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Banarasi Wholesale Market in Surat: Banarasi sarees on one hand only special diamond and very lovely lovely collection, whether it is lahariya, it is in different contacts with different patterns on different designs, whatever product you get from us, you will get a trendy fashion product. It is available in a reasonable price Hello friends, what kind of Kesaria Textile Company, once again welcome all of you, I am your friend, Gunjan Prajapati, new thought, new direction, today only special diamond banarasi sarees live, very lovely lovely collection, whether Lahariya Whether it is from different patterns on different designs in different concepts, but friends, you will find a lot of variety in this method and along with the variety, here you will get 40 years of experience because through this Kesaria Textile Company is the best because the customers here also tell themselves and you can also see the videos of our body, whatever the youth of the customer, you can take the things by trusting what is here and friends is a special thing. Whatever pro you get from us, you will get trendy fashionable product with reasonable price, quality waste product now, how can we start, let’s see, I would like to take the first one, which is very lovely in front of you, only that special diamond is going to be a question today.


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I am showing the made seat very lovely first Siroski’s Jo Hai Diamond coming here very pune but you can see here Jo Diamond friends coming here with very lovely collections see what a wonderful thing it is and it’s complete via The work that is done is very much playing zari work you will get the pattern here in this way you can see that you are going to get the whole diamond full of keys here so you can see that so much The best thing you are going to get here is its pallu that if we talk about it now, then you can see some such type of diamond, you will get it here only in embroidery and you can curse the tashan, how much love you will put in it, friends, I will read In this, the meeting of the back side means that you cannot meet, how much love of creating has come, the biggest thing is friends, if you want to learn any lesson to recognize this Banarasi silk saree from Banarasi Wholesale Market in Surat, then you should see this design here that the back side I have given such a good feel to it and you can see here the design which I am showing you on the front, you are going to get the same things from the back side as well, only there is a special correction, friends, you can see how cute you are here. But it will be available and the whole diamond is fitted in the whole saree, it can give the form of diamond, it is very cute, it is going to be found in this way, and some small ones which are the collection of the collection wing, you can see a great variety here.


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Friends, here you will get thousands of rights in this way and sarees up to six and a half meters are available with us, because sometimes in some sarees maximum plates have to be made in audio, in this sarees of 606 meters are required If yes then you will get all this collection here let’s move on to the next flight and I would like to show you something very wonderful you can see that you will get all this work and very lovely saree you will get here so this The overall look of the saree will be good, let’s see what kind of design pattern it is, friends from a very lovely thing, it is a wonderful thing, because this Vivek WhatsApp I am showing you and especially if I talk about the sun of the saree, you see Can complete whatever way people are coming and you can see in this the look of the former paths friends here you can see that such a great work is done here in the states like you same as it is you here This pattern is going to be found in the look of the buses and you can see that the tassels are also very cute in this, this is a concept on the wavy pattern, you can see it and if I talk about the figure, then you will get some figure work to look very good. Parrot’s design friends, it is a very cute thing, it is a very cute collection, thousands of variety of methods will be available with us, but if you want to apply this writing, then you must contact us only by calling or WhatsApp on the number given on the screen, as much as it Now I will go to next flight, then I would like to show you the special design of deep, it is a wonderful thing, friends.


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You can see here you will also get some silver jewelry work with golden zari and saree background of yellow color, it looks very cute. You are going to get many types of design here, let’s see which type is not manufactured, very lovely thing, you are going to get it in this way and you can see its designer by writing the designer, you can see a lot of love. Here you will get 200 fully filled design patterns and you can see what is in it, yes, it is very well filled, here you will get some kind of work from the back side, you are going to get work in this way, so Vikram, talk to your wife. Today I am showing you a special ransom diamond, you will get many corrections from us, so here I talk only about the special full collection, you can see the wonderful turmeric special saree, friends, thousands of people in Banarasi test I have his idea label And you can also order sitting at home, let us talk to a little queen designed queen color design saree, which you can see is quite wonderful, you will get variety here, Tanu is bright in this tilak and in Banarasi silk. Also we have a lot of collection methods and you can see how cute this saree’s look is and it is also very cute in this way you will get sarees here today you are watching friends this school only Diamond Collections But it is going to happen and only that these days there is more and more dry diamond coming on demand because every woman in search of this diamond wants to wear it only in special diet and if we talk about the shine here then it is a diamond.


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Diamond shining in the manner of is fitted in it and it is going to give you a very cute look here, you can take the entire puri here, you will get this saree in silk, it is a very lovely collection, you can see it and its design also see something in this way how much platinum if I talk then you will get full design after that you can see who is going to get this method in Patli it is a very wonderful design hot grow in partly Next, you will get the design pattern of this method here on Partly, it is very cute, follow it with the concept of blouse, till then you will get more wonderful ones here, so friends, you must do the major and tell by commenting that Which saree do you like the most in all these three collections, but friends, Bhandara is not over here, that is, there are many designs, there are many varieties, next I would like to show you the special design, you must have a pattern on the base, cotton Silk design is there but very wonderful you will get the design here you can see it is very cute you will get the takeoff of the spring here you will see the juice of the screen you will see the special collection of this type of saree and this saree.


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You can see that such a lovely design you will get here with peace of mind id only special diamond on friends you are going to get the collection here you can see how well baby design is made in silk thread measurement Specially will be found and can be seen here then how many best you are going to get here full filled designer you will get here very wonderful wonderful collection very wonderful chanderbardai d but friends you jump in your business the most Just do what you want, once which rate is required from the Kesaria Textile Company, now why is there a flag because you will get a lot of supported information from here and a lot of designs, you will get the latest trending designs here, so miss this roti. Don’t do it because you don’t get to know again after taking the opportunity, definitely call once, what is the number, you just have to call on the given number and this is a very easy process in today’s time, you can also call me on WhatsApp. You can add and every variety you can discuss with us which brand you want and friends belong in any language then definitely contact once you will get full support in your language watch this video once again Thank you so much for it, see you again with another video, till then thank you!

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