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Wholesale Ladies Tops in Surat: Himanshi with no thought and new direction, I warmly welcome all of you and join our YouTube channel, where every time you know what is going to be special in Kesaria Textile Company today. So just like earlier we had given you an update that some new variety is going to be included inside our Cuttack, so today I have brought the same concept for you, which is now in our place, including concepts like T-shirts. Yes, yes, today we are going to see, I have brought a small variety for you, I am going to show you a few selected varieties, inside which you can see that the variety will remain, starting from 99. Han Sun was a little surprised, don’t you see, when we want to join the manufacturing, we get the varieties with the least power and we get a lot of stops, so you are the first variety. Look, this shirt is very beautiful, you also get the size available inside it, and first of all Let us know what is this material, then you see, this is lycra fabric, it remains very soft, it remains silky material, it is very comfortable after wearing, you can see regular sleeves, you will get it here and here.


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The piping which is fitted with white color and here you see the size excel double excel M size L size whatever size you want you will get it here and see everything you have here Finishing in this way you interlock Finishing is going to be found here in every T-shirts, so this is the first design and quantity set, your life will be even more happy, if you are getting such varieties from the setup of three pieces here. Call us immediately, message us, want to order PDF or want to do online purchasing, keep an amount of 10000, and then you can purchase from here, then move on to the next concept, why see this next concept, what is this concept? In this way the double is inside the X and the varieties that are there, first of all I use Let me tell you whenever we find some t-shirts according to the fashion that we need with the most unique patterns which are not in high demand like if we ever go to Surat like now Talking about it, there is an amazing water park here, so now when we go there, we have to change our T-shirts there, because we need a business like this, because look inside the water, when we go inside the water, isn’t it?


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Similar materials are more preferred, cotton does not work there, so you can use it in that too, along with that, if we want to do such a T-shirt inside the night, we can do it too. And if we want to include such varieties in our regular routine, we can do that too, so now you know that there are so many uses of it, such shirts are in high demand everywhere and see here are some Rambo patterns. If it is inside then you can see the like pattern sleeves are also with regular length and you can see its finishing is stretchable so wear it completely I feel even better and at the same time this way which is rainbow style, you all know that there was a time when there was a lot of demand in such fashion, then everyone wanted that we want such varieties, so now Direct from you do not need to purchase according to retail, if you are a merchant and if you deal in T-shirts or jeans or bottom well, then you must include such a variety from where you will get the complete quantity. If you want to order more varieties of T-shirts, then you can find them here, then see this Sara ka Sara is for girls, it is women’s according and in this you can see the sleeves, if you want a little longer, then like that.


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You will also get the pattern here, on the next basis, which isn’t it, you will get the whole in this way and here you can see that the color is white but it is a very great color and if you want a design inside it, then you can See the board pattern is also available here, in this way there is a very beautiful design and such varieties Yes, we are in demand all the time for such things as if we are going to roam somewhere, then we need some T-shirts and if we absolutely need, then you can order some such patterns inside Likera and along with that You see, if you want variety within the same design, then that concept is also available here, there is a lift pattern in this way, which means that now we have seen all the designs, in this there is also postal color and light color, some with brightness color. If you want all kinds of concept bathrooms start from 99, then if you want to see many more such collections, then give us a video call immediately. I will be able to purchase and otherwise if you are inside Surat and if you want to visit how this text is inside the Kesaria Textile Company then you also get the facility of pick up and drop from here through which you will be able to connect with daigyan and in this way Collection can be purchased from here keeping budget without any boundaries but only for set wise I meet Himanshi in next video with some new concept thanks.


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