गुजरात-राजस्थान की एक से बढ़कर एक मशहूर साड़ियां Saree Manufacturer | Kesaria Textile Company Surat

Surat Saree Market in Bangalore: Hello friends, today we have once again appeared in front of you, friends in your own YouTube channel, all the Kesaria Textile Company, friends, today we have brought for you, friends, according to the coming season, like the coming season, like Holi comes, then Holi me rangve color too. The variety of fancy concept starts for the bikini on the counter, so today we are in front of you on Lahariya and Bhanji and Lahariya Bhanja which are fancy which are less like gota lace border ho gaya hai hand touch ho gaya kundan work Fancy coding is done, the file is printed, it is printed, we have brought a lot of collection of types in front of you, with different fabrics, so friends, without taking much time, we are once again in front of you with new Let’s start showing you the varieties, not with the concept, so that you can understand the collection and even if your time is not the best, we will remain on the whole video, so friends, first of all, let us open the concept that has been created, friends, you see Can very beautiful tying concept border which became panel Yes, there is a panel for tying and with that you can see very beautiful jerry’s border as well as lace border in it and you can see very beautiful like bandhani which has been brained.


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Small print file of the same type is also printed. It has been said that if the head is seen first then it is very beautiful, but you think that if the whole century is shown openly, then how wonderful it will be, we will understand what is the beauty of the whole, so friends, keeping your man’s words, we will Let’s start opening the piece and please friends, I am going to show you today by opening it in the video so that you can understand what kind of beautiful eyes are going to be found in our company, friends, you can see friends, so this The first product was Friends, this cloth we have is very beautiful lightweight cloth and And this is friends on weightless cloth and weightless cloth you can see very beautiful look of baharvin and with very nice design you will get friends you can see very good varieties and very beautiful design collection you will get Hey friends look like this and not only this this piece has opened and it is beautiful, isn’t it friends every color in it is going to be very beautiful like this and if I talk about its blouse then blouse piece Friends, you are going to get a contrast blouse, that too is going to be of red color, so that according to the color combination, its beauty remains, so friends, this was our first product, very beautiful looking saree form Surat Saree Market in Bangalore, to tie it.


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With the concept, you can see, friends, this is the first product, let’s go to the next product, that is our beautiful Rajasthani Tej, which is our Rajasthani women, who are very fond of Bani and Lahariya, and so much Rajasthan Not only in friends all over Gujarat also There is a lot of demand for excuses and along with taking this cloth I am going to show you friends, you can see very beautiful this cloth which is going to be georgette cloth and you see friends with georgette cloth Very beautiful area designs are going to be given to you, you can see the beautiful designs and its color too, friends, the matching has been made in it, we have such beautiful designs and colors in it, the concept of the area, it is going to be all over. Friends, there will be no concept of Aanchal in this and look at the design which is very beautiful, it is going to look very nice, it is going to take a very beautiful design, see and most of all talk about it, friends, what color is it, isn’t it? The body is different green and the combination that is taken with it, look at the yellow and pink color, it looks the most beautiful in the whole area and this is the product that is recognized here, friends, this is its name In our Kesaria Textile Company, that man was heavily identified.


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These varieties are known to us, Man Bhari Naam Hai, what a beautiful name he has been given, friends, everything is so beautiful, the color is so beautiful, and the man is going to shed his name, that too Man Bhari Naam, friends, see how beautiful Man It is a heavy name, let’s go ahead and see, similarly we have varieties, very beautiful, very beautiful eyes are also going to be seen. And in this you can see a very beautiful small border like a touch up of the border has been given, friends, you see how beautiful it is with colorful colors, I have taken a colorful le diya from the sky, see friends, how beautiful the butter has been taken With such a great design, you are going to get it, see friends, all these concepts are given, right, many of our people think that there is no aanchal in it, but friends, the pattern is not less than this, the aanchal is made, that is, all If the beauty of this is over, then this concept is all over. Are made and there is no concept of aanchal in it and look at the very beautiful border also, the border is very beautiful, you will also get its get up, see friends, the concept of very beautiful area Now some show you the varieties of escape also, according to the varieties of escape, we see that this is the style of water, like our friends in Jaipur and Jodhpur; Here is the test printed in the mail in Surat and see the work on it, how beautiful it is done. Along with fancy bandhani and fancy work, so come on friends, without wasting much time, I want to show you the best variety of this product without taking much time, you can see friends, look so beautiful friends, our Jaipur and Jodhpur If you look at it in a comparison on the pretext of, from where do you feel that it is a weak piece from any angle?


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You are not feeling for this but really I am not joking friends I am not in the mood for fun, friends, this is what it is and the pattern made in the concept of release Jaipur, which is in Lahariya gunship, here we have done love in Surat, friends, this is the concept of mid print, which we have done in the mail in such a beautiful way. And in this, if I talk to you, friends, then it’s Jo Border Ka Jo Kama, very beautiful continuation and sequence of Border Ka Kama, you must show our viewers the concept of Ek Baar Hai Na Border Ka Baar Baar Sir, so that they understand. See how the border is made in this way friends, this is multi thread i.e. resham daga zari thread and coding continues and along with it friends transparent cell tu self sequence kam kam aapko bahut late itni naugaj border kam If you get all this in Jaipur, if it is made in Jodhpur, then friends, if I talk about the wholesale price of all this, then minimum you will not get all this with guarantee below 181900, but this is our collection of this type here, chip and best rate. I get you so that if you purchase from there After taking it from Surat at a rate, you can easily sell it out there in the date. Friends, this is such a beautiful collection and to make it more beautiful, you can see very beautiful earrings in it, like pendants. See also friends have been given, see how beautiful you are going to get with less pendant, see like this [music] and not only this, there is sometimes less cob inside as well to enhance the beauty of everything and to do more.


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In this you can see the concept of very beautiful cob is going to be found, which is the work of the border, the same type of tone to tone work you will find inside. Today we have brought this type of test and this type of variety in front of you especially, today we have brought you a very short video, this video is not going to come, isn’t it? If there is a duty, then if the customer makes a requirement to run away, then the video is very important for him. It is going to be special because it is an evergreen thing, it never goes out of fashion, it never happens, it is sold for 12 months of the year, it is sold according to the season, sometimes it is sold slowly, sometimes it is seen nearby, but it definitely gets sold, its demand is always there. It doesn’t decrease, friends, it has become less of multi color and see in this, now with new fabric, we have brought in front of you very beautiful cloth, which is going to be taken, isn’t it, friends, with marble and marble siphon. You can see that the kind of collection that is made of your whole, which is called whole silk, etc.

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We have seen here, you have also made it with print, you must be feeling that how the collection will be in the head, every piece which Opening the beauty of each piece is giving very beautiful look and take a look at its border also see the border is also going to be very beautiful which you will get with the contrast border friends see it is such a beautiful century friends What is better than if I praise everything, friends whenever you mangvaenge and whenever you If you see then you will know that in reality what Sir had shown was natural piece and with a very beautiful look, he has shown and explained very well, so this was friends taking our second concept of tying in style. K viraris let’s go to the next product multi color le liya gan se boost type ka to see friends aaj hum aapko like I talked in the middle like the concept of kundan work so let’s go guys and members georgette cloth pe yeh kapda hai na The whole member joins the whole member on georgette you will see very beautiful concept in which you will get kundan work heavy party according to the wedding collection friends you will get work see how beautiful is the century of work see now you tell us we will tell you Friends ask if there is any deficiency in this century, tell me what is the deficiency so much Surat is century now show its border sir show our viewers etc.

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How beautiful is the border which we talked about like it has kundan work it has less half daliyega and friends it has a little bit of light also stone etc has been reduced and this Worked on full member george the joe gala border gala border pallu border which friends call full plain in the middle so that according to wedding purpose on your counter very nice and very shiv can beat it with margin Collection on type has been made for you, now see friends, this is such a beautiful century, this is Pariyo wedding collection friends, after this friends, on the pretext of our Marwari, she must be thinking that we have taken most of them at home also and the concept of tying is light phulka for someone’s arrival. We wear the concept of Leliya while going out or in festivals etc. and there should be a little bit of work in it, which should be light work, then according to the light work, friends, I am talking about very beautiful gota patti kam, let us show you our Those who live in Surat like in Gujarat There are people in the meaning who are Marwari people and those people who live in Rajasthan, they are on small functions and understand that they have to come and go to someone’s house, so this type of collection is light work paint so that it looks good.

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And if you like the good concept, then friends, we have come up with some concept for them too, which is less than gota patti. See how cool it is looking, see friends, all is one, see [music] only the border has been given, nothing has been conceptualized in the middle, you can do this with regular wire at home, you can wear it at home too, see Friends, what a beautiful century it is and specially I am also telling this thing like our people sitting in MP who are watching this video and also brothers and sisters of MP, we make a special request to them, friends will remain in the video Keep watching so that our test of Rajasthan and test of MP is similar test friends a little bit of 1920 fruit Friends, there is some story in this type of collection, they also mind with us, that is why today we have brought you this type of collection, specially it was gota patti lace border, now let’s move forward, friends, very beautiful full georgette fabric. The cloth made in Surat, friends, see the entire georgette made in Surat, which is said to be of the best quality. Friends, we have brought this type of party wear collection in front of you. Have a look you can also see the concept of the border, with all the beautiful laheriya, the whole concept of the laheriya is complete, if you see it from a distance, there is a binding effect, and if you come closer, you will see the whole lay area, friends, see its beautiful piece of border.


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Come on friends, this is all the collection is done and after that if we have sisters and our viewers such shoes are even heavier than this some concept of century like particular some concept in some states in some countries it is like that particular single rate or conscible of maroon color If they want, we have brought a very beautiful collection for red and maroon color too, which can be done according to heavy wedding, and they speak like Garhwal, they can also do it like Garhwal and friends, the fabric of this Friends, this is the name of viscose and look at the viscose cloth, like in our Gujarat, whenever there is a wedding in our Gujarat, water is also used in their house, if any Garhwal or Gazi asks for the concept of tying it according to the water, like chocolates. Si pakdega jo concept comes, there is only one concept, which has georgette on the fabric and see the whole in it, the lower part and the whole hand, the whole heavy look has been made, see friends, according to tying such a beautiful century, which in our Gujarat Ghar choda bolete hai gadhchula ka pattern jo hota nahi hai gadhchula ka pattern ho hota nahi hai they want to wear some different concept in this way too so this type of retirement can also come to you so friends this is the new collection of this type.

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Which we have for you today Brought the kya soch rahein collection, said, you did not show it, but Friends, we do not show you this much collection in it, but it becomes too much and the video also becomes big, so if you have or do not have this type of collection, do you think that you want to order it, then friends, if you want to come to Surat, please feel free. If you are coming to Surat, then you will win, you will meet in the textile market of Surat, it is necessary to meet the Kesaria Textile Company, if you are thinking that we cannot reach here, we will do it through video, PDF medium, friends, no problem, that way too. You can order the contact of the number given on the screen, it will immediately connect with our Kesaria Textile Company online team and through your PDF, the total collection will get you selected, so friends, it is not too late, pick up the phone immediately and start calling And you should start ordering your favorite collection so that the season has just started, friends, so this was our friends today’s collection, I have faith and confidence that you must have understood the collection, then do not delay at all and friends, like, subscribe and definitely comment Please do that according to your comments, we will show you the next product according to your retirement, then we will get that too, so let’s go friends, don’t take much time, that was it for today, we will come back to you again. Once again with new concept Mein Tak Thanks for watching.


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