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Kurti Manufacturer in Surat: Hello friends, I have come to welcome all of you again on behalf of all the Kesaria Textile Company of Dewangan, friends, today we have brought you some new concepts, or you have brought new varieties for the people, here in this segment, Which is the whole segment of kurtis at Kurti Manufacturer in Surat, the range is going to start from 105 friends, you will start the collection of kurtis from 105 rupees and with lots of designs, you will get varieties with very nice different clothes, friends, you think. You can buy it for 105 rupees today, if you go to see friends, then in 105 rupees, the one who has bought it and does not reach, it also does not come for 105 rupees, it also gets 150 175, but in our manufacturing unit, you will find a collection of chairs stitched from 105. It starts only from 105 so in 105 friends we are going to get like first of all I talk friends best and very beautiful fabric which comes first cotton then fish then after that allotment to chanderi georgette this Clothes come in a variety of sizes Many varieties are available like Rance Love Ho Gaya Rayon Ho Gaya 14 K Rihan Ho Gaya 12 K Diyo Ho Gaya 16 K Di On Ho Gaya This type of cloth quality which is available here in this segment friends so friends you can see There is such a beautiful collection of kurti, we are going to open it and show you, that is the quality of cloth raiyo, friends can see very beautiful ryo fabric and in this you can see there is a collection of short kurti like salt.

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You see Very nice kurti design so nice beautiful concept so you see friends so beautiful rio clothes with such beautiful design you can see very nice like the concept of buttons in it you can see panel like From the neck to the panel, you get the complete consideration from the body and if we talk about it, it is called a little light circle, in the circle concept, you get the whole pattern, it is done, such a beautiful design on the clothes, friends, the design is so beautiful. You have such beautiful colors in it too. We are going to have friends, matching of only four colors is available and you get a very good collection in four colors, so it is done, friends, now we will show you another concept on clothes, let us show you any one product with another concept. Hello friends, here it is, look at this cloth, it is very beautiful, like cotton loves, you can speak lies, you can also speak cotton, friends, you can see the collection of such beautiful designs, you see the work you are going to get, very beautiful work is going to come. Above this and you can see the concept of cloth quality in it, the patterns we have shown you friends, this is a gamble, the concept you are seeing is not friends, it is the concept of Gaon-Ever, which will take you from next to next.

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The panel is going to be found till the end and its sleeves can also be seen, it is very beautiful, so you are going to get it too, see friends, what a beautiful piece, you see whether you have this type of collection on your counter or not, you think about the next product. Let’s go then in the next product we will give you eaters are very nice riyons love item this is friends now you can see its collection also friends it is such a beautiful color combination and you can see the concept that is living in the net so beautiful your patterns you will get in your neck This is the pattern of the neck, friends, this cloth is a Ryan’s love item, you can see that with such a beautiful color combination, you are going to get such a wonderful pattern, in this I talk to friends like whatever product we are showing you friends In this, we have four pieces of punch pieces in every packet, in this way color combination combo comes and whatever is there, if you want to take the size, as it is inside a packet, then in four pcs you can see the color different- You will get different, but in this, whatever size you talk about, like in this, the size comes up to M Excel, Double Excel, then every packet gives you the size and as in one packet, four colors, four designs, four pieces are found in it.

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If you want lux then l x l then excel if you want m then m and if you want double x then double x In this way you are going to get the packets, let’s talk about the next product, friends, the pattern is going to be very beautiful in the same way as we have the concept that you are going to get, you can see the whole concept, the concept of long kurti is going to be seen. Friends, this is just we are showing you the collection of top, by which we are showing empty cap top, neither 2pc in it nor you are going to see three piece in it, so this is the pattern of top, then friends in the patterns of top, you Talking about the fabric, this is R fabric, Rio fabric has 16K fabric, 16K fabric and in this you can see the neck fabric, you will get neck with very beautiful work, friends and the print inside it etc. Friends that is total file Priyanka concept is very nice beautiful with such beautiful design you get pattern then friends talk about next product then next product if we are going to open friends you can see very beautiful this cotton Love item hai you can see cotton sl fabric And in cotton sl fabric, you will get don’t wear work with very beautiful design, which is going to look beautiful, friends, you can see with such a beautiful design, you will get the whole pattern, see friends, how beautiful the design is. Super and party wear can be done on the pretext of our sister-in-law or any lady in our family, if she goes to official work or does a job in the office, then friends, this type of collection can be done at that time and you can easily send it to your counter.

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So this is the item of cotton club, now talking about the next product, friends, the next product is going to be very good, it is going to be with very beautiful cashmere work and this cloth is rayon jack and cloth, see how beautiful friends You can see from the pattern that you are going to get the thing with a very nice beautiful pattern, see friends, this is such a beautiful pattern, see the custom work of such a beautiful design, as it is done, see as normal, if you want, friends, then this if you in kashmiri meaning work which is You can do that in party wear function etc. also like in party wear etc. even in functions smaller than a pen, like if Diwali festival is held at someone’s small birthday party, then you can wear that type of collection. Which piece is going to give a heavy look, friends, then this type of collection is also available with you, friends, if I talk, then this collection is also very beautiful, this is a very good concept on cotton fabric, you are going to get it. See friends color combination see the beauty of every color we have see how beautiful you are going to get it see friends it is such a beautiful pattern what color combination friends let’s talk about four colors come but very beautiful color by color matching but It is going to be very good and if we talk about the work inside it, then see the whole friends, this is an ongoing work and see the ongoing work.

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It is very heavy and finely cut, it is very beautiful, so friends, this is our You can see the collection of Top Top very beautiful friends pattern And it is very good if you have it on the counter, then it is very good that you can sell it on the counter too. I have collection from 105 to 2000 so range up to 2000 we friends we can not show you so much collection in one video if you will keep this type of collection different then with friends guarantee you will get what you want without You can send the product with margin if you think that everywhere like he is selling the same type of collection then I am also like him like Lek Bichun then friends you have no influence in boost, understand what I mean. There is no progress in the business, the one who sells in the margin, you will also have to sell in the same margin, or the one you are selling in the margin, you will have to sell it in the margin, or you have sent more, he has sent less, even then the customer will have a problem. If the customer will give you the la, then friends, we want that if you If you want to be in business, I mean, if you want to maintain your image in the market for a long period of time, then friends from the village sell something different and you will get the different varieties that we have, you are thinking that we have it.

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Who am I? Friends, I talk to you, I am in Kesaria Textile Company, which is a very big manufacturing company in Surat, with all kinds of clothes, such as the products of the century, we are bringing them in front of you every time. But this time we thought something like brother old our slogan is new soch new direction but we are old is gold friends what is we old is gold we are old businessmen who started business in Surat from technology to us from angle It is not that we are only interested in selling goods, we are not only interested in selling goods, friends, we are most interested in building a relationship with you, because our relationship with you will remain with us, friends, then look at the business. So he is on his line, he will continue to be his but yours And our behavior is like we are from Gujarat, you are from Bihar, you are from UP, you are from Calcutta, you are from Orissa, you are from Telangana, you are from Karnataka, so friends, in different ways, you and I will have one identity, one behavior, one relationship. Will remain and our video will be liked by you and if we will bring some new ideas in front of you, friends, then you must wait for our next video, till then thank you.

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