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Banarasi Wholesale Market in Thane: Hi Himanshi from Kesaria Textile Company, now I warmly welcome everyone to our office because here you get this complete collection of ladies and every time you like the design, that’s why we keep bringing all those collections. Once we get to know because our new words that are associated with us, they probably do not know, then saree, scooty, but dupatta, palazzo, lehenga, suit material, as well as the nightwear that is meant for the village, you also get it here. You are going to get everything in the packet, just today we are going to talk about some Banarasi sarees, its related means that full samples and many designs are going to be seen, I have brought for you today and you can see that this is the entire Banarasi segment. Inside this you have a lot of means that if you just want patterns, if you want cotton accordion, if you want Banarasi saree, then you get that too, rest you can see some way also you get saree according to fancy leadership, if you want If you want a blouse, you can get it separately from here, the quantity starts from Rs.19, so here you will be able to see it in plastic pouch packing. Let’s talk about the sleeves, inside which you will get a properly premium collection, which means that if they remain, they are not going to decrease. To know about the color combination, go to Banarasi saree, if I talk about it, you will get it with all the blouse pieces, but if you want a saree according to it, then you will get it here without any hesitation.


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With if you want, then every single concept of is found here that you are going to get the test of All India from one place, then here you can see the complete Kanchivaram type, you get a lot of packing inside it. The complete premium collection is not going to be available, if you want something else like Banarasi saree, if you want some traditional look inside it, then you get a traditional look in this way, that means there is only packing, then you will also get the collection of this saree. It is going to be available if all Gujjars get it in factory rate then it becomes even easier because here you are going to get bad set wise that you are billed only in Receive for Selling, this is the reason for many more details. You have been given numbers on the screen to connect with our online team, you call, you will definitely tell by commenting that you want to see more designs, so in the same way, we move towards the collections, so here you will see a lot You can see the design but the crops like I told you that you get the saree even with the lab border, so you can see that in this way you get the complete lace water inside the Banarasi people.


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After this I will do the design of the saree, you can see that in this way you will get the pallu pattern, which is the whole wing concept, in colors you want light color, you want dark color, you are going to get frills here and this you You can see that with proper length you get the design, you can see that it is made very minutely because on Saturday it is very important to make the whole wing on every pattern correctly and Ab Dekh sakte design in one saree You also get very lovely multiple designs inside them and if I talk about contrast, you get the blouse piece pulled in this way. Bangalore itself is one inside Sabri, so in this also you get the complete setup of one thing. is saree price inside it that if i talk then banarasi saree inside it starting price is 240 persisting then inside it we grow now we neck design and then you can see it in some way get it inside the stitched pattern The length goes, you will not be able to get the proper length, you will get an exact line length, so you can see that in this way you will get the pallu pattern, in which you can see that the whole wing is done, that means golden Inside the color, you get the whole different design, what is the juice pattern on the ends.


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Which are made round and round means that you get the whole Rangoli type design here, now you can see the color combination that you can see with the block, you have to pin set Ups are available here according to the deep pattern you are going to get different patterns inside the saree but just like that you can see the whole saree you will get finishing in the same way no shortage of colors fabric that If I talk, you get very soft fabric here, that means keep the varieties like this, the quality should be the best, but there is a comfort after wearing it, if the customers definitely get it, then they will always be associated with you. They are according to their test and will always tell you the variety that such a demand is going to be theirs, so be prepared for the new design, you will get the whole pattern inside, you can see that it is the color of someone, whenever there is a function It is always red color, it is most liked, so today we can see that you will get chanting of green color, complete wedding on Saturday and here you can see The design has been made basically very beautiful pattern here you get it and let’s talk about the background inside the saree so by reminding you you will get small and big herbs in an easy way and you can see the border Something different is made here, you get the title of Rajwadi type here.


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You can see this length, you are going to get sixteen length, and you can see that if we talk about the blouse, then you will get inside green color. Whatever the blouse piece is going to look like this, the proper variety of fruits is complete, if you want a contrast inside it, then it is available in contrast, inside the similar color pattern, if you have a third blouse, then you also get it through video call. All the variety that is there, now you can order online sitting at home, just keep the minimum budget of 10,000 to 20,000 so that it becomes easy to deliver when we pack a small parcel that is world by vipin kumar wwe label So transportation that you are not going to have any problem, then use the new design which you can see, then you can see that it is a very light pattern, that means inside it you get the whole fancy sandal. If you want a fancy designer saree from Banarasi Wholesale Market in Thane, then that You get it or you can see that you are going to get the complete vipin pattern of golden and silver color, where people here you get it completely, in this way you can see that saree, inside the light color, you are going to get the whole beauty of it.


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You get it together and if I do this after the softness in it, then you can see that very lovely softness is found inside it, even after folding, we would like to see its blouse like this, then we do its blouse in urine, something like this What are you going to get the blouse with, you get it properly, so in the same way you are going to get a lot of designs inside it, as you will be seeing here, you are going to get the complete setup set because the deal is only in the hole setting. If I talk about 1 band then you can see that in this way you will get the packing, you will get the complete set up of the water piece, you will get the color sweater, you can see that you will get the whole regulated plaster here. If you want this collection for the whole wedding, then you also get that too, there is a lot of requirement to buy and give such sarees, so you get that too inside your favorite here, so new designs grow. And now something is going to happen inside a cotton, which means that you are going to get cotton inside Banarasi silk, you can see completely which ones you are going to get inside the light color, let’s take a little closer look, which pallu you like in this.


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You can see that very best design has been made, each and every pattern is going to be received by you with a lot of interest, because the designs are made in such a way that the customer just takes a look at them, just once If you like it and if once it opens on the counter in your shop, then it should be sold just like that, just keeping proper margin is very important, from that you can make your business the best it can be, so why use new designs? that you can see something like this way back to you from the same pattern that I am going to get which is very wonderful design as you can see then the whole peacock pattern is given inside it pallu concept you can see something like this to you You are going to get the design, you are going to get more than one and you can see that the background of the saree is going to be there, now you get it in this way, very lovely saving design has been made inside it and you will see the whole peacock.


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The pattern is available, but if you like any of the sarees I have shown you, take a small screenshot, message the number given on your screen, you will also get the facility of PF easily. Jaati to boon new design suit you can see this if you want something like this in regular routine from saree inside pattern then you get it here all that goes to Kabir Suraj no how must visit Kesaria Textile Company Do it so that you will see the design by feeling a collection of it, then you will get the pattern as we show in the video, so you can see that in a matter of moments you will get some work of light zari work in this way and so on. In this way you get Vivek WhatsApp with lakhs in full race, you will get the whole saree in such a way, but the most expensive is not the border, which stores have a lot of focus, you get it very well and here But you are also going to get the pattern of details that if from Banarasi saree, then it is mostly seen that how the picture is going to look and how the border is going to be with it and next it is seen that if we get the pattern of peacock inside it.


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Otherwise, the beauty of the variety just increases in such a way that I hope you have liked the collection very much that if your baby comes to Surat, then definitely visit the Kesaria Textile Company, it is only 20 inches away from the station. Will meet inside the market in Block First 3031 Shades Two where you will give all the variety of collection and you will also know that such demand is going to happen sir and with that language you will not be able to get worldwide shipping. Ray is available from here, otherwise you get sales executive in your language so that you can do purchasing with them very easily, just like we told you, it is necessary to keep the minimum budget of 20000 from the market so that you can get variety It is also known that how the area-wise demand is going to be and along with it, we keep moving forward in off business, so you will stay tuned. To Main Aayungi Kuch Aur New Collection Lekar Till Tak Tak Tata Bye Bye!

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