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Banarasi Wholesale Market in Bhopal: Himanshi, I warmly welcome all of you with new thinking and new direction from Himanshi from Kesaria Textile Company, once again I have brought you in Kesaria Textile Company, which you all know is a manufacturing company, here you will find a If you get the option, if I talk to you, then you get saree dupatta yellow suit material here, everything is going to be available to you, if you like it, then you have to take it completely, it is done here only and if I talk If I do, then I have brought the same saree for you, inside the Banarasi concept. It will be made with us if you like the design of the handle, then you have to call us to know the price, yes, ok send the frame, the numbers are given, call you, you get the complete details through the online team, then we design Today I have brought for you the very first reaction Royal Designs, which is a very good collection and you can see that in this way you get the complete pallu pattern, here you will get the complete pallu pattern. Various concepts are going to be available and in this you can see here the flower pattern is given, which is going to be inside the body part, in this way you have a lot of designs, force varieties, all this you are going to get here only one.


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If I talk about the colors from the place and in this, then completely what is it, in this you get the back set up, in which you all are going to get the stock colors and even today, the bar coding system is going to remain here, so that yours too. It comes in Surat, by the way, you go to our city office, then very easily all this variety, which we show from here, the collection which is also delivered to your home, all grow neck design and then you see this You can see here the design has come inside the whole dark color and you can also see that it is a completely new design and inside it a touch of multiple colors has been given here, which means that the entire silk thread is woven in the same way. You get the patch up here and here you can see the whole body part which is going to be made according to the smallest design and the concepts that you have inside it means thirty plus design. You are going to get it available all the time whatever varieties you like it is necessary to take set wise because orders for single piece are not taken from us then they increase and many more collection designs which are going to happen.


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For this, new designs are about to come, something you get inside the Kathiawadi look or you can adopt a very cute design, inside it you get the career pattern withdrawal pattern according to the tax and in this you can see the border given There is something from which you get the border inside the pink color, because such varieties are very much liked inside the conference and you can see that in this way you are going to get the pallu which is perfect for you. You can see that the whole is found inside the pink color, which part of the whole is going to get more pink colour, which part of the body part is going to get the image inside the whole green color, and which part of the whole is going to leave you in the evening. And with this you get sixty key land completely inside every saree with blouse piece sentence becomes such that we have some blouses which need readymade or some design variety then we talk about blouse piece.


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If you do it here only 19 means that it starts from ₹ 90 and readymade blouse that if I talk then it starts from only 750 rupees, then such collection of video calls can be ordered very easily. You can see that this which you are going to get inside the double color, it goes in some way in the pallu pattern which is made here to get the whole and you can see the whole which is very well Used means that it is going to be completed and the material of the material goes, a large roti has been prepared, which is available in a complete way, which is complete, if you get it, then it is like this, isn’t it very If you are going to get good design inside, then for this you can click on this button and very well so that you know how it is made, you will not have any problem in the world wide shipping of quiet transportation.


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Ice is available from here, the minimum budget is 10,000 to 20,000, so that you will be able to purchase such a collection very easily, then growing actress, you can see that this method is found inside the yellow color. The combination is going to be found inside it, so you can see it is found here, inside which the entire design is made inside it and you can see whatever you are going to see in the particular Puri saree from Banarasi Wholesale Market in Bhopal, which is also of golden zari. It is used here, whatever is there, it is going to be available, but it is perfect for traditional look, it is available here, so as it is available here, you get it in the language so that you can communicate easily. You can do purchasing by doing any If you want Idea, then you have it You will get it very easily from here because it is like sometime some customer type service, if they have any idea then that full help is going to come from our place. How do you like it, I will bring more unique collections for you, you will remain like this, if you have not subscribed to the channel yet, then do it as soon as possible so that you will get new new collection skin notifications, till then Tata Bye Bye Thank You!

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