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Banarasi Wholesale Market in Visakhapatnam: That Hello I am Himanshi from Kesaria Textile Company with new thinking and new direction hearty welcome to all of you and just like that you all know medicated manufacturing company here you get ladies bay complete collection now Complete Collection If I talk about those who are connected with us new web-based, they probably do not know, then I would definitely like to tell you that Saree Scooty but Cotton Niger with Dupatta Plazo Suit Material and Lehenga you get everything here You are going to get factory Redmi, just whatever varieties you take, you have all the varieties, which means that you have to take all the varieties of set brother, because from here we do not give for telling, today I have brought it for you. This saree that is going to be in this saree, which is now being brought new in every situation, is cleaned only at our place, inside which you want the whole, that is, the special treatment that has been done with Delhi, then you want that. If you are going to meet here, then as I have brought you, you get inside it, but Stay tuned to go to the collection, I have to call you so that you get all the details very easily, you can see the collection in some way that means you can see who is here and who is going to be found here.


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Inside which the entire Andhra districts have been made with multiple colors, now if I talk about the complete Vivek concept of the entire saree, you will get the complete deep cutting here, only the simple complete length with blouse You get all the sarees here, if I talk about packing, then you can see that you get the complete setup of the space here, in which you can now see the colors which are used in the regular routine, that means the choke Banarasi saree inside it has more aunty demand variety its color is not that color you get here then why bank design then design you will keep watching whatever collection.


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You like take screenshot of it so that you will get price by our online team If you also know about this, then you can see that in this way you get to add new designs, inside which you can see very cute samples, now you can see that the fruit pattern has been made, the whole of the whole, which one do you get The advice is going to be variety and in this you can see that pallu party is going to happen, in this way you get box type designs here, so in this design you will also get drop patterns, which means which green You are going to get twenty designs and time available, if you chat online also, then keep a minimum budget of 10,000 to 20,000 so that you can get such a collection sitting at home, you can do the shopping through a video call.


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You can see that it is going to be very good, how are you very much liked in me, in which you can see that the style which is different and you get that you are going to get it here. Here it is delivered to you so you can see that if I talk to you you will get it is set up so that even if you do defense staff you have got a lot of color options and you Customers can also tell this very easily and customers stay connected with you like this but it is important to know something about their test, support will not go and so you can see that now you will get this design inside the whole golden wing. And you can see that the whole work of the poor has been done, inside it, all these patterns have been made very carefully, inside it you can see that the whole design has been made, and inside that too, give small patterns to you like this. are going to appear and here you can see the complete pallu concept is going to be available to you in such a way and with that you can see that the slaw pattern has been made here which is the complete wiring concept and with the blouse piece you will get You get all this and you are going to get the learning certificate complete length inside the designs of each saree from Banarasi Wholesale Market in Visakhapatnam, so use new designs, why you can see this, in this way you will get back the variety inside the red color.


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In which you can see that the whole work has been done in one way, what is the meaning of double border, here you can see, here also the whole Kerry pattern has been made and here you can see that in this way I have given you a deep pattern. It goes Kesaria Textile Company ‘s every time you are going to get sticker on it every time because it is very important to maintain friend as you all know that when you start a shop there are many Doing all the things means that it is necessary to keep all the variety with a lot of color combination and according to Riya’s test and with that the main thing is that how the packing is going to be that if the packing is good then the customer will associate with you like this.


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Are going to happen but before that quality will definitely keep the best product because I have associated with the factory and the biggest benefit is that as the designs go to camps as you get a lot of ideas then you will get a very good collection like this Click on the eye button to see more acidity so that you can get more such collection and idea crops that how you can get more designs It is so that there will not be any problem of transportation because air shipping is available from here so that voice typing is available, so there will be no issue of language that every time you get the ad video in your language, you will get it from us. Comment is made that how did you like it and how is the demand going to be because if customers comment us we want to see such Marathi time then we start your demand then I will start some new product but till then the money will remain Tata bye bye thank you!

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