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Surat Saree Market in Srinagar: The whole concept of copper sequence also, you can get this type of new collection, let’s go friends in the workplace, as I talked about, this is a single color, the varieties of which you are going to get, which is ready, you will get the complete collection of that type. See, every time some new concept, 50 to 60 design concepts are found in Patola, see friends, today we have brought such a segment of our factory, which is going to be found in the worksheet, friends, here you will get the concept of K. The department which is going to be completed, we are going to show you today, let’s go ahead friends and together friends, stay tuned on the video and will stay on the video, don’t you guys just give us the variety of our company, it is good for you and till now. You can see the best collection of sarees, so let’s go ahead friends, we have brought you a beautiful beautiful collection with many varieties, look, the collection will be very beautiful design, as you can see here, in the concept of light color, like every state Like every customer who comes to your shop Yes, everyone does not like dark color, friends, you can think that at your shop, as if you are sitting with a showroom, friends, aged women must have also come there, that is, you can understand that someone likes the test of like, someone likes dark color.


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If you like it, then someone understands the test of fancy color, then friends, let’s go to the middle of the type, we also make the collection of the type here and also tell you what kind of collection you want, let’s go friends. Look at this saree, there is such a beautiful saree collection and see the color, friends, you are going to get such a beautiful saree collection, see friends, the whole border which is going to be with the over dal concept, it is going to be a jumbo border, see friends like this You get such beautiful dal patterns from it and see its saree, we want to open you a little bit and we are going to show you the beauty of saree, see the beauty of saree, friends here in our company from as many designers and as many as our team Friends are members, they pay attention to everything so closely that if the saree Bunny should have color combination, if not friends, then it should be made in such a way that if someone opens it on your counter and shows it to the customer, then that customer should understand 100% and 10% at a glance, then friends.


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You can see here our Some packing department of the team is also started by which packing means for our factory means I am preparing for our cell house which is in extra market so that in our company our Selva warehouse and our cell You can find this type of new collection in the office, let’s go ahead friends, let’s talk about saree, neither you can see the saree, it is such a beautiful saree, nor see this is such a beautiful collection of saree and in this you can see the release Along with this, you are going to get the complete concept of copper sequence, like copper continues, copper and golden zari, see friends, look at such a beautiful saree, and this saree’s aanchal is going to be rich pallu and friends with it. You can see there is a lot of tasalf in it to enhance the beauty of the pallu. Sundar jo tone tu tone color mead milne aur yeh jo concept hai pura global jo dal hai friends, this is the entire dal concept that will come over saree me pura ka aayega and saree ka jo weight bholu na toh aapko light weight saree hai friends Weight is not going to remain in this at all, in the same way you are going to get a lot of collections here, friends.


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Let’s go a little further inside, let’s go inside, which one is ready for me and our collection, which is today’s train From the middle to the factory, which goods have been ready, then friends can see, here you see in the cell concept, there are varieties of the cell concept and which over which pattern is completed in it, see the complete over from the middle of the niece’s concept like this You are going to get the complete variety of, see friends, you can see in this we have all the designs lying here, the total design is made with different different color combination, you get it from the middle of the different design so that we can give you a different – Can give different collection and those running on your counter running in your city tomorrow Action is that type of design color combination you can take it by selection then friends come on piece we want to open and show you the varieties you can see from the concept of tying you get such a beautiful saree collection See friends, with rich pallu, there is complete single color tuning, friends, this is single color, with single color, you also get single color pattern and along with this, friends, I will show more further, which we have also made contrast border.


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If you have, then you also get the concept of contrast border here, friends, your eyes are going till here, don’t look at it, friends, I told you that we have any other product, any variety, in this you will get the concept of 50 to 60 designs. See friends, this is how we go ahead, you will get many more collections, see friends, as I talked about, don’t look, don’t talk, which is a concept, in this you can see the complete concept of Patole style, see friends, which is the Patola concept. Patola’s From the middle of the concept, you will get the complete test and look at its color matching, friends, how beautiful colors have been made, see this is the concept of color combination, friends, which is an experience company, which has been doing the business of clothes for so many years, its color combination here. Friends, the story is not going to be eaten out, you can also see in this also, any color combination has to stop on your counter, friends, I guarantee that whatever color you have, whatever color you have, give it back to me, so let’s go ahead and move on, friends. You can see a lot of collections on this side of the collection as well, and let’s have a concept of ours on this side, like in the base, as I talked about, here you get the entire collection in the base from the different middle, which You are going to get variety of K, friends, you can see here, the very beautiful products on cotton cloth are ready, see friends, I want to show some designs to you, friends, see how beautiful these designs are on cotton cloth.


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And see its matching, friends visit Able color hai complete see light color matching a go and its concept which you are going to get friends see friends this is a design which is ready the goods are now in the warehouse means I have given the blank to come to the cell office see friends In this way, see how many products and how beautiful the collection of designs is, which you get from the middle of the cotton, let’s go ahead and move forward, there are more collections like this, see friends, see this design too, how beautiful it has been made by Leelan This is on the fabric and the concept of the designs that you are showing friends, you get the complete collection of the type of computer print that is made, look at the computer print concept, such a beautiful saree from Surat Saree Market in Srinagar and so beautiful and its The matching is going to be friends, see that the color matching of 10 is complete, the color matching that you are going to get is found in the middle of 10 colors and in that total friends, you can see that there is matching of six colors but six colors which are six. color answer color hai friends let’s go ahead friends will be very beautiful design Collection like this is also a concept, you can see that it is going to be very beautiful, very beautiful varieties, there are varieties of this type, I told you, like in Patole style.


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We have some different varieties here, Beautiful and new designs have been made, see friends, every time we keep doing some new concept in Patola, so that the concept of Patola has been evergreen, never out of fashion, never wear it, friends, this is new. It will be felt and anytime you will enjoy selling it on your counter so that the color combination which are the patterns, we have selected some different colors from the middle, so friends, I want to show you more collections, very beautiful variety, you are watching more videos Stay tuned friends so that we too can understand retirement with beautiful collection contrast border you can find in Friends, let’s move ahead in such a way that in Saurashtra, many heads like us, like Saurashtra in Gujarat, they get a group Lagan done, in which at least 50 to 100 pairs of friends are sitting and they sit Later, all together, like those who don’t have parents, whose condition is bad, and those who run such type of trusts, they get the group married, and if you want to see water from the middle of the dal in all weddings, then like this Even on cotton clothes, you get the complete collection of pani tan, see friends, white saree ka pani, in which contrast border goes chip and best varieties, friends, let’s go ahead and move forward, see friends, your eyes are not going here, there are only products.


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Products are visible very sir varieties with lots of concepts you get like I told friends like released silk has been released copper released this type of collection is available very sir so this is our webpage sale cheers factory in which we have given you a lot of information and very If you want to do business, start a new business or new Have made a business plan or have a showroom or a shopkeeper who has been doing business for 6 months or a year or any of our businessmen who have been doing business for years, friends, watch this video which is beneficial for all of them. Friends, if there are new business people, if there is a collection of this type, then friends, where do you want to add, friends in your own Kesaria Textile Company, contact the number on the screen and tell us as soon as possible through the middle of the comment How did you like the video, how did you like it, if you want to do business, friends, then our address is Millennium Textile Market Weaving 3000 31 32 Millennium Textile Market First Floor, you have to come there and our Hussain office is there, friends, so let’s go friends today that much for Till then thanks!

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