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Banarasi Wholesale Market in Chennai: Hello I Himanshi from Kesaria Textile Company Nai Soch and with new direction for you again I spot and specially banarasi saree inside it goes to you in lots of patterns so many that if you come to see at one place then let’s see Will get tired but test with a company that happens to be so that customers belong to I have brought you, you can see some very wonderful jokes, you start the alarm very well, you get it, it means that you are going to get all these varieties in Rocky Blouse length that if I talk, you will be complete. You get the cut of lipstick shades inside it and your pallu concept is going to be done in this way you can see the whole you get from Pallu Khan, you will get this complete combination inside the whole red and cream color here. You can see the pattern of the whole tashan in this way water is found that if I talk about this banarasi saree this is how the border is going to be then you can see very like evening golden color inside the whole which you have The whole design of the wing is made from Vodafone, you are going to get the problems in this way, if I talk, you can see, in this way, you get the profit blouse, in which you get the complete combination golden color giving concept.


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And there are such collections, design patterns inside it, you will get a lot of results, for that you have to do this, you just have to call us on the number given on your screen and go with us in such a way that through the online team you will get How many design combinations are going to be available for the price and how much are the special colors going to be, because this is the main thing, if we are doing business, then the color scheme should be such that the customers will like it as soon as they see it, then for the new design. You can see this you make some new design inside so I understood you in this but you get complete from it you get this name lai re nam nam se tire here so you can see that you get If you talk about the help you get, then this method has full pallu and blue color, you get it very much and here with many faces, the designs that have been given to you, you are going to get the whole wing.


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Darne Wala Heavy Weapon also you can see with flop honey singh you are going to get all this variety and you also get blouse piece along with it so all are taking hot and if customers come to us then with blouse piece if We get it so that I am a woman who is doing business sitting at home, it also becomes easy for her that there is margin and she used to compete very well, free stitching comes, stitching very comfortably and all the congratulations If you are able to do it then move on to the next design why you can see that it is going to happen from the next 9 newsroom something like this you are going to get and this collection is a very traditional collection you get that Banarasi this is the concept It is for the traditional look only and which pages of the design are found in it that if the next season of marriage is going on, then you have to take the same, you have to take Banarasi connection, you are going to get so many words, so you see this. Some are in this way, where there are more laptops than shops inside these gooseberries, some in this way, red chillies get their design.


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The catalog name is going to be mentioned above each variety, if you talk about the set up, then you You can see that in this way you are going to get the packing, the bar coding system is going to be in place so that no problem can be faced by the customers as to whether the variety is going to be available on time or not, then yes, how the Kesaria Textile Company is the only such There is a company from where you go by chatting or if you do online purchasing, then you had ordered 10,000 to 20,000, which is such a Marathi, which is very easy to select through video call, so take care of it. There are going to be a lot of designs towards the design, which you all know is very difficult to show in the video, so you can see that from a distance it looks like this is just a perfect wedding for the bride. And seriously the height looks like this from a distance, if you are doing business from home, then it is your hobby, definitely include such brightness, because from these varieties, which is wise on this day, our jo hai maar should stop very well.


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If it goes then you can see that in this way very best all inside the golden color zari work you are going to get it all and golden zari work also you can see that this saree design has been made with a lot of pension where People get you properly and can see in it then its body part is going to be in this way you get body part and you can see in this also in this way you get the name flower typescript inside the saree and Oil and sarees you get along with the blouse piece, if I talk about the cut of the blouse piece, then you immediately get the entire centimeter of the company. You can see what is incomplete It is said that in this way you get its set up back, well you are going to get more than one color that white color sa is available here, which customers can use in regular routine, now the neck that is going to be That you can see that in which way you get a perfectly traditional people inside it, in which you will get royal people here, that colors have and designs, you get it in a similar way and see the pattern in it.


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You can get the complete pallu concept in this way, you can see the very best design you get and the saree from Banarasi Wholesale Market in Chennai which is given, normally we do not get married in this, please you all know India is such a country. Where you have come many times, which is the month, which is the festival, which is found many times, and in this, such designs are there every time, if we want to take a collection from saree, then the first name that comes is that if we want to take only Banarasi saree, then inside it You get a lot of pots, so if you want to discuss, then definitely do such a collection in your business and you get 121 varieties, that means the designs go in so many and the colors are so many, then you have to start your business. Have a budget of 10,000 to 20,000 sitting at home.

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It happens and the thing is that if you belong to somewhere like language, then it is not going to happen to you at all because we get scheduling here in your language so that you can talk about your mind. They are able to share very comfortably, which means that the company’s related, in which the variety you want, I go to the collection here, that too within the manufacturing date, I hope you have liked the dance very much, because every time we For the varieties that we bring, we bring some selected collections for you so that you can get an idea even once you see how all the varieties are available and you can definitely tell the beat by commenting, but also to see many more such collections. You can definitely click on the button so that you can see such mod designs, then you will find some collection in Numeral, with which till then thank you.

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