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Banarasi Saree Manufacturer Jamshedpur: Today I have brought for all of you Up Bihar Special Saree Collection which you will get starting price here if you talk about starting from 170 and if you talk about piece then you start with sweater of piece But it is not that all the collections are going to be available with a set of 2 pieces, you can also get four pieces, CPC sets are also available, so here today I have come out with some samples for all of you. Here you will be looking back, you are going to get many collections, so now see the first collection, which is in pink color, it looks very beautiful, look at the color added to it, green color is very pretty. Looks like a very beautiful combination, so let’s open it and see how you will get it, like there is a wedding in your house, there is a function, and now your wedding season is going on, so such things There is a lot of demand for collections, there is also a lot of demand for the customers, so if you have a business, then you must have such collections.


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Must include in this season so that there is a lot of sales and your customers also become happy customers, then see this collection, you are looking very beautiful as in earlier times many people used to wear this type of variety wedding. Come on, I have come from the same fashion, but your variety has gone more beautiful than before, so see this fabric which is on silk, it is very soft, in this way you are going to get beauty small, then it is also a diamond. You get it in it, then along with its diamond, you are going to get piping in it in such a way that the fabric which is made in it is made with very finishing that piping will be used in it, it will also look very pretty, so look like this From this you get full pallu which is in rich pallu looks very beautiful like this the lace which you get in tasals is going to be very beautiful variety so if you like this collection then you can quickly screenshot Take the number running on the screen, you can order PDF by calling or messaging him, after ordering PDF you can What is the price in this, what is the quality, what is the quantity and how many colors are you going to get in this.


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You will get tension so that you will be able to do it easily and it is not that if you purchase a set then you will get the color from How will we wear the color here, you are going to get the designs of different colors in all the sets, so before moving towards the next collection, I would like to tell you one thing that whatever you will find here, You will also get the collections of centuries, you will get it with 630 cuts, you will also find the blouse in it, so see this, it is also looking very beautiful, I have also liked it very much, so let’s open it and see how you get it. Wala hai toh see this complete collection aapko sarkari diamond pao itna saara means his diamond century is getting a very heavy look see it looks very beautiful what you are seeing isn’t it the whole diamond of Saroj Hai Hot Pix has full work and after washing like you like, there are many works which go away But what is here is all machine fitted, which we can also do hot picks work, so how many times you will wash it, but the work that is in it is not going to go at all with it like this.


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Tasals are found in it, see piping has also been added for finishing and in this way small butts which are not there are going to be found on Puri Sadi and you get Puri Sadi with 6:30 cut if If you wear it, then see how the look comes, you will see that it is going to be a wonderful look if we wear it, the serial is also looking very beautiful, if we wear this variety in the wedding, right? I can only do so much that you are going to look different, so if you have liked this variety, then only you can take a screenshot. The number is running on the screen, you can order it by sending a pay call message. See this contrast blouse. You will get this very beautiful blouse, like we need some designs on sleep, which is a century design, so see this design, you will also like this As we lagvate on sleep, this design also comes to you in this way. So far we have seen some special variety, but now I have brought it for you, like if you are from Bihar in marriage, then you must know that there is a ritual in the marriages that take place here.


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Yellow color is the retirement of the century, which we also call the beloved of the century, then this kind of collections are going to be found here and in us, this color which is yellow is also considered very auspicious. So see this whole collection you get in this way Rich is going to get his whole pallu and the whole lace which is found in the skirt is not found on the whole pallu, see this very beautiful variety is looking for you in this colors Many are going to be found, that too I am showing you in the video, I would like to show that you will get so many colors in this. Here you will get many colors, you will get pink, red, blue, orange, here you want some gajra, in this you will get all the colors here, let’s see some more varieties, so see this, Abhi to humne dulhan special See but now we see that the side girls like to wear centuries, today I have already liked the collections of centuries for the whole family, so look at this collection, it was very beautiful, you get the combination which is all the centuries.


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I am going to get very beautiful and very best, keep watching, there is no dearth of collections here, you can see and patch as much as you want, unlimited collections are available, unlimited wares and unlimited fabrics are also available here. We are going to see the whole wave pattern, in Banarasi also you will find wave pattern, we had seen it in georgette, we had seen it in chiffon, but today we are seeing that wave pattern is available in Banarasi fabric too. Soft is the cut of all the centuries It goes to 6:30 now the collection that I am going to show you is very beautiful in which you get silver zari with silver jerry you get this blue color whole century in it you get different different designs sorry different different colors If you are going to get the designs, then how did you like today’s collections, please tell us by commenting, if you like the video, then subscribe to the channel on which you are watching and press the bell icon, along with this I Kabhi tha goodbye, see you all in the next video, till then thanks!


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