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Banarasi Wholesale Market in Ghaziabad: Kar do kar do ko Namaste friends, I warmly welcome all of you in Himanshi from Kesaria Textile Company, as we have already met you in the next video and in that I have shown you the varieties of sarees that have some transactions. And now you all know that there is a lot of marriage, now a lot of marriages are going on, so purchasing it means a big deal for ourselves as well, what varieties should we use, how to see the sarees in the transaction, how to buy sarees for yourself. If you purchase, you can also purchase the saree shown to you today for all of them, and if you have some special guest, cough from some family member, then you can also give all these sarees to them as a gift. You are going to get this complete concept, you can see how great box packing you get here, which is very beautiful and very good material of the box, you get it very well here. Means there is complete safety in all these boxes and if you give all this variety as a gift, then it feels very good, so now we are going to show you its sample inside, so first of all I am showing you the saree, it is very beautiful. It is looking good, you can see how unique the color is because the red color is unique as well as the basic color because be it marriage or any other festivals like India which has many festivals in 12 months from the country.


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During the festival season here people like the red color which is very much that it is considered very auspicious. And this saree is very unique because this test never ends, nowadays everyone likes this test very much, whether it is Maharashtra or Delhi or any other place, there are many varieties in North and South. It goes in which you can see how well you get the pallu pattern, you get the complete border of the whole surgery, I have completed the entire pallu concept, you get this golden zari and in this you can see that multi colors Along with, you get the very best design and you can see the border, which border you get very good and you also get this look with it, which is a very good collection you can find here. You can also see the frills, you can see that you get it with very good multiple colors, that means basically this full and lover saree which is very good for the wedding season, you are getting the perfect look in it and Its body part I would like to show you how the body part is going to be and as you get very good body part in it you can see how best you get booties in it you can see that too you The lining of the surgery is getting into it, you can see that very nice booty is made in it, that too the combination of blue with green, what you are getting in it looks very nice and you also get the blouse piece in it. You are going to get all this saree with blouse, now you can see how well you get the pattern of blouse piece also, the small buti which is given in it is looking very good, in this you will get border.


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Hai like if you reddy the whole saree, then whatever border you have with the blouse, you get it very well, so you can use it to put on it or in the back side, which is a very good collection, means if you are in business. Are you doing or thinking of business setup, till now the wedding season is such that even you can do typing in it and if you need any help according to the starting, you can direct on the number given below. Call and how you will get all the help in the Kesaria Textile Company, how you will start it, how you can deal, how you can convey the system, then you get all this advice from here, what you need to do for that. If we want to talk about the colors then I would like to show you the color in it so you can see this way you get it with very nice packing you can see that very nice packing means very According to a good gift, it is very well set up, in this you are also given a catalog, you get a very good collection here, that too with box packing, as you can see the complete catalog of I get very good designs now very classy that you can see the combustion of me in this saree and lover color you will get a set of five teachers and you are getting more than one color that overall look is very Unique looks means this saree banarasi saree bismil royal feel that the interest of this saree is the effect it is very unique so you can see that you get many collections in this also look very nice It looks like the pattern is completely different, the design is available for the whole unit less, the whole zari pattern is available in this, you can see how nice the design given in the booties, that it is looking very nice, multiple Colors have also been used in this.


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Body concept you can see that itni itni me itni border itni text back this same border which is found very well in this according to Banarasi people’s accord and you can see that in this way you will find small booties in the whole saree You get more business and in the below pattern you can see, you get very nice people, big booties and you will get similar design in saree itself and in this also you will definitely get Jhalar look. which goes basically a too much train going on four cloves everything the loop of the frill looks very good this whole saree washes you 6030 cut you get the vrat blouse piece you get It goes and you get the complete setup of the blouse piece that you want, not just like that, you get a lot of varieties in the Kesaria Textile Company, you get every type of saree in it, like all over India’s test. It is found in one place so how ever you want to make a retail company then you come to Surat and there is Millennium Market only 10 minutes away from the station where scroll on the blog digit 3031 3032 map where you how This Kesaria Textile Company will come to airtel office and all the varieties of law issues are pure, see how textile company is a manufacturing company, where you get all the quality in the manufacturing cost, so now I would like to show you the catalog that I have now. Yes, network is also available in this, you get back the minimum and whatever variety you like, you can take a screenshot of it and call on the number given on your screen, then you can see it.


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How many good colors everyone gets here and KTC has east brand here you can see that bread it is a brand itself where all the varieties are made by itself that it is a manufacturing company so what you see on your screen The numbers are given and there the screenshots can be sent on WhatsApp in the eyes so that whatever color it is related to, whatever its cost, you get all the facilities through WhatsApp and you can also call the director so that you can get all the heirs. Whatever comes, it is sorted out from here, whether it is business related or product related, then you can see that you will get many varieties in Banarasi look only because Banarasi is such a saree which is very much liked everywhere and it’s taste is such that it attracts everyone very much, all these varieties, so now you can see that very good sarees are available here. Wali hai like very good color combinations are going on right now, basically the color you are going to get in Banarasi is very super, you can see that very nice fringe look, you get the whole zariwala and pattern It is available here and in this saree and with very good multiple colors, all these designs which have been given to you, the pattern has been made very well, in this you can see that on the bottom border, you have to follow this method in this olive saree from Banarasi Wholesale Market in Ghaziabad. The border comes back separately set up kya thodi to very nice and in the whole saree you can see that very nice beauties you get saree in whole body part which is very own means whatever varieties If you want to know more, apart from all these patterns, you can know about many more patterns so that you can connect with us by calling the number which will be given on the screen and if you have any need like according to your test, you will get saree.


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That’s why you can take all the dates about that too, you get all the facilities through periods and if you can’t come to Surat, it is not possible, then you can also order online, then you have the facility for that too. You get only the variety you like, you have to take a screenshot, and all its varieties will be given to you through periods and you can do online purchasing according to the budget, then I would like to tell you the minimum budget if you are doing business. If you have, then your budget should be up to 10000 so that you can know that according to how your costing will be, how your test is going to be area wise and how you can link to it. Start and these varieties, I would like to tell you how the saree in the Kesaria Textile Company, which starts with only Rs. It is available here means how you get it in the Kesaria Textile Company, then you have been connected with us and whenever your sun sets, you must come and visit here and which is our channel on YouTube.


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Keep taking updates on it, you will keep getting updates about whatever variety you have and if possible, whatever our social media network share, like Instagram, Facebook and subscribe to it by joining us on all these channels or else You can follow so that you keep getting new collection updates and whatever varieties you are seeing here, why in the video because some are from the customers. What happens in their mind that they get the variety that is shown to them, or whatever variety is being shown to you in the video, the same variety is delivered to you because one Faith is also a big thing, it is also very important to have it, so stay connected with us, we will continue to meet with you, and with new videos, thank you for now!

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