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Surat Saree Market in Indore: 10 ₹ 1 starting with friends, here so many variety on this collection is so many beautiful designs that have a donor, it is a chiffon, it is a weightless. We are going to give you to the range of only ₹ 350, friends, today we have come to show you to you, so friends, where we are standing in the area in which it is standing, which is the first part of the Kesaria Textile Company is part van number van from where What it starts, and this variety is going to start, you can see in this segment, starting with 10 ₹ 1, friends, friends here, so many varieties here, so many collections that are so beautiful designs that are so beautiful designs that are you one segment. I am going to get up to 350, friends, you can think which fabrics are going to meet you in the collection of all ₹ 300, so that fabric, friends who tell us, what is in this area here The state will be such a segment where there is a business of clothes The item of the item is going 100% and in this segment here we have you from the donor cloth to the donor, the chiffon is a weightless, today there is 200 weight lace.


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You are going to give you only the range of 350, that too, according to just 29 centuries, friends and I want to talk to you that here you have a print collection here and train hand brain brass closed and many varieties of this type and many varieties of this type If you are going to meet friends here, then you can see in this segment where you are turning the eye, the entire store of the collecting is going to be seen here, friends, you have a complete bhandara and I want to talk in it, do you do not want to talk in it. Look, friends, this is a pending test and look at it, these friends speak it, it is a full -finge test and this cloth is going to be very beautiful, and this cloth is going to be found in our Kesaria Textile Company here and his name and its name and its name Identify friends, you can see peacock feathers here The international bird is bored and accordingly this design is also named through peacock. Peacock feathers in it, other time friends, we will have 50 60 design in this segment so that if you also in the book You have to take a business of wholesale, you think that we want to give a quantity mother to the customer in the same quality, so friends, in this segment, in Kesaria Textile Company, you are going to get this type saree collection in the Surat Saree Market in Indore, so today we Friends, understand the product.


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You will show something equal to not showing anything, the rest of the friends, we will only be able to get you for information so that after coming to Surat, you are thinking that we are thinking that this video that is like this is the video that is our video. Very rare is coming for the people who are planning business and understand that if we do not do business, then in the business of clothes, they are thinking that we want to bring stool from appearance but Surat I mean I am a very big hub, so where is there on there, friends, if you If you watch this video, then you do not need to go anywhere, how can you be directly here in a Kesaria Textile Company and the favorite who is running in your area, which is a collection, you can take you from here and the other one who talks I want to friends, we have no laces in print without this, we have another segment in it, friends, you will show you in this video and in the video. I am still watching you, this segment which is in the range of 101 to 350, we will show you a pin in print loose from the second, it is also without speaking, if you want to see friends, stay on the video so that you should stay on the video so that you will keep you here.


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What are the varieties that we make varieties, which collection of which state makes, you can see everything, you can understand that the business of clothes, friends, friends, if you have setup once, I can talk Not only you, if your children who are big, if one of them two, one boy who is a business This can be handled very well, that is, it is a business business, today we talk to us, this Kesaria Textile Company can think that you can start since 1977, you understand that since 1977, you understand that today, understand that it is 2023, then it is 2023 You understand that our BP is lying, our great -grandfather started this business of us, then our grandfather came from our grandfather, our father has come from our father, now we have come from our father. There will be no Banda that has taken care of this business, see how good business is, today we have become a punch generation, now you are running business from the five generation, even today a very good business is going on, so you are also thinking that No business of clothes, friends, friends, he is not wrong, by making very good thinking, you will start the business of clothes and how to do business on the retail counter. Friends, that information also gives you that our companies give you how to do business, how to do a price table, how to install a customer How to do a bargaining system together, how to do percentage and fix.


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