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Banarasi Silk Saree Manufacturer in Delhi: Hello friends, all of you are welcome in Kesaria Textile Company, I am your friend Gunjan Prajapati with new thinking, new direction, friends, today’s video I am making, I am making a video on a made sheet i.e. silk saree from Banarasi Silk Saree Manufacturer in Delhi, and very wonderful parathas to you. Here I am going to show what actually happens that the sarees that are being made these days are made in two ways, one is that it is very pure, that is, silk is pure hundred percent. Some things happen because it is very important to recognize silk and many things happen, so friends it is a simple thing, I am going to tell you in the video that if you want to know pure silk then how can you know and if it is synthetic So actually how can you get the idea of that too, Kesar would like to tell about this textile company, you will get the experience of Proteus here, whatever white you are getting here, it is all on manufacturing and everything is wholesale here. I am going to get all the designs of the set, all the designs of the catalog, you will get them in wholesale, friends, in today’s video, you do not have the silky variety, but we are going to introduce you to the variety of designs that are made on Banarasi silk.


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So the special collection is of Silky variety i.e. it is collection of Banarasi silk so two friends without delay let’s see this variety and let’s understand what design is going to come first design you can see this type of design As you can see, you will get complete zari work and it is very good to say in zari also that if we want to find out the difference between gold and brass, then there are many things in it, we have to press them to get them out. Then we have the idea that this is brass and this is gold, friends, so I am not going to do anything here that you have seen those things but want to tell one of the biggest basic things that whatever pure things you have Whenever you rub with your hands, there is a little warmth in your hands, in this way, it is a specialty that if you want to know the variety of this type in silk sarees, you people want to know, then you can see by rubbing once. This will give you a good idea of the party concept, friends, it is the concept of small booties and you will get a very nice border on both the sides i.e. bottom and off side, in which the design and pattern have also been made very well. See saree overall now you will get it in a very good range and here you will get the blouse also very best i.e. in plain blouse you will get this concept with border then you can see the item is very nice but friends any variety any celery You make a selection from here.


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You are going to get the same thing that you are seeing for free today, there is no difference because people’s perception about clothes has changed a lot in today’s time, so what if you If you think something like this, then it is my endeavor that you are what you are, so it is very important to know carefully what the company is doing and what it is not doing, so friends, total overall that if I Let’s talk that after wearing the experience of saree which you will get is going to come in this way as you can see very wonderful thing very wonderful 180 telling and in this way we have designs that if I talk So there are many designs in Banarasi silk, that means you will get hunted plus design in any variety here, all the variety will be there in own manufacturing, quality things will be there, if you want to order anything, you can order it even sitting at home, video calling facility is available. And at the same time friends, if you want to start your new business, then my advice is that once you come to Suraj and our office is in Surat, Millennium Textile Market, which you can see below address, on Ring Road. Hai Millennium Textile Market which is very famous market friends and first floor in block three thousand 3132 is our sales office number whenever.


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You come then you should save the number running on the screen before you come call Can do so that you will get pick and drop from both the facility station and our office, you do not have to take any tension, now I am going to see the next variety which is going to be on our Banarasi silk, it is a wonderful thing, friends. Here you get this roti in blue color and here I will talk to you in four pieces i.e. there will be different color charts and if you want to know the color chart then once the number given on the screen below But you can also call and ask for the complete details of the color chart, this variety is great and here you can see the complete pattern, you will get the design of the big carry, the concept of the pallu is very wonderful, you will get it here. We have thousands of such varieties available in Banarasi silk, you can order them anytime sitting at home, otherwise you can come here and choose many designs and take them. If you want to apply this variety or its Apart from this, which variety do you want in silk, do comment me once so that I also get an idea that in your area Which variety is in high demand in the field, let’s talk about the overall look, you can see how beautiful this saree is going to look after wearing it, that is, you can keep a beautiful collection in your shop and with a very good margin, friends.


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You can bring the cell to a very good scale, there are a lot of designs, big designs are the designs of Kerry, you will also get small ones, it depends on you, which variety you have to select, then you can see a great variety here. You will get here and total you will get zari work here, you will get variety, but friends, the variety that I am showing, this is Banarasi special collection, friends, all the varieties that you are seeing, this is machine made cotton. Now-a-days the importance is more use of synthetic sarees, you have become jealous, then you want this variety, what is the quality in these things nowadays, it is also very easy to keep, sometimes some insects are afraid of this method. If it does not remain then you can keep a lot of variety in your shop, but I want to tell the same thing again, if you believe from anywhere, do not take daddy stock and before taking the goods, whenever the goods reach you, then a video of it Make sure to remove that means take out the video of the goods which you are opening and keep them in future if there is any need or in any objectionable situation of this method, you can bring it for your use. You can see the look of this yellow saree, you will get very beautiful sarees here, you will get the design pattern is also very good, in the same way, we will also get a wonderful collection, so friends can see this, which is made of Banarasi silk.


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Saree which you will get in violet color, very nice pattern and total zari work, in which you will get a lot in wife’s design too, look at the pattern of small booties, how wonderful it is, looks great with blouse You will get all these props in the cut of 630 in the pattern and the variety is also very good, which after reaching you will get the look of total bearing, friends, you can see that it is going to be very good in the beginning and every photo of every saree Along with this, you will get the test, so that it will be very easy for you to show it to your customer, because it is very important to understand the design and for that we have all the materials that are made, all the designs that are celebrated are all bright, in this you will see the photo together. Whatever poster photo you are going to get, you will get it attached there, now see this variety, it is a very good collection and very wonderful thing, friends.


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You will get it all in this way in golden test and along with the test which you Looking at very wonderful things, talking about weddings, the time that is going on now is a very suitable time, that is, if you want to make a sale in your shop, then you must select the bridal collection in today’s date because that is the collection that There is a lot of demand in today’s date and you can increase your sale very quickly, you can take it to a very good level, then you are ready, then you can definitely call the number below or want to join us. So you can also connect with us through WhatsApp, if you want to see any collection of ours, then you can also visit our social media pages, in which Facebook Instagram is also available, where you go and search by name from Kesaria Textile Company, you will find many You will get the design, thousands of designs are available in this way in China, here I also want to tell you that if you want to watch through this video, you can also go to our YouTube channel, subscribe to the channel and turn on the notification. Means you can turn on the gel which is there and by doing so you will get all the notifications and you can also make a very good increment in your cell. thank you thank you for being with you till then bye-bye.

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