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Banarasi Wholesale Market in Kanpur: Hello I have come again from Kesaria Textile Company with new thinking and new direction, by taking some more new concept and smoking cigarette you must have understood that if you do then you will know that you keep bringing the collection in this video. If you like it and tell me by commenting, then I have to call from your number, all the details are available through the rest, I cannot tell you just the starting price, we give you the information as if it is standing inside the Banarasi silk. Right now we have a starting rate here that if I talk, it takes 2ns to type this variety, we also move towards collections and varieties, so I have brought some junior artists who, according to your daily routine, can work inside your business. If you can use these then you can see that the whole pattern is going to be found in such a way that the material is very good and in this you can see that it is not Banarasi that you are going to get and if you talk about such moments then you will see Maybe here you get the whole planning is going to get and you get it like this and if we talk about the combination then you are going to get it in which you want dark colors Marathi then here.


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You can see that you see Must have been that we are going to bring varieties from mobile to special and cotton silk, because in that you get designs1 very different in the collection, so let’s see the new designs now, so you can see that the colors go here because Delhi is more liked by women and you can see that here it is going to get pallu pattern, you are going to get it in this way, it is done in this way, it is also going to get multi color inside and it is found in this means it is found. So I like you more, then if you get 19 separately here, inside such material where you want money, then you will get many such concepts from one place, which is how to start a Kesaria Textile Company. You get the understanding design which is going to be line pattern very lovely design you get this you can see this all the lining you get is full material and inside it you have pallu with cut in the same way You can see that you get from which you get normal and you see that the material is going to be available to you, you can see that it is going to be available in the whole way, with this you get it, if you talk, then you can see you get inside which you get something like this Some different and new designs and Chuki inside it full discretion WhatsApp is going to get full border you can see silver and golden color.


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You are going to get full answer because if I am out there is going to be one called Cadbury so if you sit at home When you message us by taking screenshots of all this variety, then it becomes easy for you and it becomes very convenient to send the victims, so you can see that the way everyone is going to get the pallu pattern, inside which you will find golden zari. You can see the work done and the small ones which are brought here from which you are going to get inside the all over saree from Banarasi Wholesale Market in Kanpur in the same way like any of this collection if you like it if you want to know the opinion If you want, then you just have to make a small comment, otherwise you have to make a call, so that you can see all these varieties very comfortably, that Worldwide Shivling is available from us, so you will not face any problem, in fact new You can see the design designer which you will get which is going to be inside the red color looks lovely so when you visit here and go back and see such collection then it is going to be a great experience so you can see it now In this way.


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You are going to get the pallu pattern, inside which you get the whole plan pattern and in the same way you are going to get the frills here, then you can see that this whole saree is available in red color with small and big bursts. Complete Vivek concept has been done in this now you can see this saree very soft material here you get inside it and you can see blouse piece in this way according to broking you will get complete blouse piece length You are going to get complete lipstick thirty only which my id like we show you inside the video which top is also delivered to the house that we will have creat excel here which is a manufacturing weakness but most of all it definitely Takes care that which variety is going to be liked by the customers, that’s why we want to tell you by leaving a small comment, when you comment, we will bring more new varieties with the festival that yours too The business will progress like this, the business which is small and big that the saree you get gets the treasure, talk in it that it becomes a starting and according to that whatever else we have, it also happens here. In that, if you want, then you get the minute saree you want and you are not able to do it, but you must have liked it very much comfortably and click on the collection button and you get it, along with this you will get many more. If you want to see all the variety of questions, just press the red button on the side to subscribe to the channel. There are and new to new varieties that you keep getting notifications, till then there will be a ban on Wedding Collection Thanks!


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