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Surat Saree Market in Rajkot: Pallu also you can see how beautiful you find the pallu inside it and these sarees which you are going to get completely inside red color, that too which is going to be offered in the ongoing collection of box packing, isn’t it very beautiful The price range will be like this, we start here, caste hai maa to hum mantra 500 se aapko ki ki ki bhi beautiful se articles hote na woh aapko aapko aapko aapko ki aapko aa raha hai, so see yeh jo variety hai very lovely concept hai matlab ki Packet of suits, yes, how beautiful it is going, doesn’t it mean that if we have to give some gift in marriage, then we can give this type of collection very comfortably, because as much as it is looking good, it is not as good as it is. Have also done see sequence is less than Gilco’s less and that too wedding collection means you must include such variety in your business not much you have to keep a very small budget so that you will be able to order collections from here and now I hope you will like today’s designing very much. I have already told you one design by doing it myself and the next one is the concept, you can see here some very beautiful beautiful patterns are going to be found in this way, see, I may not be able to tell you by opening, you can see like this.


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You can find here at least a variety of lehenga styles with full zari, here you can see this saree from Surat Saree Market in Rajkot with stone work, how much decent size has been done inside the zari as well. Piping has been reduced in this, you can see the border which is a very beautiful touch up and here you can see the stones which you will be seeing with golden color, it is a very lovely creation and saree You can see in Patli Pallu that how beautiful you are going to get the according border concept of lehenga style, then the heavy designing that remains in this method, you will get it directly at one place by joining the textile easily. You do not have to do much for this, you can also subscribe to our channel and also press the bell icon. Do not forget at all so that you can get the very decent concept of this method from here, you can also see the pallu, you can see how much love you have on all one side, you will get the border concept, you will get the whole curry design. It has gone with the touch up of stones, so in this way we have a beautiful collection, you will visit yourself here, then you will be able to know very well, then now we are going to design the next one, and from here you see the box, we have seen it.


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Sarees are also taken, you can see like this is red color, so here you will get the article in Maroon color also, the design is done very lovingly, the border of the cut is made here, so in this way The patterns that are there are very common in our UP and Bihar. In fact, if I talk, then the test of marriage is the same with everyone, it starts there, so keep a small budget of 10,000, sitting at home in this way. You can order the article from here and you can also see that if you want with a scarf, then yes, here you have what you want with a scarf. Lee Varieties Bhi Mil Jayegi Bewakoof Bhi To Yeh saree aap dekh sari ka ki release ka hai u can see very pyaar sa jo hai aapko yahan pe border nazar e raha raha hai and you see this is our offer which is on manufacturing of saffron i.e. our Here jo hai articles are made in this manner and look at this dupatta specially how beautiful you are, you are going to get the dupatta you are going to get on your head. In this way, what is it, you will get the get up here, so by joining here, you will be able to purchase such collection from here, so for this, join our team, you have given the link of WhatsApp.


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Must have gone inside the description so that it will be easier for you to join, so today in the release of this video, I just had to tell that we have new collections in some bridal sarees from Surat Saree Market in Rajkot, which you will get from here. And you have already seen all these boxes that it is very lovely designing and you are going to get all of them from here. Set wise yes seth tis Kesaria Textile Company deals only in whole selling only single piece order is not taken then you must take care of it everything else you will get here from pay by coding system yes from parking system Will be found and in that also you see by God what is here, in this way you get the facility of coding only on what is here, how much cut you are going to get, which fabric is used inside it, what kind of concept you get That saree is going to be big, do you get to know from this only, so for today’s video, I have given only a small information about the release of a small video, so how did you feel about this type of article, you will definitely tell in the open comment. I will definitely wait for the continued comment and now from where you are watching the video, that too will definitely tell us. Thank you!

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