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Banarasi Wholesale Market in Lucknow: Today, which one I have brought from Banarasi, which you all know starts from Rs.150, you will get the complete pallu pattern, if I talk about it, you can see the complete wing concept with blouse. Also you are going to get all this and the color is also very classic and what to say about the designs. Himanshi in Hello, I have come once again with new thinking and new direction from the Kesaria Textile Company, a different saree and which you Everyone knows that it is known in the matter of so today I have brought what you all know that it is starting and the collections are through Amazon, in the same way you will get inside that you will get all the Pallu pattern that if I talk about you can see full discretion WhatsApp is going to be found most of the people you are given in this way means you are going to get it with absolutely perfect stitching and in the background means you see it before and in the department In the same way.


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You can get round which we can say in Rangoli pattern, you get such design here, with blouse, you are going to get all this and you all know the price, if we are not able to tell about each variety For this, you have to join us, then you can see that there are more new Banarasi sarees from Banarasi Wholesale Market in Lucknow, inside which you do not get font designs, you are going to get material soft, there is a specialty of the seal that the variety is like this, the style is somewhat different. Its color is very similar, you can say that you are going to get it for the whole, you can see the question, you get a small herb with it, and if you want to know any information, then just the number on your screen. Have been given, you have to call and do a small comment so that we bring the collection in some way for you, but sometimes the sun goes, as you get it, you get it here, in which you get the full length It is full and I can tell that it is given in 10000 languages with a lot of it, you can see here, there is complete Vin porn and inside it.


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You also get a lot of colors, so this saree is made completely open, so this You can see in this way you are going to get the pattern of the peacock, you get it in this way inside the lazy saree, now it has come, its blouse piece, which you can see, the entire small designer means that the people In this way, you are going to get the border here in the designs, so I hope you have liked the collection very much, rest you can see all this, here you will see the day saree designs all around me and now We see the packing of a designer, what kind of packing you are going to get, then you can see it, for this you get a backpacking, inside which you can also see the color, in such a way that you get all the colors that quickly the customer If you come.


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You are not able to leave just like that, but not through new thinking and new direction, you get varieties, and on new ideas, every time you meet a Kesaria Textile Company, then just keep the minimum amount of 10,000 to 20,000 so that If you can order such collection while sitting, the rest is a small comment, you will definitely do it, rest of the variety you have to buy 121, because we do not give heads for tailing here, so to see more materials, press the eye button. Can do so that more idea of collection is called saaf new job till now if you haven’t subscribed to the channel press the like button to keep getting notifications then thanks for watching!


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