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Surat Saree Market in Surat: Every time we do not get bored of looking inside many variety sarees from Surat Saree Market because same concepts come, so what is there today, I have changed the whole test means today’s varieties are going to remain and not some net basis varieties. Which will remain very beautiful from the heart, so all of you also join with our Kesaria Textile Company, where by joining you will be able to purchase the according varieties of the hall sale from here, the rest is here If you get a complete collection of women’s throw, then I will tell you that too, we have all the scooter legis, dupatta, palazzo suit materials, lehengas, as well as the collection of nighty, or the variety like bed sheet, all you need in one place. It is going to be available at the place, it is in Kesaria Textile Company, so today’s varieties are going to remain here, starting from ₹ 200, yes, completely you are going to get this net basis, today I am going to show you the most unique patterns. So here you see the first article which is complete in this way You can see that the color is light but it is very beautiful in appearance, inside which you can see that the plastic of my work has been reduced here and here the border which will remain or the double border concept is found here so that the beauty of the century and If it increases too much then you see completely in the same way you will get this design according to the length of 6:30.


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Full touch up of the lace has also been given and the net which is this soft net will give you this whole pattern. It is going to be found in which if I talk about the blouse, see that it is a century of net, then it is necessary to have some special blouse, otherwise you will get the blouse in this way, you will get the full pattern of the front side, back side, but with Along with this, you get the complete design of the sleeves as well, so with this, which is made of net, but it also has the retirement of the inner, so you get the entire ester of satin inside it, so that you can make it very beautiful. If you can get stitched easily, then what will be the price of this variety, you all must be thinking, then see, I am the bill. I am not even going to tell the total, so join immediately, the link of WhatsApp is given inside the description, so that you can see, I can also message, otherwise whatever you do, make a video call in diegoliy and sit at home, whatever is yours. Start purchasing then let’s go to the next variety then see the next concept it is really a very heavy concept if women who are running boutique sitting at home then it is going to be the best variety for them because inside it you See, the whole border concept of cut work has been made.


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Which we also call panel work, and inside it you see the diamond which has been placed here and there in a very beautiful way, inside which you can see the diamond which is also inside the golden color. You also get it with multi colors and the small butts that have been made in it, it adds more color to it, so the variety that will remain, you get it with the setup of five pieces, in which you See the variety you will get with end tu end designing and its blouse will also be seen now how to get If it is a sleeve, then you see, in this way, you get the complete pattern in the back side, it is going to get the complete design of the sleeves as well, now it also has retirement like the inner, then see how our Kesaria Textile Company, which is a women’s pe -Keeps a complete collection inside which goes aster too and with that if you want variety like petticoat or what you have for fall’s retirement, all kinds of articles are going to be found here, that’s why ab jo hai First of all, come here and visit, see, until you visit, you will not know how Kesaria Textile Company is, then see what you have to come, you do not have to do anything, it is not necessary that you come here and purchase. Just give us 15 minutes to visit it completely so that you will know that you are going to get our collection with A1 quality, so now read the design and see the next concept.


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The whole net basis will remain, but what is inside it has made some different design, what is going to remain, here it is. Every time we see a lehenga or buy a lehenga, there is a pattern of gilko in it, so in the same way, a whole gilko pattern has been made inside the century, in which you can see a very beautiful border concept of pe cut work has been made here and Sadi jo hai proper tone you will get with work and inside it you will get even less of golden zari work, so this Sadi jo hai completely you will get it with net inside which you will also get the pattern of blouse of back side which If there is a complete fancy article, then there are varieties, now see the season too, there will be a wedding season or not, but there are women who like to get up every time with something new, so if yours is big. It is a shop or a small shop or you are doing business from home, if you are liking such a variety according to your accord, then you can buy all the varieties sitting at home through world wise shipping through a small amount of 10000. You can order it, you get the facility, now whatever it is in India, why not have it from any corner of India, but you have to reach home If you get all these varieties, then let’s go to the next design, look at the next concept, inside it you will get dusty color charter property.


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You can see that completely you will get this also on full net basis and the net that remains is not Within centuries, you are always going to get the pattern of soft net, in which you see this concept is found along with the whole bull pattern and the border which will remain, in this way the silk thread has also been reduced, the pattern of gills thread has also been reduced. You get it and the finishing is not very wonderful, you are going to get such patterns, whenever customers want to associate with the Kesaria Textile Company, why don’t they go empty handed at all, because they get them from here If you get confidence, then how do you like today’s collection, you will definitely tell us not only by commenting but also by giving a call, rest of the designs here you see everything you are going to get set wise, in this way you get the packing Totally you get five piece setup and also you get catalogue. It is also available at the same time, now how we get convenience in the catalog, so see in this we can know that how many color options we are going to get, like inside it you get a setup of five pieces, fancy century is needed according to the regular routine.


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Or do you want some unique party wear concept, you are going to get every type of design according to each segment, then move towards the next design, see this in the last but most beautiful article, I am showing you red color to everyone. There is a collection that excuses the man, in which you see, it has been given the full effect of the golden color, which has been completely reduced by the gilchak, and in this, you are going to get the pattern of the complete bull pattern, such are the varieties, see what is small now. Big festivals are also coming, so if you keep this type of variety, then you will be able to sell it with 100% margin. So how did you like this variety, if you have even a slight idea or not What will be the price of this variety, then you can definitely tell us by comment or you can also tell us by direct pen message, otherwise you can connect with our How Kesaria Textile Company via Instagram via Facebook You can stay connected with us through Twitter through every social media network, so for that you subscribe to our channel, first of all, do not forget to press the bell icon so that you will get sales executive in your language. Will go offline and online both and the best thing I tell you how from now on our Kesaria Textile Company is going to be available for you for 365 days yes sunday also so you can come here and visit very comfortably that too pick up Through the convenience of the end top so what is it now I have taken too much of your time for now that’s it till then thanks.


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