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Surat Saree Market in Mumbai: Himanshi, I warmly welcome all of you with new thinking and new direction from Kesaria Textile Company, I hope you all will be very good and your business is going very well, so keep this in mind. Keeping that in mind, I have come up with many more concepts for you, ji han who is going to live in today’s Printed Sarees, see now, prince is the craze of centuries, why remains because if We need variety according to daily routines, even then we need it inside print, if we want fashion according, we need it inside print, that means you can understand that the demand for print sarees is very high and through that, we have our Business is also able to move forward, so see today’s collection, the quantity starts from 55, inside our Kesaria Textile Company, in which if you want lace border sarees from Surat Saree Market in Mumbai, it starts from only 20. Hai ji han, you are not believing, so let me tell you, you also give, so here Pay aap see yeh jo variety hai abhi only jo hai 126 starting ho gayi hai very beautiful liquera is inside the pattern and there are varieties like this if you want to purchase then how to do see the number is given on the screen now call us Do it and all these varieties you will have to order set vise in such a way that starting with the piece of over piece, after that if you want variety up to 8 pieces or even if you want to order concept inside the complete quantity If you can order, then see today’s collection, I am starting, it is a very cute collection, with lace border.


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I am showing you the variety, inside which you will get proper 630 cut, see how beautiful it is. Puri flower designing is made in this and you can set the length as I have told you that you will get the proper cut here and you will also see that you will get the blouse together so that we will get more and more It becomes easy to sell to the customer because of the variety we have. What is here starts from ₹ 100 which is with blouse piece but you can understand yourself that when we go to get the according to retail, we cannot get such sarees below 1.8 150 160 without lace That’s why it is so bright, if it was with lace border, then maybe you can sell it up to ₹ 360, so what is the concept, you can buy from here, directly join a manufacturing company, how date, textile company, address you description I have already given what is ours very quickly, you can also visit here, so see the next concept, this one, this one of our South, this is full silk material, and the pallu you are going to get in it is a wonderful concept. And here you can see that the border has also been made a very beautiful painting, we call it letterpress printing, this whole concept is continued by the same, there is also some variety.


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Which is also made according to the work of the machine here. And see here her blouse is inside full print which we have got with century But we are about to retire now, look at the aster of blouse, they are also available here only for Rs. Now why is there another variety because the varieties that run in our UP and Bihar, I am showing you some concepts inside the sarees, so you see this, you are going to get it, inside the completely colorful pattern, you can see how beautiful it is. There is a C design and the bottom inside it, you see that the design made in the bottom, neither some window type, which is like a Hawa Mahal, nor some concept has been made here according to the whole window and the concept that you have. You can sell with very good profits, then see if you have not started the business yet, if you want to do it, then you will keep the budget, want to start from 25 to 50000 and for this adervise you have started, such varieties have to be included. Amount of 100 you have many cons in it Apt if you want to order in mix then also you can order from our place then next concept is growing so see this next variety which is going to come in this way you will get this concept you will get it inside dark green color tha see this is full printing, you also get the touch of tying something in it and this whole catalog is going to be named Galaxy.


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The flower pattern which has been made according to the bell pattern is very beautiful and your blouse is found inside dark color in this way, so see the variety, you will get set wise in this way, only for six pieces set. Here you can see the price is from 245 and the material inside it is also weightless, so the lace is mentioned inside it, each design is barcoded in front of you, the price will not change in front of you, like our customer. Those who have just commented on us recently said that Madam Surat Fraud happens in many places, how can we be sure that you are also a manufacturer, because everyone says the same thing, so see, I have an answer to this, that our company is a real manufacturing, how? Here you can see that we have a huge collection, no one knows how to keep such a collection, we have the details of each and every variety, right from the design to when it comes here, even within its price. It is not known to change and from here there is no chance of fraud, why not because when customers have to join online from us, as we told that the collection starts from 55, then you are going to get the collection of 55.


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If you place an order online, but there are some companies where we do not get it, but there is nothing like this from us, so you can send it, brother-in-law, feel free to stay connected with us, then we will move on to the next concept, why then this Look at the next concept which is now inside the white color and orange color is mixed with it. There is such a variety inside, there is a lot of demand for it, you must have ordered such a concept within 365 days and you will see how beautiful the blouse is, according to the fry angle, you are going to get it, then this was a complete loose section segment, this was only for d variety but if you want to see more then I show you more collection which if you want to take according to ask packing then from here you can see some ask packing varieties also you get four piece setup You are going to get a beautiful and beautiful packing and inside this also if you want a concept with leaves, then you see this, with leaves you get this concept, so here you can see this whole Kalamkari concept.


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Hai ji han here on the top of the catalog you will have a look in front of you and in this first of all we will see how the pallu is to come so see this it is a very beautiful design that means we can complete the whole concept of a village in one You can see the whole design in this, figure designing has been made somewhere. Where huts have been made, women working somewhere have been shown, which is what we call Kalamkari concept, so many varieties of it, you will find many designs here, inside each concept, we speak like this only. Not only here, you get thousands of 2010 concepts here, so make a plan to come to Surat quickly and it is just 10 minutes away from the station, you will find it inside the market in The Block First Floor 3031 & 3032, where this There are many concepts of methods, which can be seen live and can be completed, we have not only told you in the video, but you are also getting such concepts, so stay connected with us, I hope you get this concept. You must have liked it very much, if you want to order this variety in very packing or fancy in this way through party ware concept, then anyway you will get varieties here only with setup of four pieces, till then Main Himanshi abhi hai jo hai ki kuch new concept leke hoon to come So that you also get to know what is trending in the market till then Tata bye bye.


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