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Surat Kurti Market in Mumbai: Once you will definitely come and visit the Kesaria Textile Company, what is shown is also going to be available from here, the film is going to be available in x xx m size, the size you want, here you will get saree ki saree from new designing, see inside it. You are going to get this long gown which is very plain and on top of it Nick this you can see the designing what is the artwork done inside it full embroidery is made inside it and you get the touch up of the belt together now this is the overall The look mantra is that you will get the set up of only one piece, see here and inside that also if you want colors, then you can see this short kurti only inside the white color, then the articles of this type will delay you. All will be available here, so one of them, I have shown you the concept, which is going to be our entire jacket according to the pattern, that is, if we speak it, it is a shirt type pattern, you will get a full umbrella inside the kurti. You will get the cut of Gair, you will get the proper look of Bantus and here jo hai collar stand collar ki aapko folding collar concept avaliable here aapko aapko hai and sleeves aapko 3/4 along with touch up of belt you also get here a concept but inside it also you get designs.


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You will get many more sarees from Surat Kurti Market in Mumbai, see this second concept of this, I am showing you, which is going to be completely long according to you, see the shirt type concept, batik test, which is also very demanding relief, inside it, see this completely. You are going to get Batek type of variety, the material which is very smooth, you see, it is very smooth material and inside it, the nick base is completely hand cut, the designing varieties of this type remain, isn’t it? In fact we are doing business so we think that some new concepts have come up so that customers like it because nowadays such varieties are available not only to girls but also to women as a regular routine. the accounting does that so if you’re trading and If you are keeping kurtis inside it, then definitely include this type of collection, then what is the next variety? You will get combo set means it is only set of four pieces but color will remain only size inside it will be different like axle double axle M size L size by doing this size you get the accordion of only one child so here is the same If you want this type of traditional dress according to the whole of Ramadan, then you will get that collection here, you can see that in this way tassels are also inside it.


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This saree has been worked very closely. Next Basis you see the concept, how beautifully it is made, similarly we have a lot of retirement of hand purse, so on touch up, I am showing you this complete naira cut concept, and inside it, see the border concept in the kurti. The designing of double border has been made, it is more beautiful than the pattern You get it, so if I talk about the jacket pattern, then here you see, this whole jacket pattern concept is going to be there, these two designs, which means that you have got a lot of collections from here, as well as the customer We also think that if we get the concept of bottom way from there, then it is a very good thing, then you can see our bottom vest, which starts from Mantra 88, in which you will also find jeggings, something like this From India, if you want leggings, then that pattern is also going to be found here, and the leggings which we need every time according to the regular routine, inside it, you will get cotton and likera, this is going to be very stretchable. It is a beautiful collection only on which this connection starts from Rs.


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The collections that are available here will be found with different designing. Here we call it the hunting paint concept, which is inside it, you also get the facility of pocket, because it is easy for girls to carry mobile, it is stretchable, you are going to get full length, you get free length according to it. Have elastic also see you will get proper treatment because we have transparency in everything here and in this way which is proper you get proper cutting so that there is comfort relief even in getting up and sitting it is very soft lycra basis or I am showing you and inside it this designing which is going to be according to the flower patterns is found so as you have seen now we show the pattern of the top so here you see what is inside the cotton like this Short tops are also available, which you can curry on top of jeans too, if you want to wear on top of leggings, then here did I tell you that jeggings like this or something fashionable, you need designing in every way inside the bottomer. get the article here There are only going to be some in this way you are going to get the packing, you will also get the colors separately, but if you want the complete combo set here, it means starting with the setup of only three pieces, inside which you will also get the similar color chart.


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Wala hai ye see what is shown hai ho hai hai hai right in front of you don’t 169 it is going to stay inside uncle paints cotton fabric will remain stretchable and this type of designing which remains according to our showroom very sell out too If there is retirement, then it is very important to take care of small things that happen in your business, so that’s why I will tell you that whatever you are, come here once and visit the complete There is a collection of women’s wear, take a look at it because here you will find all the scooter leggings, dupatta, palazzo suit materials, lehengas, as well as if you want a collection like battery, you will get everything here, then today’s designs were given to you. How did you like it, you will definitely tell us, what is the marriage interpretation now? The season is also going on, so if you want this type of heavy designing inside the entire suit, then you will also get it here, with very little power, it is going to be Chanderi cotton or living, as well as anything else if you want.


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If you want a long gown, then you can see this very lovely complete collection, I am showing you the complete umbrella with the house, you can see its house up to 3 meters, then you are getting its house only, such collections are made by our Kesaria Textile Company. This is the advantage of our Kesaria Textile Company that customers are connected to us and even in the time of this Ramadan, customers are connected with us both online and offline and all their collections are according to the day before yesterday. Let’s go, I haven’t told you all the prices, our online team is going to be present for the price people, so I will come with the next collection, till then thanks.

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