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Salwar Suit Manufacturer in Surat: Kesaria Textile Company main mantra 145 se jo hai hai suit materials articles u get in which you want variety of cotton then don concept today I am going to show you this type of varieties which are inside cotton suit materials only on piece You get the setup, that is, the only such manufacturing company of Suraj, where you are going to get the cotton suits which are only on the piece setup, then what does Dairy keep a budget of 10000 for online and sitting at home The designing done in this way can be ordered from here, the starting which will start from ₹ 200, the last which is up to 700, today I am going to show you all the concepts, then I have shown you the first variety, which is made of jam cotton. Inside you will see the entire batik test, in this way you will get this batik test, whose length you see, you will get the full length of 2 meters, but you see its designing and first of all, I will show you this batik in the name of Manali in the catalog name. The catalog is going to remain and inside it you see how much Nick Bass ji is designing This is the whole concept of beautiful white color, which I am ready, inside it, now you can see the 10th also, you will get full length 42 plus here and in that too, along with the top, the white color border has been given to you.


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Gaya hai puri jo hai inside the top, similarly you get small boots of this white color, so this was our top, but with this, if I tell you about the design of the sleeves, then here you see the complete cut up of it. The relief is given, the border has also been given to you properly so that you will be able to get it stitched very comfortably, now those who are living in the bottom, in this way, with the lining concept, you get it, which is also 2.5 to 3 m. Yes, you will get what is being shown here, it is being told that you will get all the cuts that I am showing you, so you will get these saree varieties even if you purchase directly from here. When I do, even if you want to take it, you can still take it, so look at the scarf that is going to come with it, something like this You get this scarf made entirely of cotton, very soft. If you want to order with quantity also, you can order it, so let’s move on to the next fabric and so this variety which is going to be Pashmina fabric which is going to be suit material, yes it will come completely inside Pashmina and this I will also show you the proper opening in the variety also, because it is very important for you to have complete information about the connection you get here, so inside it you can see that the entire pashmina is inside and the entire threading has been done inside it.


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Hai jaise kashmiri ka hota hai na wahi aapko don’t tu don’t touch up milna wala hai watch video continue maybe you are not able to see well so that’s why you take the first screenshot of it and when you are sitting at home Will get pf or video tomorrow then you will get better information. Look at the one that is going to be in the bottom, you will get it up to 3 meters, completely I am showing you this cut, it is going to be available with a cut of 3 meters and with it the scarf that is going to come, see the shawls made of Pashmina. According to are liked a lot, then see this, this type of variety is very popular in our Kashmir side, means it is very much liked because this concept is very much in demand, it is a high demand variety and Inside this variety, now you can keep a margin of up to 52-70% very comfortably and you will be able to sell out with a good gusto, see this type of article that comes our day, which is Designs Bank. It remains the same because how rate is any concept in Kesaria Textile Company, it changes not every month but every week, yes, every week there is some new look in our designing, only then you can see. You will not find any shortage in the stock here whether you want variety of bati test inside cotton or Whether you want the concept of regular routine or you want two-tone designing, you will find all kinds of articles here, so let’s move on to the next design, and then look at the next pattern that is going to come.


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I am showing you inside the cotton Look here, today this saree variety is going to be inside the cotton and inside it you will see this whole catalog called ice look, the name is rope, you will also get the variety here, so you see completely inside it also the whole neck. You must be looking at the complete design of this made necklace, which is white in color with embroidery, it is also very much liked and this type of collection is ours, which is in the Kerala side, in the south, which is in Kerala or Gaya. Then you have this type of varieties are in demand in many other places but why should I present South only, see our collection of this type is very much in demand all over the world, that is why cotton is such a material. Every time it is summer, such collections are made for women. It looks very comfortable and you must include this type of collection in your business because if you take it cheaply and with good strength, you will allude from now on, then move on to the next designing and then this You see, the next collection is going to be complete with threading, yes threading design inside it, that too with zero sequence, zero sequence which is water sequence inside it has been reduced very much. It is a unique pattern, which means that if we take out this type of collection in the sun, it shines a lot, similarly there is some concept, so the articles of this type are our mantra, which starts from ₹ 300.


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Yes, the mantra is that this type of collection starts from ₹ 300 and with this you are going to get printed bottom, this is an advantage that you will get such a variety in printed bottom which any Not only the company but also the retailers do not give you that’s why I want to tell you that any businessman brother Want to join us, want to purchase this type of article from here, then you can send it, you can purchase from here, see directly, if you come, there will be no boundation, as many varieties as you want within the budget You can take that much collection, but if you want to do online purchasing, then keeping a budget of 10000 is a relief because you get world wide shipping, but the shipping charge is a relief. That’s why we say that there is a very modest budget of 10000, within which you can order many varieties of suits, so see the next pattern, I am showing it to you in light color, inside which you will also find printing.


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You are going to get this whole printing concept inside the cotton also the water sequence which is the zero sequence has been reduced and inside it you will see the complete catalog called Sweet and inside it you will see the complete catalog called Shift. See the entire border has been made With tone to tone touch up, you get this concept and you will also get the length of compliative 42 plus, as well as the bottom you get plain, see today’s article, see how you like these saree varieties from Salwar Suit Manufacturer in Surat. You will definitely tell us by commenting, I have told you the designs of all the varieties, now you just want to know the color options and price, for all this you have been given the WhatsApp link of the price inside the description, see the WhatsApp link given to you to know the price. If it will be easy for you, then how have you been connected directly with the Kesaria Textile Company.

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