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Banarasi Saree Manufacturer Amravati: Hello, welcome to all of you in Kesaria Textile Company, which is the largest manufacturing company in Surat, where you will find a lot of varieties in women’s wear, today we are going to see Banarasi sarees but in different designs and in a different way, first collection. See this century that I have worn, this whole century is going to be available to you in Banarasi, if we talk about the price, here you will get starting from 170, see this way, you will get the complete look like this You will get the pallu because it looks very beautiful, we see more collections, so today’s our first collection, which is very beautiful and very beautiful, you will get it with work.


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Set vice, let’s see how you get it by opening it, what is going to be its pattern and what is going to be the designs, then see here, you are going to get its complete design in carry pattern, you also get big ones in Jai card. Which looks very beautiful in the cut of all centuries like I I have shown you wearing this whole century, you get it in this way, see the collection of 630 cuts, how you get the complete pallu, which is very beautiful, it is going to get pain in the carry pattern, in full weaving concept. With blouse where you are going to get all the collection with blouse, then let’s see the next collection, it is going to be available in heavy with very beautiful concept and if we talk about the price range, here it is within 700.


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Today I am sharing the collection with all of you, so see this it is made in very beautiful and very heavy light concept and full embroidery work has been done in it with each part [music] You will get the complete collection So we know what this fabric is going to be. Fabric which is like many fabrics come in Banarasi silk, so this is what you are going to get in Kashi variant type, which looks very beautiful, so let’s see next. Collection This collection is what you need on top of copper, it is available in full shining. You get this Puri Sadi, in contrast, you are going to get its blouse too. Pallu is found, the fabric is going to come in shining and look at this, you will also get the blouse attached to it. You must be seeing that the pallu is very beautiful. Do comment and tell with the money, now we are going to see another collection, see that you get very beautiful fabric in the shed, you are going to get very soft here, whatever product you buy, you will get fifty from here.


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All the quality vice price is going to be very best in concept you get this whole collection see how the whole pallu is going to be very beautiful you want century you get it so if you want to do this type of collection sitting at home You will get home, message facility is available, but if you are not from India, you are out of If you are from India, then from there also you can watch online sitting at home, so today’s collections are very good, do tell by commenting on the gate, if you are new on the channel, subscribe and also press the bell icon, and I am I would like to share with you once that if you visit Kesaria Textile Company.


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Then you also get pick and drop facility here, through which you will not face any problem or difficulty in coming here, after fighting that Will also go to drop you, what you have to do is come to surat station, you have to call, our driver will come to pick you up, but if you want to come directly, it is 10 minutes away from the station, Kamina Darwaza Millennium In market first floor 3032, if you go here, then you will get self person in your language also, through this you will not face any problem or problem in explaining your language, so see you with this till the next video.


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