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Surat Saree Market in Meerut: I have brought a wedding collection, which is going to be very beautiful today’s variety, see the articles of this way, we have starting caste, mantras and mantras from ₹ 200, yes, from ₹ 200, you can get such beautiful designing available here. Mill caste and everything special you are going to get catalog wise see you can see here four designs you will be looking at which you are going to get issue of catalog like this you can see Lakme Bridal first which is article You are going to get the accords of Lakme Bridal, after that you can see and this catalog is going to be named as Ardhangini and Dhan Gini aaj bhi jo hai Shehnai Bridal means we are getting so many beautiful names, literally literally today. Varieties are going to be very beautiful if our customer is liking these varieties nothing to do like every time you will take screenshot as you can see box packing is very beautiful you get box packing As the wedding is taking place and the night bus is about to come, these and other such articles are being published. Food is also necessary, so see everything inside it, you will get from the bar coding system, the price is going to be very fixed, there is no fair cloud inside the price, this is the specialty of our Kesaria Textile Company, there is a trust that you get from here.


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Isn’t it a relief till further so that if they are not satisfied and find their business further, then you all are looking at this article. The whole catalog is going to be a very beautiful design, so we would like to see this article, so you can see inside it, first you will get four designing, it is a very beautiful concept, and now this concept is going to be If you see this, then you will see how beautiful the design is and whatever you are looking at the catalogue, all these are on manufacturing of saffron on the head, which photoshoot you are going to get here and inside which these sarees are made. Caste or not, you are getting it on different fabrics, so don’t think that it is only georgette. This is going to be found inside the georgette only, not at all, you also get the accordion of chiffon, it is going to be found all over the georgette, and the article here, isn’t it? Dupatta is going to be received, yes, you do not need to purchase a separate dupatta, the dupatta that we are wearing to our bride.


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You will get it together so that you don’t keep getting touch ups here In this way the packing is mixed, see the issue of the catalog, you can see the catalog called Bridal Jo Hai Ardhangini, this catalog is very beautiful, you are getting the catalog here, this is the full catalog photo, which is good to see. Must have been and when you will purchase it, you can make profit up to 100% in all these varieties. Designing which you are getting India’s test inside these bridal sarees from Surat Saree Market in Meerut, so here you see, now I can see you. You are getting the concept of the bride, with the belly, you are going to get it in this way, see how much You are getting a beautiful red color, that means red color means auspicious color, in which you see the whole border has been made, it is a very lovely design, and inside it is the touch of the whole border. Up gets what we call the whole of Kundan and with this you will get the whole dupatta with a cut of 2.5 m but small and big beauties are also getting stones.


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When you get the whole Our saffron collection is like this, our saffron collection is like this, our varieties are that’s why the customers of India stay connected with us, whenever they come to IMF, they buy such articles from here with open heart. I also want to say this to you, watch the video, you will see the right button below, now first of all, subscribe to our channel and also press the bell icon, so that whenever I get articles like this I have brought for you, otherwise you will also get notifications, so how did you like these collections, Dulhan Special Jo Varieties Thi Asha Kar You must have liked Ti Hoon very much and with this, if you want to purchase, keep an amount of 10000 for online, rest you can visit directly, see wherever you will be seen, you will not get any less in the collection. Here you get the options for packing the box, in which you see the pattern of the suit, which is very beautiful inside the box, this is the article, this is the concept you will get with the scarf, then such an article you Which is, buy from here, sitting at home, for now, you would have got a lot of information released from this small video, till then thank you.


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