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Surat Saree Market in Ghaziabad: According to the ongoing work, the whole fancy nakshi bhutta has been made, this leaf which is attached, isn’t it friends, this is a separate leaf, in which keeping in mind the concept of the whole design, the whole work has been done on it, the touching of multi dhangu has been done. in which glitter zari is also reduced with such beautiful work you are going to get the collection see friends and on the bizarre clothes you can see such a beautiful net is sold comfortably in the range of concept friends up and Bihar Let us show you the type of collection which is in the mind of the quantity, friends, let’s talk about the segment that is met, that is, friends, fancy wedding embroidery, all the collections, fancy test in the wedding collection, which are going to be the latest collection, which is according to today’s trend. If you want to see the collection, you do not understand the variety, and if you want to sell this type of collection on your counter, then give two paise if it is beneficial, friends, then you must watch this video. Mostly your up in your bridal saree The color that runs in Bihar is not friends, it is a combination of red or maroon color, these two colors are very famous, so let us first show you the combination of red color, we go to show you and this cloth you will get Brother, the quality of this cloth is what it is, friends, on georgette fabric and very beautiful georgette fabric, like this color combination of red color, the combination of full blood red, the original red color, that red color, this color in it In which red is not there friends, a tomato rate also comes but this tomato is not red original.


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It is full red color which is called blood and let’s friends open it and we also show you its varieties and its concept We are going to show you what is going to come, so first of all, friends, we have already told you the name of this fabric, along with it you can see how many beautiful sarees you will get according to the bridal collection. If it is, then what is its specialty, what are the things it has worked with, first of all we will give you If you eat this concept, friends, I talk about the work that has been done, it is a work in progress, according to the ongoing work, the whole fancy corn cob has been made, friends, this is the parts of Aanchal and you can see in the parts of Aanchal. Look at both the corners, you get this kind of fancy page, look very nice, this page is not made of different cloth, friends, this cloth is completely conceptualized and look at it, friends, lightly stone Touch up has also been given so that its beauty remains intact and after wearing the bride the look of saree from Surat Saree Market in Ghaziabad may be slightly different, then the whole stone concept work has been done according to that. The concept that is made in this, the fancy map that has been made, the designs that are inside it, the concept that you are seeing through this design, here some different little changes have been made in Butati and this concept of Booti is complete.


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Friends, see how beautiful lassi is made from less and this stove is light in it. Neither touch has been given like the concept of stone in this there is the concept of light light stone and according to the work that is going to be done on the border, you can see in the border, see friends, this border panel is running, isn’t this small panel with a completely different concept It is made and after that this leaf is attached, isn’t it friends, this is a separate leaf in which the whole design is worked keeping in mind the concept and the square leaf is separately red colored. If we talk about the border which is mixed through a different cloth, then here friends, piping is also found here, which is attached through maroon color, you have got the piping concept on both sides here. Piping is also there and this is also piping both the piping is reduced to low double piping, in the same way it has full all over work in the saree, see let’s talk about the work, here it means the total cut in the saree. Yes, the cut of 6.30 remains and after removing the blouse piece in the cut of 6.30, all is left 5.45.50 i.e. 5:30 meters. saree now in saree of 5 meter you will get proper work I talk about proper work you will get proper work in all over saree like this pallu is done with pallu from here till here you understand 2 Complete heavy work of meter is available, 2 meter work is soldered into pallu, after that we talk to friends, see the concept of bhutti in all over saree.


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You get it on the panel border, you can see so much on the panel border With beautiful design, heavy work till the end here, where the work ends, after that, that part is friends, this is part of the blouse piece, see how beautiful the blouse piece is also given, look, this is the complete heavy look in the blouse piece. Like the part of the neck has been made, both front and back parts have been made and its design is also made through a very beautiful small design and this border which you are seeing friends, this border is extra. What is given is given to you in the back side and hence in its concept. Yes, you can do it, this is the whole concept, so friends, this is our first product and the first product was the concept of georgette fabric according to the bridal saree, let’s go ahead, let’s go to the next product. In the next product, you get friends, this cloth here, the name of the black rangoli fabric is black rangoli and look at the beautiful color in black rangoli, friends, it is such a wonderful color combination and we talk about the color together. Yes, this product is ours, see here bank balance, its name is known as bank balance and here you can see the beauty of it, multi-way touching is done, in which issue has also been reduced, let’s go Friends, what is called one liter release and what is called multi work, both of these things show us the beauty of the whole saree by opening the piece and we also explain both things to you.


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By doing the whole concept, its concept which is complete with cut border See friends, this is how you will get the complete variety of cut border, you are going to get card border saree, see friends, this type of saree and just like we talked about friends, glitter is released in it and what is multi work, then multi work On both the concepts, we understand you, let us tell you what is glitter zari bhi, first of all, let me tell you, here the work of it is mixed with the whole cut border, it is so beautiful as if you have cut it, friends can see. See friends, how much finishing has been done with this cut, this much has been done with finishing. And along with it you can also see the green colored thread, it has been cut very finely, along with it, what you are seeing here is not the work that comes in the wire, which continues to speak. She is also engaged, after this friends talk about Geeta Zareen, then see friends in Greater Jerry, this signing wali jo jaat It is visible, isn’t it, they say total glitter, in which there is a little touch up in the continuation, as if you understand something like the pakodas made in the house, in the pakoras, as if there is a boat in the gram flour, then it reads On top of that, the concept which is not designed, is called friends, this concept is called less created and released, and also the work you are going to get, friends, see the beautiful colorful boots with all the With over black rangoli fabric.


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You get the whole concept, see friends, this is the beauty of saree and you will find this type of collection here so that in this season, which is going on in the wedding season, you can make your Here you can adjust your desired profit level by selling the desired favorite collection to your customer of Mangwa on your own counter of Mangwa. Let’s go ahead friends, let’s move on to the second cloth, so here you will find the second cloth that I am going to open. Friends, this cloth, this cloth is a strange cloth. With a very nice vertical square, the whole hand touch up has been reduced completely, let’s talk about hand touch up, we will also tell you what kind of hand touch up is done in it, so here on this cloth we have The variety that is recognized here is sugar free, friends, by opening it, we will explain to you the variety, in this way, what kind of whole is less, you can see how heavy medium, how heavy it has been made, see friends like this The concept of this is going to be friends, see how beautiful the concept of big butto has been set in the neck border in the middle, and what you are seeing here is the whole stone concept, the whole stone is pasted from where One can understand the beauty of the whole saree and as in this, I am talking about the border here, don’t you see here, the pulses are found in the border, the half pulses which are pasted, which have been reduced since the hand touch, then friends, see here.

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The size of the jari is reduced, the size of the big diamond is also reduced, in this way you get the complete hand touch with the finishing. It goes friends, here the ghostly thing has been made in this, my booty, look how beautiful it has been made, and with how much finishing, the whole concept has been made complete, which is pulse work, see friends, in this way means pearls come less. This is friends, the wedding collection on the fancy steel fabric has become like sliders, like your aunt has become. Can let’s go ahead friends let’s go ahead and show the next collection very nice and this is friends this cloth you are going to get is 60 ga georgette now 60 ga georgette material is very light cloth and look at this also the design is less so beautiful like Look how beautiful the work has been shown, see friends, with such beautiful work, you are going to get the collection, see friends, as you feel that there is cut work here, but friends, this is not cut work, here the complete all over work has been done. Along with it little light puri which is like full piping to do the border. Piping border is also given from lover, see friends, so that this work is fully packed, let’s open it a little bit, friends, it is such a beautiful saree, the work is so beautiful, so the color combination is also going to be so beautiful and you will get variety Which is such a great variety that you are going to get, see friends, in this way.

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You get the whole collection, because of this the background should not become a little plain in the middle, because of this friends stick the concept of zari with multi thread and stone diamond. Look, you get the entire collection with stone diamonds, so that the part of the background in the middle is not plain and the border is not visible along with the border, look at the concept of knees inside, what a wonderful setup It has been done so that the beauty of the saree remains, see friends, in this way, you will get complete less in all over saree, you will get proper complete less, as soon as the work is over, there will be such a blouse piece in it, friends, this is the complete collection, not only this, friends, its Also we have a lot Out of 100, 25% of customers will also come to your place who do not have much work but like sober collection like simple and super work. If it is less but the beauty of all is very good, then friends, we will also show you the collection on that type, what you are seeing here is a collection of very beautiful and rich look, this is the collection of the border which you see in it. Isn’t it friends, this is going to be a complete cut border collection and this cut border which is a velvet strip means a velvet border, on top of that the whole set of Sirrus diamonds has been reduced with such a beautiful finishing, see friends With such a great collection, let’s talk about its inside, friends, the work that has been done inside it as well, the color of the cloth like velvet peach, the color of the velvet through the cloth.

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Look at the pages, friends, very beautiful velvet pages with double color series of diamonds. It happened like it became tone to tone color and there was a contrast of matching of a border which is friends like this and first of all I talk about this cloth, then the cloth you friends are going to get, isn’t it? Simar is cloth and you get such a beautiful showroom on Simar cloth, you get very rich look and fancy collection through the country and you can sell this type of collection friends on your counter with a good margin. It is a very beautiful saree. Come on friends, let’s talk about the bride, now we have talked about the bride, then after talking about the bride, go to the mother of the bride, it means that the bride is looking so beautiful, she is wearing such a nice dress, then her mother is the mother. For them too, a concept is needed, with a slightly heavy look, then that type of collection, friends, you are going to get it from us here, that too very beautiful cloth, you will get the whole concept on bizarre clothes and you can see on bizarre clothes. Such a beautiful mesh concept like the mother of the bride should also be seen in the 500 1000 coming to your place. But the guests who are going to come to you, their beauty should come out in front of everyone in front of them, they should look good, then this type of collection is also very special on your counter, with good matching, if this kind of If you are keeping the collection on your counter, then friends, like all this, you can easily sell out in the range of 3500 to 40004500, that much we guarantee, friends, here we have its chip and at the best rate.

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You get the collection, that’s it, friends, there are many varieties in Chitra silk, here you can see one concept, I want to tell friends, this is georgette fabric in silver color, which has done the whole work, that is, it is showroom test. There is a collection of different types of golden color combinations, so many people wear it, even those who come to the wedding will wear it, and those who have a wedding in their house will also wear it, so understand that the guests are people, if you understand what I mean, educated people like doctors. Done or once a collection means I wear a good concept If they want sober rich disease and good collection, then you can make them like this type of collection by showing them this type of collection and this type of collection can also grind very well on your counter. I sell it easily, so friends, today’s video was made through this medium that what type of collection do you want in the wedding collection, then we will show you that collection today, then friends, how do you like today’s varieties, please tell through comments and Friends, if you like the video then please like, subscribe and comment, we will see you once again with a new video with a new concept till then bye-bye.

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