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Banarasi Wholesale Market in Kolkata: Hello friends once again all of you are welcome in Kesaria Textile Company I am your friend Gunjan Prajapati new soch new direction friends today I have brought a new variety real you can see a lot of collection banarasi ka test here But if I talk about the variety, friends, then you will start with only 19 rupees in the Kesaria Textile Company for IT, friends, here you will get blouse, apart from this, you will also get suit here, there will be a lot of collection of lehenga. And we are not even talking about chairs, Kurtis are here in the collection of thousands, so friends, if you want to order or do business with it, then definitely contact the company once. Our office is in William Textile Market, B Block First. floor three thousand 3132 rest of the things will be there but do tell by commenting that how are the designs looking and from when you want to start your business let’s go today I want to show you Banarasi test sarees and on different variety so first dish I I am introducing you a little turmeric test decision because weddings are near so showing you turmeric thing on Banarasi Das and design you will see how Kesaria Textile Company ‘s banarasi lady volume selection here you are going to get very lovely thing.


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There is a pattern through friends and you can see this design very wonderful design you will get some plant type figure in this let’s see how much plant figure is going to come in this saree sir first thing you can see it is full of plant figure will be found and in this way jo hai jarves you are going to get the figure of the plant here Msuri will be on the whole saree and in addition to this the design of carry will be found in the top and bottom border on both sides now I talk about the fruits the pallu of this Nothing is going to be less, as you can see, the design is also in this way, on the pattern, you will get the design in this way, it is a very cute design, friends can see one, you will get color change in it and the variety is also very good. Amazing, which of the blouses you will find here, you have also added blouses etc., then you can see the variety, very lovely, you can see the variety where you are going to get it, you can see that the blouse is plain, friends, but the plain simple sober designer will give you It is going to be found here once for IT accept design your body can come to Kesaria Textile Company and start business from here friends talk about next flight banarasi test only you will get some golden zari work but in reality the queen.


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Who color test preparation pink color that is nothing less friends you can see it is different concept if you will get different varieties but all these things are going to be available in wholesale you will get set wires so when you Also want to start MS Word, you can come here and take more variety, you can say that it is a very lovely thing, friends, here if I talk about Pallu, then its Pallu is so wonderful, it is a heart touching thing. You can see the complete design, see how cute you will get different designs here, then this is surgery, but through this work you will get very Honey Singh in this way, you can also see the website, in the front side, there is someone in policing. Cuts are not made, there is no shortage, you will not get the cuts here, keep anything in this type of hat design, such a na johra, for you can see the feeling, you will get it properly from both sides, friends, the variety is the same and you will also get the design here. But you will get one design, in this way thousands of designs are available with us, you can order it or you want to buy even a single set directly by coming here, then at what rate you can get it from the Kesaria Textile Company, but friends, if you come here, you will get You will get very good experience, if I talk about the next variety, it is less good, it is like a wavy pattern type, but the variety is very cute.


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You can see that it is a green variety, friends, you will get whatever option you want in this color, rest you can design. See what a wonderful thing you will find here, the whole thing is where you are going to get work and with zari, you can see this whole pattern through this way, you will get it here, it is very lovely, bright, friends, very wonderful You will get the thing here and if I talk about the total loop of the pallu, you can see that the pallu is filled with jerry like this, in check border type, you will get a pattern like this and with that- See the design together, you will get such a lovely design day side, so you can see that it looks very good, it is going to be available here, apart from the green color.


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Whatever color you want, whether it is red color, dhani color or any number of colors You will get all kinds of colors, for that you can join us by contacting the number on the given screen, you can take the rest of the brightness, I will walk till the next flight, then I will show you a little different look of the color combination and here you will get The color combination will also be wonderful because here you can see the special thing that you will get a taste of some pink and yellow color along with mustard here. Therefore It is a complete work and in this zari work you can see the pattern of this way you have got the design here some unique designer friends special gaya every customer seems to be a unique design you can see this very good variety here You will get it and the design pattern is also very special.


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You are going to get it here, that thing you can see is very good look only item and the design is also very cute, you will get it here, one of the great variety of this method is a great design. But friends, you can order all this variety sitting here at home, 15-20 thousand went comfortably in the parcel, so that you can get the collection from here, which is of many varieties, till the next wedding, then a little different with chocolates. A little bit which I will show in red color and can also say reject in zari pattern or something like this design with waves waves is special design friends can see special best design showing very lovely design you will find it here The only thing is you can see you are going to have a pattern like this which is a very good thing where you will get it then through the pattern you can see the back side front side having a very nice zari pattern I am showing you both the things that Honey Singh It is very important friends and if you take any item then it is a specialty of Free Singh, open the item and see it, see it completely, from wherever you are accepting it, I keep saying that whatever variety you are taking So open the product completely and see how it is married like I am showing you here in the video, so if you are watching this variety, you can see how many initials have been given in the back side and how much feeling has been given in the front of this product.

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Specially, it can be called an Indian style, it is very important to check on it, only then you will get what you want, see how wonderful this design is, although it is simple sober, but very cute design, you will find it here. There are thousands of designs available in various ways and I would like to show you a little different design in the last one, on the very best zari work in Banarasi test, see this very wonderful thing friends here, but if I talk about pallu, then pallu would have come in this way and pallu you can see its full filled pallu you will get zari pattern here friends very cute you will get zari pattern here and full which is 2030 booties work you will get here in saree full saree Let us talk about her blouse, in this way, the blouse is also in the pattern, this is a plain blouse, but you can see the design of it.


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Which page design will come differently, like if I talk, the blouse is plain in this way After that the part of your partner will come, you can see it coming in this way, different themes have been given in this and apart from this, friends, here you can also see the border, you can see its pallu button, it is very lovely to be different. She has saree from Banarasi Wholesale Market in Kolkata but all this variety in wholesale, you can order from home also you can order video calling facility, well now both things are available, so don’t wait for the opportunity, start your business, if you like this line, then like Press the button, if you want to see more designs, then you can also visit our Facebook and Instagram face, there you will get one and a half year’s design, if you want to see through video, then you subscribe to the YouTube channel of our entire Kesaria Textile Company. please turn on the notification so that you can come here and watch this video thank you for watching this video thank you very much.

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