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Banarasi Wholesale Market in Vadodara: Friends, I have brought new design very lovely collection of Banarasi sarees for weddings or any festival. wala hoon from tomorrow the design is going to be sold very soon friends with new thinking new direction i am your friend vishal prajapati how friends from Kesaria Textile Company have brought new designs very lovely banarasi sarees collection for weddings or any festival friends you can try these sarees Can be used everywhere, can be worn everywhere, let’s see what the collections are going to be, then I am going to show you one wonderful collection on Jo Hai Banarasi and here you can see through special collection There will be cotton silk also and but the design which I love here first you will get this design here but Ajwain friends can see there is a collection called Banarasi Lady Volume Two and very lovely collection you will get here now The total look that will come in this is going to come in this way, you can see that your saree is making you look like this here, in which if you can see how wonderful the collection is, you are going to get it here. You will find the collection here and if I talk about fruits, then on pallu also you will get some collection in this way, you can see that you will get a completely bouncy design here with full zari and you will get a very cute concept here.


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You can see which pages are amazing, one to one design, you will find here friends, any variety, any design, you will have set voice in all things wholesale, and here you will get catalog designs from one to Whatever design is great for you, friends, you can WhatsApp on the number running on the screen, on that you can join us on WhatsApp or you can also call and order your desired variety sitting at home, let’s go to the test. Then let’s go then you will get different design bodies in some Banarasi test in this you will get it on silver at that time you can give different design which will be there and very lovely you will get design here so you can see the specialty of this design here But there is some design pattern in this way and it is very cute.


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You will get the design here, which can be seen here, you will also get silk thread work, you will get some matka play design in this way and the designer will look perfect. You will get the filled designer and the whole flower which is the concept of the wing, but I talk to you about the designs here, you will find many designs of off, like on the top of the plate, that is, if we talk about the pallu, then the answer of the pallu You can give the concept of the partly, you can see here, how much weaving feet you will get the design with blouse, you are going to have 377 proper sarees and all these varieties can be ordered from home, one to one wonderful Vision XS-1 Colorful designs are going to be found here, whether it is cotton sarees.


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You want this variety of printing here, which one you want heavy with Banarasi look, then you will get all that here, now we go for a wide border. The wide border on the side of the collection, if I talk about it, you will get a border connected in this way, you can see its border, which is very good, on the figure print, you are going to get a border on the figure design here with 10 and Here you can see the Peacock Design, you will get the Peacock Design here on the theme of Colorful Free Color, and specially if I talk, you will get the design of Kerry here, along with the pallu of the entire saree, friends, here you will get the design Which is absolutely uncountable design is going to be fantastic and here you can see some pattern of this method also you are going to get zari special collections here cotton silk saree banarasi silk saree little and also Bhagalpuri thousands of rights of this method here But you will get and whatever you want, you can order sitting at home, there is always a need for new design to bring your business to a new height, so definitely join us and you can order goods even sitting at home, but friends.


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I would like to tell you a simple Here, be especially careful with the broker in this case because your hard earned money goes to the wrong channel, so you deal more with them, this way of coordination is as much as mansions are coming in Kesaria Textile Company. You come in direct companies because if your Kesaria Textile Company is off then it is going to be of great benefit. It is going to happen and it is a wonderful thing, the design is going to be sold as soon as you ask, and we also want to give you that design which is sold only and only on opening, the design is a wonderful thing, friends can see the pattern here too What is the best thing you will find pallu here and if I talk about it, then it is a pair of silk threads, it is soft with soft touch, you will get the design here, friends, you can see the collection, very uncountable design Clearly, here you will find one wonderful right, only wonderful. There is going to be a great variety of gold designs, but if you are thinking that these designs are only on these patterns, then I want to tell you that whatever design pattern you want, here you will find all types of patterns.


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Friends and variety are also going to be available one by one here and whatever variety you will get, you will get all these things in wholesale here, if you go to the next side, then I would like to show you some other pattern design, in this you can see some surgery Together you will get this concept very best and different you are going to get first as you can see in this saree Totally test will come in this way and here if we talk about right then there is full concept in forces because if If you get the point in the sarees, then the saree is useless and you can see the full flower here, in this way you will get soft zari work and if I talk about the middle of these sarees, you can see more designs on the back side.


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How many funny Singh has been specially given to you here in whatever saree I am showing these designs that Honey Singh, you will get proper, rest you can give the design, how lovely Lahariya, which one you are going to get the design here, very lovely first Vivek which one you will get design here 201 I have a lot of varieties you will get this you can take it from your Kesaria Textile Company design whatever design you want next flight go here then you will get some way pattern you can see in this How lovely is Marathi, you will find it here and the web designer is showing you something like this with waves, it is a very good design, friends can see here you can see some pattern like this, the concept will come on the whole pallu and apart from that Friends, with the forces, which of the thin is also going to be very wonderful for you here, then you will find the design here in cigarette type in such a way that the waves are being displayed and the design is also very colorful because here Friends, the golden color wing in the total puri saree has become very spectacular because here the thread work has been done with great detail, so you can see the look of this saree from Banarasi Wholesale Market in Vadodara, you are going to get a great look here.


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Whatever variety you want, whatever design you want, you can tell by commenting below, apart from this, if you want to contact friends, then you can share the call quick contact on the number which is on the screen, apart from this, you can also do WhatsApp and many more. To see all the designs, you can search for Kesaria Textile Company on Facebook and Instagram, you will get many designs, whether it is saree, kurti or dupatta, whatever you want, in every type of variety, Kesaria Textile Company makes it on manufacturing basis in ladies sweater, but if you Till now you are watching this video for the first time, then definitely contact the Kesaria Textile Company once because you are getting support here, how to stop the business and at the same time the product is going to happen, if you like the video, then definitely like it. Do and if you want to see some design, then do comment and tell which design you want, I will bring a new video of it, then thank you very much for watching this video, till then thank you for watching this video.

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