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Banarasi Wholesale Market in Ahmedabad: Hello my mansi kaise read axle cum direction new direction and new direction once again hearty welcome to all of you and how to take Kesaria Textile Company which you all know is Surat’s Badrul Manufacturing Company where you have to You get a lot of variety, but you get the quality waste here, that too within the factory rate, which is a very good variety, and if you input your business, then you all know. That you get to know how the area wise status is going to run that all India’s test top is found at one place, for this if you ever come to Surat, then you must visit once that till you do not increase then Till then how will you know that what kind of varieties we will get from here and what kind of designs are going to be there, so we keep bringing many words for you, like our YouTube channel, how do we see the updates of Kesaria Textile Company there, all the remedies. And if you stay like this Amma, then even today I have brought variety for you, this saree with inside it because saree which is the pride of retail company, means you get the cover of this saree inside here also in saree There is a lot of variety, like you told everyone that her saree is decorated in Delhi, after which some Banarasi fits or which saree or bridal saree, why Yasmin saree cotton saree, even in this cotton, Khadi becomes cotton.


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Semi and cotton sarees are also made, so many such contacts are going to be found here, so stay connected with us to see the correction, so today there is going to be variety in Banarasi silk saree and Banarasi in itself. There is a traditional look, which is very much liked by the recent times, in which of the Banarasi sarees to cry, in which Ujala is found, then let’s start with this crop saree, cotton blend saree, which is going to be that you can see very cute serving concept inside it you will get that if I talk about pallu then you can see that in some way you get pallu concept which is complete you will get inside silver sharif Silver and easy hota na golden ka to fresh hota hota hota but fold in itself gives a royal look and in this if we get such a great design if you get the color chart that if I talk then you will get back the complete set up here The person you meet, in whom you want those pieces, you get that too, but normally if I talk about sarees, how come our Kesaria Textile Company is the only company that tow pieces, which means two packets of sarees. If you get sarees from Banarasi Wholesale Market in Ahmedabad here, then you can see the new design, this is also going to happen, you will get the whole wing concept inside cotton silk, but you can see the design that this concept is very good.


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Now let’s see its pallu also, what kind of background are you going to get here, that Banarasi silk saree is the craze for it, then what goes on in the month, you all know that festivals come very rarely, but those that Giving in our home functions is very much liked in that too, so if you are doing business of clothes or why not doing it while sitting at home, but such a saree will be very much liked by all and the customer is a There are many designs that are going to be taken away as soon as you see them, but if you take even one band, then you will come to know that Banarasi saree is going to run in our area and keep changing the design according to that. So this becomes the biggest benefit, according to that, the starting price, if I talk about it, we start at Rs. Plain people, like I am showing you now, you want a simple, rich royal look, so I also go to many contacts, in that Khan saree, if you want this Khan but no saree, then you also get it here and the manufacturing company So every time Idea is very careful that customers should just like seeing that nine percent of our customers are like this and there are repeat customers who stay connected with us like this only because of mistrust.


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If it is then move towards the new design then you can see that it is going to be brass material from next 9 newsroom but in this you can see in which risk it has been given very good it was getting the whole meaning concept in the same way You are going to get here in a lot of contacts, now you must be thinking that what is the length of the saree, then the length of the saree, if I talk, then you will get a ticket on the seat, if you are going to get the entire saree with blouse. Talking about the hot overall of this saree, you can see that inside each set up, you get a catalog in this way, photo basis, so it becomes easy for you to show the customers that the customers who go to us are only variety. Let’s see the design but after the design the question they have is that how many colors are going to be available in it, then for this you get the facility of PF so that you can easily convey to the customers and then let’s go. Designs Collection There are going to be a lot of changes and you can see that completely weight loose means that if I talk about handing it over, you can see but very well it gets here at that time and you can see that it is absolutely color.


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But in the one which has this design but you are going to get it completely and you can see that in this way you get something which looks like a very royal variety and in Banarasi people are what they are. You get additional you have to call the number on the screen and anyone or if you want you can talk now you get online facilities to talk to you you get packing in this way you get a complete catalog You can see the color clearly, in this way you get the colors and the bike coding system means bar coding system, so if you are looking for all these varieties, then if you are looking for any new variety, If you like the simple one, you have to take a screenshot and message us, what will be its price, and you will also get the facility of its PDF from here, still one thing remains, if the language becomes astrology, then it will be available to you from here. It is not going to happen because from here you get the celebrity available in the same language, meaning that the use of all the languages is a mixture, you are going to get it at one place, whether offline if you do the purchasing or online purchasing here. Blessing towards the new design, you can see that it is also going to be inside some cotton silk, you have seen golden zari in time, till now you have seen poor Muslims, but only one thing is different about golden, so you can see it completely.


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In this way you get the border, very cute banarasi concept, what knee length you are going to get complete and you can see that in this way, from whom you get some pallu, because I would have been a thing, wouldn’t it have been a pallu concept And the concept of Pallu is that if pulses are always available, then its point is lost, so that even when the bishop comes with us, the customers remain like this and if they go and see such a variety, then you too fall in love. We are going to have a Marathi one which is going to be very classy, that means there are going to be varieties of traditional look, inside it you can see that the design is very cute, you will get the complete Keri pattern and here you can see Here is the full catalog name, you do not get the mention of the colors, whatever you want, light color, you want dark color, all the colors are available, now you also get a lot of cancer in this, 500 plus designs, you can find it inside each person. Stay connected with us like this, no-no, varieties and new business ideas for that water, just like the numbers given on your screen, you just have to call, you will definitely get luck, you will also get the facility of pick up and drop. Diet goes here so that you can come here and feel all the variety with your own hands and see how the variety of clothes is, which even if we like ourselves, we can show it to a customer very easily. This is how we meet in the next video with some new collection and to see many more remedies, you can see all the remedies by pressing the I button and if you have any virgin source, you must comment on us, thank you.

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