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Surat Saree Market in Kolkata: Do not think, Himanshi welcomes all of you with the new direction, on the YouTube channel of your and our Kesaria Textile Company, where by joining, you can order your favorite variety while sitting at home, just like today’s article. Some will remain on semi work sarees from Surat Saree Market in Kolkata, in which you can see many articles here, but you will not be able to know all these varieties together, you will not be able to see them, so what can I see? I will tell you this, make a plan to come to Surat immediately, it is only 10 minutes away from the station, you will meet inside the market also, block first floor 3031 and 3032. This is our sales office number so that you will not face any problem in coming here. Now let’s increase the collection which quantity is starting from 150 and first sally which is today I am going to show you Vijay Varieties Catalog so you can see something like this you are going to get this setup of 6 pieces tomorrow we All the dark colors will be found inside it, now whatever you write, you will get the file print. If it is with tinge, then let’s move on to this design and you see this is the first article of this, in this way you will get as much fabric as you can and see the lace border, very beautiful sub pattern here, you will find it in lace border also.


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This whole catalog will be named Shivaji, yes, you will remember this name, especially in the face, you will see that in this way you will get the lace border and inside it, the entire file printing has been done, in which you will get complete Peacock pattern must be visible, very fine design has been made with very finishing, so the articles of this type are stupid, how you get rates in Kesaria Textile Company, then you can see that the length of the century is ours 6: According to 30 and 6:30, which is in the century, you can see the concept till the end, in which you see, this is the cut of the full blouse, inside which you also get the full lace pattern, from which you are in the back side. You can also attach if you want to attach with sleeves, you will be able to do so very comfortably, so you just see this century and its Catalog also as I have seen you and in this you must have already known that there is a setup of six pieces, yes, all our new viewers who have joined us now, I would definitely like to tell them that how the Kesaria Textile Company deals only Jee han in hall sale because they are one of the biggest manufacturing company and here all the varieties are available, if you want to purchase set sethi, then move on to the next design side, you see the next one, the concept, the one you have, the whole georgette.


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It is going to be found inside very beautiful, here you have not hit it, the touch up of the lace border has been given, inside which you can see the tasals were also very beautiful, along with the attachment has been given, so that the look of the century is not even more creative. If you come then look at it, it is going to be a century whose pallu which is completely made with scree designing, in which you can see on the reduced border of the whole zari, a very beautiful pattern has been made in it too, which It is designed with the weaving concept and you will see these centuries of colors very You get this whole concept with bright colors and till the end you have touch up of lace border means sarees which remain 6:30 but how much lace border comes which is going to be no meter till you have whole century You get the cut of the lace, which is going to be available with complete finishing. So you must have seen many sarees at many places, but what you get from here, where from Cuttack, what you get with less power.


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Many collections are available, that too starting from the setup of only two pieces, in which three pieces, four pieces, five pieces or six pieces, whether you want a design or not, you will get all kinds of concepts, so you see the next concept, this is something. The designs which are more liked in our UP and Bihar, see which concept of men’s piping, then you can see that the design of piping concept has been made throughout the century, on the van side you will get a lace border, a touch of golden and silver color. Not only the complete finishing is given, but the concept is also something different, that too with Diamond Touch Up. So this was our whole pallu concept, in pallu you can see small booties have been made because the saree remains inside the border no matter how much work is there, but the most highlighted is the pallu in which you will get the proper design. If you get it, then you see it completely, you are going to get the complete border concept in the bottom inside the century, as well as if I talk about its blouse, then see that you will get this blouse according to the complete contrast. Why is there a contrast now, see that according to the piping that has been installed inside the century, you get a complete blouse and the blouse is also not a plan, this pattern has been made on the entire Bombay fabric, in which there are small booties.


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No, you are going to get it in the same way, now see, the customers must be thinking that they are so much bored with only two varieties, because I have not yet told them the price, so see how I can tell you the price of 150. Can tell that’s why you need to join our online team It is complete so that you will not even mangvaenge the PDF of the whole concept, you will also get the facility, so let’s go, which is going to be the next design of the century, then see the next concept, the color is very beautiful, it is inside the dark color and see this This is also with some piping concept, if I am talking about fabric, Georgette fabric will remain very soft fabric and in this also you can see the whole piping concept made according to the sea powder concept and the van side which is designed, isn’t it? Very classic pattern with carry pattern and flower designing and with this small buti inside pallu which you are going to get with copper zari work, then you will see the whole, if you like it, you must take a screenshot. Will take it and there will not be any problem in connecting, why is it not going to come because see what is inside the description, WhatsApp link has been given, so neither you have to do it with me nor do you have to bother anything else directly.


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Let us make video calls sitting at home and pattern this method. No, with a minimum budget of 10000, now you can order through world wide shipping, so let’s look at the next patterns, today there are going to be many varieties through short videos, so if you like any concept, you must definitely Which is it can also tell us through a comment, so see this, it is going to be inside the chiffon, inside which you see the lace potter, in which you get the touch of the lace border, not the whole female, inside which the linings are released. There is also but what is the most Pallu, you see the concept of fringe inside the pallu, which is very beautiful and inside it you see the butties that have been made, this is the concept of bridal yellow types, as well as you Which is the touch of diamond is also available in fully which is looking very beautiful, then such variety is that even if you do a small business from home, you can keep such variety very comfortably. Varieties are available inside, but at the same time you will also get to know which variety our customers are more inclined towards. You are getting tested here which test you like the most, so you see, you will get the blouse in the same way, and with this also you get the full touch of the lace border, now see the blouse with the century.


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It is available, but there are some working women who do not have time to get stitched, then Kesaria Textile Company, which is Ladies Way, keeps a complete action tomorrow, in which century Kurti, Leggings, Dupatta, Plazo Suit Materials, Lehenga Nighty is kept. Or you want collections like bed sheet, all will be found but where are we towards the blouse of the century, then here is the readymade blouse, starting from 85 you get everything, you will get set wise, whether you want hosiery blouse or cotton inside. Or do you want heavy to heavy designing, you will find all types of patterns here, so let’s grow now and see the next pattern which is going to remain, this is what you are going to get a complete catalog called Shikha, inside which you will get If colors are found in this way, then leave it to you. The border is going to be something unique, what is going to happen, see, we will make piping, but here full weaving has been done, like we see in Banarasi century, similarly some concepts are also found here according to primings, here is beauty. Kaju Katli pattern has been made inside, so all these designing are there, you are going to get new patterns according to 2023, that too specially here in Cuttack, so in this way, you want to see more quickly, which is textile.


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Subscribe to the YouTube channel of the Kesaria Textile Company, as well as in another channel, I will tell you how to subscribe as soon as possible, press the bell icon, why to do Kesaria Textile Company’s bridal sarees channel Because you will get time to time notifications and you will also know which trend is going on in the market, so now there is one last variety and rest, let’s take a look at that too, so let’s see the next concept which is absolutely press variety. This complete catalog is going to be named Hai Suiya, inside which you will find Full dark colors of ray are going to be available, dark colors are available, but this design is not made, it is file printing, yes, no matter how rough and tough you make it, it is not going to spoil even after wash. And the lace border inside it is also available with the rose pattern, now how do you not like the rose pattern, even in real, if someone gives a rose, then we like it very much, so you will get it within a century.


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If you are going to get 50 plus designs available here all the time, then the concepts are like this, so I hope you have liked today’s collection very much and I will take new concepts for you every time in the same way. I keep coming, but now you must be thinking that maybe we will see some colors of this, how many patterns are going to be found, so you see what it is, you get people in such a way that you get a setup of completely 8 pieces. The one which you get in a very beautiful way, the colors are also very beautiful, so how did you like this catalog, now definitely tell us. You will be able to order all varieties through cash on delivery even by making a single call, because if you live in India, if you are not getting much confidence, then you can join us through one time code. See because you have to keep a small budget of 10000, so in this way I will take it, thank you for all bye till then bye-bye.


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