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Banarasi Saree Manufacturer Bhiwandi: Taking the name of Banarasi centuries, our man starts feeling that the price today is going to be very interesting video, yes, the collection we are going to see today is more than what you will get from Banaras in centuries, that too 170 rupees. You are going to get a collection here Hello I Kavita welcomes all of you to Kesaria Textile Company which is Surat’s largest manufacturing company where you will get a lot of varieties in women’s wear what we are going to see today You have already understood, but today we who see varieties, do they know or not, so I will tell you now, you must be seeing the first collection, it is a very beautiful concept, which is like Gajri color, isn’t it? The combination of green color that you have, it looks very different and very beautiful, open it and see how you are going to get the whole look.


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You must be seeing this pallu of the whole century. That very beautiful concept with the complete pallu matching in contrast. aa hai border bhi jo hai you get it in contrast now fabric if we talk about fabric you also get very soft lightweight material like we say na hazaar booti concept so from this side look at these small butts which You get pallu for the whole century, you see the complete rich pallu, you get it like this, if we wear it, then the whole look comes in this way, which looks very beautiful, it is like this Here also you get pallu, see this also, you get this whole border with a very beautiful concept, if we talk about piece, then you get it with a set of four pieces, yes here. Collection stars are Banarasi in centuries you start with one piece set but if you want variety like checks or you want some four piece variety then you also get them here so now we see that you will find more How come the designs are available here, see yeh puri jo patti hote na lips step mein touch puri patti ki jab main yeh pura kalekse It has not been made and let’s open it and see how it is going to be available to you, it is also going to be a very beautiful collection, you must be seeing it completely, look like this, you will get this entire collection in the touch up of the entire leaf.


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If we talk about pallu, then pallu is made in complete relation of golden and pink color, you get it in complete weaving concept, see here, its complete work has been done with very finishing, talk of the hot cut of the century. If you do then here you will get all the sarees from Banarasi Saree Manufacturer Bhiwandi with 630 cut, that too set wise, you have to purchase and you will also get advice from here, you will get different colors, different designs, so now you will get them. We see that how do you get this collection which is this full navy blue of blue colour, in which you are going to get this whole concept in which there are such big buts which are very beautiful. It is looking like a century, see the whole, we want some collections of centuries like classic look, then you get them Kesariya Textile Co. Kesaria Textile Company in Pani which is Surat’s biggest manufacturing company and here you get whatever collections you want here, you can understand that you are going to get any collection here, then you are seeing this collection.


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Which looks very beautiful, you also get many colors in this, you are going to get all these with a set of four pieces or six pieces. All these collections are going to be available to you, that too you will be able to order sitting at home, you have to keep a small budget of yours, keep a small budget of only ₹ 10000, you will be able to order it sitting at home, this is what your minimum order should be in 10000 rupees. If you want collection of lehengas, suit materials or you want variety like kurti, then you will be able to get it for ₹ 10000 sitting at home, along with that you also get facility like pay cash on delivery here, pick up Drop facility is available when you visit here yes if you visit here If you would like to do all these things by Jit, then you get the facility of pick and drop here, through which you do not have any problem or problem in purchasing anything, in joining us, in coming to our company, so you have to pay here. You get the facility of pick and drop and if you have to come here, then you get sales persons in your language, through which you do not face any problem or difficulty in explaining your language, then today’s collection How do you like the video, do tell by commenting, then move towards more varieties, here you get unlimited varieties.


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By calling him or the link is given in the description, you can join us on WhatsApp by directly joining him and you can order PDF of all the sections in which its price is going to be, what is the quality, what is the quantity and How many colors are you going to get, all that stuff If you get a mention in it, then see that you get it completely with rich pallu, some simple and over type varieties are available here, if we talk about blouse, then it is different from the century. The blouse is about to be found, which we see in the video, you get the entire blouse in this way, which looks very beautiful, if we make it, you get the complete blouse with 1 meter cut, which You must be seeing that with 1 meter cut, if you have a size issue that if you are a little healthy, then you will get a blouse like this, whatever you collect here, then the cut will be more than 1 meter.


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They come only, they are not going to come less, so see 6:30 you get the full cut of the century, the fabric you are looking at is very shining and very light weight fabric, you get the border, you see the border also looks very beautiful. If we wear it, then its look is going to be very beautiful, let’s see how you get this century, then see how it is completed The collection you get is very beautiful, so if you have liked any of these collections, then order them immediately sitting at home, and all these things are ordered quickly through the culture of cash on delivery. Today’s video, if you like it Like the video and subscribe to the channel and also press the bell icon and comment on how you liked today’s collections, then with this I take Kavita goodbye, see you all in a new video, not with varieties. Till then bye bye.


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