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Banarasi Wholesale Market in Bangalore: Hello friends, all of you are welcome in Kesaria Textile Company, I am your friend Vishal Prajapati, new thought with new direction, friends, today I am going to give new thought to your distance and direction, and I will show bald special collection and once it Talking about the collection of friends, you will get one to one special variety in sarees, kurtis and other than that, friends, there will be a special variety in suit material, but friends, you can order all this variety by calling the number given on this number, so let’s go Let’s start the collection and I would like to introduce you in this way, there is a catalog called Milano and it is very lovely that you are going to get here friends, if I talk about the variety in saree, then you can start here with only one hundred rupees and The collection is going to be wonderful for you and if we talk about a noose basis collection, first of all we would like to see its fabric, friends, then you will be able to see the fabric, you will get very good fabric and you will see that this type of collection is totally the last one here. Saree very lovely lovely you will get it you can see the transparency is quite good here friends would like to tell one specialty and the bald special fabric which has transparency is very good and the biggest thing is like share lightweight saree Now if we talk about this saree, then it will be very normal weight, it is very light weight friends, and here you can see the stations, etc.


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Wali hai friends any collection any 180 if you want then how can you order this variety in wholesale from Kesaria Textile Company you can see lovely collection from 1 you are going to get here and more bald special if I talk about variety then you Very cute collection, that too is going to be available with wrong cut, you can see blouse 20 minutes like this, you will get this saree from Banarasi Wholesale Market in Bangalore, if we talk about the overall look, friends, then you can find very cute collection here. See this after wearing this way all how cute it is going to come in very beautiful range but friends you must be thinking what will be the device if you want to know then the number is given at the bottom place call on it now by contacting If you can get information, then friends, you can see what is this collection, if you talk about shopping, then you will get one collection, we have thousands of such varieties and you will get the mini you find in Surat, which you will find overwrite with us, see this very much. Friends, after opening the very lovely variety, Malvika opened on the counter, so if you want to take this type of variety, you can take it from here and you can also take the very lovely variety.


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You can see the whole concept of the print will remain, but friends If the class is exposed, then it is very important to have transparency, you can see that and you will get very good transparency in this saree, but what is the real, in the summer season, such sarees are also in high demand. Blouse piece etc. of more than one meter. If you are going to get, you can see, then I have to order any thing of variety, you have to use quality things, because three things are most important in business, friends, you are doing any business, variety and friends quality as well as What is its price and friends, the special thing is that whether the thing that we have kept is of train fashion or old fashion, it matters a lot, then variety is what you are, keep it in the trend that is going on and There are many that can be removed from the cell clearly, see a lovely daughter, here you will find very wonderful varieties, you are going to have it in printed here, all these are going to be special today, friends, all this and this is going to happen only on Ninja, see this very cute design you will get here and ninja special you will get variety of this way in collection printed koun set here if i talk about its pallu then just etc you see very lovely pyari kal tashan.


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You will get here and this way There is a saree from Chhattisgarh in which Naxal now look how cute it is going to look to you and even if we talk about blouse, then the blouse is also very wonderful, you will get it here with variety, so friends, let’s talk about all this variety in sarees apart from that. Friends, you can order kurti from here only for ₹ 93, apart from this, we have blouse piece which is 399 rupees, want to start, once you give the number of the screen, then contact me. The design is very cute, now let’s say from the lovely design, do you see this thing which is not very unique thing is coming, very good collection of color combination, see very cute color combination you will get here and talk about variety So you can see very lovely variety here, in this way you will get very lovely wonderful design here, see this you will get this design in very nice digital look and you can see very lovely variety you are going to get here, Dasa etc. You can take variety of every type and settings in it that if I talk then you are mostly going to get kidney design in every saree means if floral designer then floral Which actors are going to be found in full now, if I talk about this way of shopping, then you will get any time table at ₹ 50 designs s and that too at wholesale horn factory rate. It is going on, definitely call and if you want to visit the director top Kesaria Textile Company, then you will come two kilometers ahead of the station on the ring road, because of the answer, which is the next one, which is the market.


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You will get the textile market one, friends, very There is a famous market, you can come very comfortably, you can eat very easily, but the point is that whoever you come here, many brokers sleep here, who will drag you, so you do not have to get trapped in their affairs. You are also going to keep your points clear and in Kesaria Textile Company you are going, let’s assume that you are coming in your body, then you should come directly to saffron, whatever you do, you have to reach here friends. You will get lovely look here in saree in this way friends and in this way you will get great variety but if we talk about flower test then if this saree is not open then it is useless to look at that country it is useless friends Now let me talk, here you will get zari work and you will get flower test in digital form. Digital print is in fashion these days. That’s why you can see very cute DJ, you will get it here, see it, it is very wonderful, you will get variety here, variety is available here in just two pieces, friends, call once, the number is running below.


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Point one on that, which varieties will be available with you that you can see and you will get a very cute digital look on bald here, so you can see if I talk about Agarwal. This saree is going to come in a different look and it will be very spectacular and you will get whatever collection you want, friends, you will get this set wife in wholesale, you will get the catalog back, but you will have to try even if we see this video of ours anywhere. If you are watching our YouTube channel then you can subscribe to it and turn on the bell notification then you will get the notification of all the videos and in this way you can enjoy a lot of variety if you want to start If you want to see the study of marketing plan sales, then you can go to our channel and visit there and watch the videos, you will get many contacts, so if you want to take benefit in this way, then keep watching the video and in this way I get a new Thank you thank you thank you for the video.

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