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Surat Saree Market in Kanpur: Hello I Himanshi from Kesaria Textile Company have once again connected with all of you see according to the demand of the customer every time we keep bringing a lot of articles inside the sarees so don’t think that how the Kesaria Textile Company just made a deal What is here inside the sarees from Surat Saree Market in Kanpur, you will find all scooty leggings, dupatta, palazzo suit materials, lehengas as well as collection of nighty, or you want designs like bed sheet, from every type of article, you will get it from only one place, that is Kesaria Textile Company. Today’s collection starts with quantity 150, inside which you see the first design, you see the whole fancy design, Puri’s Puri, file printing inside it, which is reduced here and with it you get a contrast blouse. So you are going to get all these varieties according to the setup of 5 or 8 pieces, yes, because we do not deal in single piece, offline as well as online. The next article in the collection is simple for you. Sa light weight is going to be available, the touch up of Sirius diamond has been given inside the whole century and you can see that here some patterns have been made in such a way that a jar type concept has been given, so this is the name of booster.


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There will be a catalog called Ji Han Western, and if you want to know the price of this variety, then you have been given a WhatsApp link directly inside the description, so that it will be easy to connect, then let’s go to the next design, why see the next concept Hai yeh aapko aapko hai hai some difference ji han inside the pallu which is here the gate of the frill has been given and here on the van side you have been given a satin patti type design which increases the look of the century even more and here Pe puri bell pattern has been made, you see this whole pattern is going to be given to you with the design of the leaf, from the color everything inside it you get dusty colors and in up Bihar, this variety is very popular, so like this You will find all the collections here, inside which you can see some Rajasthan sites, if we see the test then give this Khiye abhi jo hai poora ka poora, the concept of this method is being liked more because inside it you have been given a different kind of gate up of lace border, here you see the back side of the puri ki puri.


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Finishing is available here, Siroj’s diamond has been reduced completely, tasls are also very beautiful, you will find them here, you will find many more designs inside these sarees, that means 20 plus concepts all the time. You are going to get available in the same segment if I talk about 2000 plus you get the designs now see whenever the customers want to connect with us through our offline they don’t face any problem why don’t they because in their language they Sales Executives are available, if you want to see the demo, then you can see it live here, purchasing is also going on, Sales Executives are available in their language, the variety they want, the same concepts are shown to them and anyway, there is no boundation. gonna stay within budget because you Even if you make a visit, you will get the same environment and even if you want to purchase, you can do it very comfortably, so now let’s move on to the next concept, you will see the next concept, this is the complete Likera basis of the whole.


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Wala hai ji han like class jo ki pura stretchable hota aur puri shining ye fabric raha hai shining material hai ye pura ka pura inside which you see maharani lace border touch up has been given and inside you see wonderful name catalog will remain century If it is so beautiful then the name of the catalog should also be good, isn’t it? If you like, you can find many countless designs even inside the fabric, see this, the next concept will be a complete georgette basis, inside which file printing has been done, oil painting is complete get up and inside which you can see the complete lace border. On top of the touch lace you will see the stitching has been done, isn’t it the whole pat If you roam around in the whole market, then you will not find this type of concept, then if you want to connect quickly with Cuttack and want to purchase, a small amount of 10000 Keep a budget in which you will be able to order new patterns of this type, see for your shop, if you want to start a new business and you are wondering how to start or how to join a Kesaria Textile Company.


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Then see if you direct If you want to join, the numbers are given on the screen, you can call us immediately, if you want to start a business through our online team, how much budget should you keep, how should you include the collection, then you will get its complete details and how much. You also get a complete idea of the margin you have to set up, because how the Kesaria Textile Company does not believe in selling only, but also supports the customer, so now let’s see a few more varieties, then you see the next concept. This is something you will find on the Diamond of Silver Cirrus. to take It is a beautiful article and inside the pallu there is a complete fringe creation, see here tasals have been made all over which is very beautiful, rest of the collections are like this, according to the retail, we are very painful. I purchase them but by connecting with a direct manufacture, you will get these cheap varieties here, inside which you see if you want some concept of net, then you will also get it. Puri net basis chain type design is made here, so today How did everyone like the article, I hope you will find it very beautiful, do tell by commenting that which is the next test you want to see, then in the same way we are going to bring patterns for you. Thank you!


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