going on, then such designs will be liked the most and in this you You can see the whole which is made on top of the important fabric, the whole different design is made in it and here you can see some kerry pattern in this way you get the double border which piya coding only its diamond proper Touch is going to be found here and you can see here you get these tricks for this you get full of pearls and very cute people in this you get complete thirty key length with blouse piece all this Concept you are going to get this rest here you see Raigad fort want light color every whatsapp available all the time come to get me so stay with us any tiwari if you can do a small comment that your Give us a call on the numbers given on the screen. You also get the convenience of having all the time updates for the online teams.

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