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Surat Kurti Market in Delhi: See the collection which live how inside Kesaria Textile Company you get with A1 quality and with A1 designing see whatever article you are going to get all that you will get set vice that we don’t deal in single because We ourselves are a manufacturer company because you all are associated with a factory outlet and here you get whatever color combination you have and if I talk about patterns, then you will get a lot of design here. So see the first article that I am going to show, you must have been associated with any manufacturer, but you have not seen this type of article yet, which you will get with your purse, yes, from now on you will have to spend separately. It is not necessary that only you have taken the top and along with it you get whatever hand purse you see, you will get the entire facility along with it, here you can see the entire accordion of one pocket. You get touch ups and the articles of this method give you similar colours. Along with this, a set of four pieces is going to be available, now it is a matter of how much size is going to remain inside it, so see what we have Axel double Axel M size, the size you want, you will get this variety and with this- Along with here you can see some long gowns, if you want articles with long gowns, you will also get them here, if you want three piece concept, you are also going to get three piece concept, then which varieties of today’s video do you like, now let us Will definitely tell if.


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You want to do purchasing, see online, there will have to be a small amount of 10000 for which you can purchase these varieties, because these saree from Surat Kurti Market in Delhi varieties from will now be able to order world wide shipping sitting at home, so you see this first. The design which I am showing you is inside the white color in this way, but the white color is there, inside it, the designing of multiple colors has been made and the plastic mirror has been reduced, it is going very beautiful, see this The designing of the manner which remains to be very much liked at all times Ta hai and infact the material is inside the cotton and now what is the understanding that the season has gone so in the same season cotton will be very much preferred because it is very comfortable to wear, so it is like that, it is the next meaning, why see the next one. You will also find the pattern inside the cotton, but the file printing has been done inside it, see all these premium quality designing, which is according to the showroom or normal, even if we are doing business with girls, such articles are very much liked. Everything is done, you are going to get set vice, yes, all those who will get set vice, if you keep talking about the set, then you see, in this way, you are going to get the packing and here the pay coding system is relief, it is four piece.


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So four pieces will be available size here you can see axl double axl M size l size whatever size you want inside size you will get varieties here inside the kurti see the price if I tell starting we have kurtis 105 Yes Cuttack deals with lowest priced varieties and the same collection is available in our collection. For summer, we have a range, so here the kurti starts from 105, but the premium collection, which starts from ₹ 200, as you can see, you are also going to get a complete long gown and inside it Fruit printing has also been done in this way, articles which are small and fat, which are functions, whether it is marriage or according to daily routine, all the customers prefer a lot, so the variety of this method is available in our shop. If we talk about the colors of all these, then you will get a lot of colors inside these articles and here you can also see the size, if you want double axle, then here the variety of this size will be present for you, then here But you have seen that I have shown you one more design, which you are going to get three piece concept, you see, this is the material, you are going to get it according to Batek Tales, it is cotton only and according to Naira cutting, you will get this variety. See the designing is going to be such that you get the best here Gi and in that also you see if you want a variety according to a professional look, then I have brought that concept with you, that means there will be no shortage of patterns here, so you see some casual type.


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If you want designs, that too georgette basis, then you can see here, this cutting is very cute, you will get it here, which type of complete frill is given here, and you see, according to the off shoulder, you are going to get this design. How did you like this designing, there are many more patterns inside it, and if you want to see all the patterns, then first of all subscribe to our channel, yes, if you subscribe to our channel, then I have articles like this for you. I am going to be present and as it is now the month of Ramzan is going on suit materials and one kurti is more preferred and the same collections are going to run now so here customers are also doing live like you in the back side You can see that the purchasing is going on inside the Kurti area. They get salesmen in their language, I will say this to you directly, visit it, even then you will know that Cuttack deals in which type of collection and from here whether you get what is shown or not, otherwise it is up to you. See the next pattern, which brand is this three piece, it is full of traditional type of variety, you are going to get it, it is also inside cotton fabric, but inside it you can see the designing, you can see the plastic mine has reduced the buttons here.


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The look has also been given and you see the length, you will get the proper length here and you will also see the tassels in it, in this way you are going to get the new creation type tassels, then the designing top must have been very much liked by the release of the video and in the collection Me too if you like any variety na take screenshot only starting with four piece setup so if you want to deal in cash on delivery also you can do it now but you will get the code But you will get only inside India, that too only and Only those places where you get the facility of transport, then move on to the next designing and then you see this pattern, shirt pattern, this pattern is very long, you are going to get relief in demand every time. Because inside this collar pattern relief is collar designing that too you can see stand collar not folding collar you will get and three post sleeves you will get as well as touch up of belt means inside same concept You will get so much saree designing and inside this piece you will get four pieces similar design means you will get combo set but inside it you will get different size of kurtis, with this the concept you are going to get isn’t it really a lot It is going to be more wonderful because with this you get the concept of footwear, yes, there will be a concept of footwear.


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I will show you that here you can see that its packing is going to be like this, you will get back packing and This variety that I showed you whenever Inside you are going to get and with this you get footwear concept yes you see it means that there will be such a recognized company which will give you footwear along with kurtis so that every time we Husband is told not new, now I have bought a kurti, now I have to buy footwear separately, so you do not need to buy separately, you get it together, so how did you like this whole combo set, today’s video continues. Will definitely tell us and if you want to purchase this type of pattern from here, then you will find many more sarees designing inside all these, so let’s go to the next design, why then you see the next concept which is going to be printed for you. It is combined with yes, you will get it with printing, you will get the whole umbrella house inside it and here you see the tassels which are mixed with the lattu pattern because in this you have been given the design of the belt and here you See Nick Besson which pattern is going to be available with full embroidery and Kesariya Textile Co. .


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There is one specialty, if you are getting any variety inside the print, then in the front and back side, you will get the whole proper designing available here, so these were today’s articles, see the price, I have not told you the price of any variety. For mass you join with our online team so that you will get salesmen in your language and if you want to purchase video which is released tomorrow also you can do it from here now no foundation is going to remain for you timing Along with, you can take as much time as you want with us, so in the same way, there are many designs inside Jhooth Cotton as well, so to see all these articles, first of all, subscribe to our channel Below you will see the red button and you must press the bell icon because you will get the notification of whatever collection we will bring, then you will definitely tell through the comment that which more patterns you want to see, then the same collection will be available for you. If I am going to stay then that’s it for today till then I am blessed Duet.
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