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Surat Saree Market in Allahabad: Namaskar Nahi Manti Kaise New Thinking New Direction From Kesaria Textile Company I heartily welcome all of you like every time you get to see some new collection saree printed saree is available inside it also bridal is available from which but when The taste of Banarasi is unique, we get it from everyone, let’s start with today’s varieties, now what is the coding of Banarasi concept, and you can see here you will see many sarees here in box packing. If you want cotton in this way, then you will get all the sarees, you will get catalog non catalog saree varieties, you will get it at one place, it is a Kesaria Textile Company, and many more collections, if you want to see You just have to call the number given in this, you get all the other facilities through online means because of the price, the designs and how many are going to be available, and even if you are like a child, that the customer is all. Belonging from many places in India, please issue comes that of language whether you get a celebrity in your language or else here you get a celebrity in your language so that you can live comfortably with them like your family. You can talk very easily, whatever your opinion is, but you can share, then let’s start with this, which saree is going to be Banarasi, which one is going to have chup farz variety, we can see some very good collection.


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Here you can see the color you will get, you will get some different color, inside the light green color and here the water you will get, you will get the very best border, you can see something like this You are going to get the complete Banarasi border here, due to which the design of peacock is made, it is looking super nice and you can see the whole different design, this saree varieties from Surat Saree Market in Allahabad are made with a lot of pitching and the pallu You are going to get the concept very good you can see that the way you get the pallu in whatsapp its totally what it is here you are going to get the time from the complete you get an exact cut and in this you can see now The more we tell the cut, the more cut you get, the water can check which is complete you will get in the saree and in this we can see that the buildings made in olive saree in this way Vivek WhatsApp only Very beautifully you get the design everyone is going to get lots if we talk about the packaging then in this way you can see the floppy disk you get the set and the Banarasi concept which is going to be in this saree is the only one rs.20 system gets fixed, you can see that starting from Rs.120 and you are going to get all this variety at the same rate which is told from here because sometimes it happens that Surat.


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You all know that textile is the biggest hub of the Kesaria Textile Company and many times it also happens that Marathi is not available as the varieties are taught, then we are not able to believe anyone quickly, but how is the Kesaria Textile Company the only such There is a company where the price is shown to you as the material is extracted, the same material if you order online even sitting at home, you will get the same varieties but the minimum budget that you have is maximum 20000 to 25000. Keep it so that you can not have Ladies Sweater Complete Collection and if you want to do business then you will get very good facility in that also but because you all know that if we do not keep any variety then how much you can also serve the customers. Will be able to do that the customer is known to everyone, in which women are told to all of you, their test is a bit different, if it happens that they have a hobby, then it is very important to keep all the designs according to that, then quickly move towards neck design.


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The design is going to be very less and in this way you can see that its pallu pattern is going to be double toned, you get the design in it and you can see that it is a very good carry design, you are going to get your own from Pallu Khan. In this way, the design of the job is also very much liked, that is, we can save, so here on Banarasi which one up to 100 one message on the powers, in this way, wide food in saree, its design is here. But you are going to get which is going to be border like this you go to kanchivaram waterloo and here you will see full catalog name you are going to get this catalog is going to be named Suchitra design so you are going to get a lot and complete this You can see that the blouse piece that is going to be done in this way you go to the blouse piece, contra inside it means what overall choice is going to look something different and you can see that I make myself segment Here you will see a lot of variety standing in we can save, then you can see that a lot of bridal according to which saree you get, the whole face is going to be available from it and whatever variety you like.


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If it comes, then you have to take the recording of the bench that we deal only in Lal to Ling, if you are sitting at home, now this whole variety is our YouTube channel, if you are watching it. If you like any fry, then definitely tell us by commenting and if you want to order variety net online, then take all those screenshots, you just have to call the number given on your skin and connect with us. If you want to go then go like this and within business hours also you will get these designs you can see it is very lovely collection something different is going to be found here Lucky dekh jo one of the pictures which is very nice by the way Varieties of are available here so you can see something in this way you are going to get this whole saree very good here you can see only connecting on pallu is considered very good whole line in various Designs and ghost made here, this saree design is going to be very beautiful and this is the pallu concept, you can see the combination of light brown and with light green color that you are going to get, it looks very cute. Because this is the biggest thing to be added with the manufacture that there we are going to have variety as well as job designs, you get the proper test of our all India and any variety if you are there.


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Even if there is no sale, if they find any variety, then we call it our Jackson Access Policy, so you can get it changed as well, apart from giving the complete variety to us and changing all the varieties according to your own test. You can take and call the number given on the screen for a lot of information and we will talk directly, how can we believe sitting at home, how simple it is for you, if you must and subscribe here you can see your From the eyes believe that she is going to meet and inside each you get a lot of designs, so let’s start with some sarees that are going to happen, which power is inside Banarasi, whose look you can see. It is looking very nice, it is going to add to the look of the whole, different designs are going to be available in this way, golden zari, you get it, and in this also you can see the border which is going to be of the saree, it is very cute in this way Sa gets it and send it on the pallu, you are going to get this border people, three border people means you get three models here and here you can see the full catalog name mention only, you are going to get it, Banarasi screen volume number three This is going to be catalog by name and packing time you get catalog this is means this way you get catalog message varieties now you can see exterior fantastic color you are going to get dark color you want light color you want each variety.


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You get here just stay connected with us like this I hope how you will stay with us you can watch many of our videos on YouTube you are going to get a lot of collection that you all know that festival season is going on If you are going to like it very much from the variety and if you want to start a business or are thinking of starting a startup, then by connecting it with understanding, you get all the facilities very comfortably, so now I want to talk about the festival season, then you can see the perfect saree according to the festival season, here you will get the Banarasi collection, you can see very good design of your liver, you get the blouse also in the same way. It is found inside the whole family party means that if you are keeping beard then you must keep blouse also, if you have kept blouse then disrespect of petticoat is very important that it is a very demanding thing, without all three things, it is a combination only. It is incomplete to tell all of you fresh, you must have liked all the patties very much and with this, you stay connected with me like this, any customer, as if they come to our place and join us, they will always be with us. They stay connected because they get very good support from here, just like family, they feel here that whenever you go, they get something made of their own, so we meet with the next variety and so on. till then thank you!

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