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Surat Saree Market in Pune: Wedding season is going on, but at the same time, Holi has also come, along with Holi, many more Bagh Tu Bagh festivals are about to come, so there is a lot of retirement of the concept of taking us in. It remains more and that too if we get what we have with little power, then it is very good, so today for our businessman brother, I have come up with articles from Kesaria Textile Company in a similar way. Which we start from 150 here, you can see this whole segment, not thousand concepts here, but 2000 concepts are going to be available to you all the time, so see this, I will start in the first article that you can see very The whole catalog is going to be named as beautiful star, in which you will get this threading work in the same way. You will get the piping concept properly and you will get the century which will be 6:30 length, but if I talk about the fabric So this chiffon this this this fabric you are going to get then here you see the next design which You get this rangoli with fabric and it will be cataloged as barbie girl see 12th as soft as it is not that beautiful you are going to get this century too very mulayams you get this fabric full zari and stones With touch up, you will get more length, after wearing it, its look is going to be very beautiful, so this type of collection which you can order sitting at home with 0000, see how to order now, which is on the screen.


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The numbers are working, don’t you just call us and if you don’t want the problem of more calls, then you can message us directly, otherwise you can connect through video call. Look at this, this article is going to be like this, the whole georgette base will be there, and on top of it, the full touch up of Sirrus diamond has been given, which you get according to the lift pattern in kamrettli, not only the pallu, but the pattern. You are going to get this design in the whole century, so let’s go next If you see the variety, then you see, there is a different design in it, otherwise see that the touch up of the whole lace border is going to be found and here also. You get the piping concept on both sides, inside which Somehow in this way the tri angle which is half cashew katli is not or we can say samosa only, then you are going to get some pattern here, that too with off flower designing of Cirrus, so many such designs which you have. Here you will get set wise set wise I mean that in this way you are going to get this complete packaging inside which only 4 piece two piece three piece six piece or if you want setup of five piece then in this way you will get the designs It goes and everything you will get with the barcode system, I tell you this every time.


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Why I tell you because see, I would definitely like to tell all our new customers and new viewers, how let the Kesaria Textile Company complete 46 years. Chukha which deals in complete collection of womens day and from here whenever you want to connect with the customer. We always connect with Ray World because sweetness is found in such a way that if you want our collection of Up and Bihar, then you will also get the same pattern on the van side, you will get the proper border concept, this design of carry pattern has been made. Yes, the small booties that are there, you are going to see the creation inside it, in the same way, there will be a lot of varieties, I am not going to tell you the price, not at all, then take a screenshot so that.


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You can see the full color of the concept in this way. Combination and at the same time, if you order PDF also, you get the facility of PDF, then see this way, if you want a touch of normal little lace border, then you will get the same pattern which is carry designing in this way. You will get this catalog by the name of Twitter, Yes, this name will be easy for you to remember because Twitter which is a system of our social network, through which even if you want to connect with our Kesaria Textile Company, how are you? If you can, then by the way, see something like this You also get the touch of the lace border here, which has made some double designing in the lace, that means the release has also been conceptualized and with the silk stains, which we call the jacket, you will also find the same pattern.


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You can get it and here we have some new designs in itself, which will be in high demand now, in the same way you see, you get flower designing in this way, means you have to give pattern to someone everyday or Then specially which is 14th February then for that if you want to take special collection then from here you can take lot of designs then like this collection you will always get 2000 plus designs here and every time we collect here Changes keep coming, till you watch the video, till you make the video call, make a better direct ticket than this and go to Surat, so that in this way you will be able to purchase all these articles by yourself after seeing some face to face. Because unless you see, unless you visit, you will not know, then you have seen this Sara Ka Sara Like Color. You are going to get the concept of yellow inside with the diamond of Cirrus, in this way, if you want pan type pattern, then you also get the same concept, see now you must be thinking that madam is only showing varieties, we are more If you are getting bored, then see the price of varieties, I will also not be able to tell you because a real manufacturing will never tell you that price, that’s why you can join directly and anyway you will get everything from offline and few times coding system.


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There is not going to be any change in both online, so these are our articles of today, which you will get from here, I hope you have liked the designs like every time, so subscribe to the channel immediately. There is so much trouble, that’s why you subscribe to the channel, press the bell icon and join here, give a new place to your business, see if you are a retired person or some young boys. Also if you want to start your business then you can do it very comfortably on the side. It is not much if you want to start a new business, then you have to keep a budget of 25 to 50 thousand, in which you will be able to start your business by sitting in a small house, such articles can be ordered from here that You are getting the facility and at the same time you also get the facility of cash on delivery, but where is that only in India, where you are going to get the facility of transport, so this was my collection of the day. It was only our meeting till then I bid you goodbye.


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