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Banarasi Wholesale Market in Delhi: Hello friends, all of you are welcome in Kesariya Textile Company, I am your friend Phoolchand Prajapati, new thinking, new direction, friends, the design that I will show you today, I am going to show one of the best and show you the stool, that means anything is here. But if you want variety, then you will get every type of variety, that too in wholesale, friends will have every type of variety, whether it is silky variety, there you want a collection of print or a collection of work. The company provides and if you want to do business, you are already doing usmein, if you want to grow your business on a maximum scale, then definitely join a saffron textile company and you will get the designs that you will find here. The way we see the first design, you are looking at the combination of cotton and zari, you will find small check designs in jismein checks and in the bottom you can see that in this way you will get the entire border, which is wonderful. Border friends, you are going to get it here, the century is very lovely, friends, you can see in front of you, in which way you will get less of the release, now this variety of cotton, any design you want here, you want any color, you want light color.


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You have many You get experience, if I talk about Surat, then Surat textile means a textile hub, so here you get one to one collection and if you want any variety, then you will get every kind of variety, friends, you see You can get very good designs here, so you can see this design, very best, you are going to get collections of white type here, so in this way you will get a lot of collections, friends red You will also get the design pattern of the color, you can see very cute designs, any variety you want, you can order it from here, if you want to see the test of silver zari, you can see very cute test, you are going to get it here, friends, any If you want variety, all chijen will be found in wholesale and you can see the variety, such a lovely variety is going to be found on Silver Jerry.


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which if you talk less, then you can see very cute carry design and in the same way From here you will also find a lot of fabrics available, you are going to get here but if I talk about variety, then you will get one great design here, you can see light pink, light dark and different If there is a color combination, then you can see that you will get a lot of variety here in different designs and you will get a lot of selected collections, you will get a lot of variety here only and which is cotton silk. Whatever you want to ask, you can order from here and the company is also providing video calling facility, so you must take advantage of it, friends and variety, you must order sitting at home, then you can see the collection is beautiful one by one.


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You are going to get here and you can see Patan in this way, you will get very cute patterns here, friends, this is the best thing to see, the best and that too on Diamond Special, you can see this very good, which you have here in this way Color you will get less combination, if you want to take any variety, then you will get variety of screenshot method. You will get very lovely variety in art silk here and you will get this variety in different designs. You will get four piece punch piece set. I am available and any chijen you want, you can order it from here, you will get one wonderful variety here, in this way you can see it in light color, in sesame green you will get the color here which You will get less of small butiyon with cotton and you will get very lovely variety here you can see the border you can see weaving concept very lovely design.


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You will get here and if you want silk special banarasi special design then you will get one One design from here is available only in wholesale friends and you can order from here you can see this type of design is available here you want to ask for anything sitting at home video calling facility company is providing you This is the number running on the screen, call it and download PDF mangaaiye from us, friends, you will get support here in every language, any language of India, any language, you can start judkar and business from here, that too Quantity in very minimum cost of 15 to 20000 rupees and you can take very good collections from here and when do you want to start your business, do tell by commenting so that I can give you more helpful videos and liked the design.

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