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Surat Saree Market in Aurangabad: Even today I have brought a collection for you, inside some Banarasi sarees, where this concept of Banarasi saree is going to remain, inside it, the collection of Kanjeevaram Dharmapuram saree, today I will show you the very best designing and price range of the video. If I talk about what is today, I have brought the concept for you from 500 to the last which is 900, now you will get it together with our online team, then see this saree facility, you are getting saree which is You just have to include it inside your business, now you have to connect with Cuttack, you will be able to join Cuttack, but you must be wondering which is the easy way to continue, then see, first of all, you will see the number on the screen. Pick up your phone, dial the number, I will do it tomorrow, as well as the articles that remain in this way, with a small amount of 10000, you can purchase from here, then you see the next concept, this Kanjeevaram concept. There will be very lovely color inside, most of which you will get from dark color.


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This saree is more special, you see the whole which is available only with the peacock pattern because the main look of the Banarasi saree is that unless you have a frill concept peacock pattern, the look of the saree is incomplete and Kanjivaram is that of Dharma Puram. There is a peacock pattern in it, so you will get it every time, then you see this pallu, you get the best of all, here the whole weaving is done with golden color and what you are going to get in this saree is tomato color. You are getting the full color of the whole, inside which you can see the boots that have been made, the small ones that are going to be found here along with the peacock pattern, the whole is light color and its border, you can see how beautiful the border is here. There is mill caste flower weaving is done inside it now everyone says the caste is not told from the back side of the saree but why not tell it you see how this method is done in Kesaria Textile Company full flower finishing Along with this you will get this concept that nothing is going to be worse than the story, what is the smallest thing that makes the custom Now you see the blouse in this, you get the blouse of contrast, as the color of the pallu, you are going to get the blouse, this is what we call the contrast matching concept, so you will get this concept inside it.


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How did you like the article here? If you have not taken the screenshot, then you will definitely take the net saree so that you will not only have the PF of these sarees, but it will also be easy to purchase, so you see the next concept. This is a completely Richard Royal type concept, this is also the Turmica concept you are getting in the name of summer silk and inside it you see the pallu of red colour, first of all we see only the pallu in the saree. You see this very beautiful pallu, inside it also the whole peacock pattern is made here, as well as what you see in the pallu, you also get the design of curry and you see the border in it. It is beautiful that you are going to get touch up of the border, which is like a bread border, isn’t it? It looks very beautiful in such centuries and there is something special in it and you see this saree also very soft you will get it yes very soft material such concepts are used a lot in marriage All the functions are going to come especially if I talk about the one which is now and many more Guddi Padwaane, this type of collections will run a lot, so now is the time, isn’t the festival season back to back, so you must definitely read such articles here.


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If you can order from here you can see the next concept, now we want to like and comment, so here you will get the light color also here, the whole issue has been done inside it, you can see the full issue here. You are going to get the border here with very lovely bell designing and you are going to get the whole design here like a flower pot, with the pallu in this saree now you see the small You get both big boots, there is a specialty of Banarasi centuries, you all would have known Banarasi saree is the most that we have seen more on celebrities and if there is talk in that too among our actresses then these sarees look very good on Rekha ji, that’s why nowadays everyone’s show has become key or not. This method has to be taken from the Banarasi article, that’s why there is such a trend of Banarasi saree from Surat Saree Market in Aurangabad in the whole world that it is being liked a lot everywhere, so I also want to tell you that if you are from Maharashtra, then you are from Maharashtra.


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In any of the areas, whether you are from Jalgaon, Nagpur or if you are running your own shop in any area of Pune, then you must keep Banarasi saree because Banarasi is such a concept of centuries, which is not everywhere. It is liked and we can sell it very well, we can do it with 100% margin, because in this way the silver sarees that are made are very unique and very few manufacturers present them. but our Kesaria Textile Company, the workmanship inside each and every saree It is pert and inside it also you will see the look of the saree is very loving you will get this whole border with dal pattern you can see how beautiful the border has been made now you might have misunderstood the continuation of the video So those of you who have ordered for his PF, it is not much, sitting at home, do the video tomorrow also, I will tell you to come and visit directly, yes, unless you visit, you will not know that our office is in Surat itself, which is Our sales office is only 10 minutes away from the station, it will be found inside the market, in B block first floor 3031 and 3032. You will get its packing in this way, according to the brand of saffron.


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You get the box, here it is very beautiful, the design of the box is also there, and inside it you can see the packing of centuries, which is very dear to you, which is the designing of centuries. There is caste inside, that means inside our business, when articles like box packing, we also If we include it, then it is even more beautiful, because nowadays everyone likes box packing, I have shown you this saree without the box, so maybe it does not make much sense now, but when we go inside the shop and see the box If we look inside, then we get even more worried that the quality will be the best, the design will be the best, we are going to get an A number, so this is the scheme to increase the business; With the company.


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Which is a manufacturing company, and here you see, in this way you also get the designing of the box, which starts from ₹ 15, there is a lot of packing and there are many concepts here. You are going to get sorry, maybe you will be a little confused from back, I have told that the box which starts from ₹ 15, yes, you will definitely mark this thing and you will get the same article from here. If you want to see many more, then here you can see many new saree designing also here. You are going to get the colors that are available here, you will get one color available here, so I will keep the collection for you very recently, how did you like the video, how did you like the special varieties? According to Variety Lek Haazir Rahungi Tak Tak Tak Thank You!

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