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Banarasi Saree Manufacturer Tiruchirappalli: Complete varieties are going to be available, so today we are going to see that there are more than one collection of Banarasi sarees from Banarasi Saree Manufacturer Tiruchirappalli, but today we are going to see how many colors of the same bamboo are going to be there and what kind of packing you are going to get and how many pieces We will see that we are going to get it, then here you must be seeing that I have brought some collections for you, so first of all we will open one and see how you will get the connection. You must have seen the packing like this That you get this complete packing, this is the kind of packing you will get, in this way you will get the packing, open it and see how you are going to get this century, it is very light weight and very soft, in this you will get full diamond It is going to be available, which is going on in a lot of training, it is also in demand, there is also a demand from the customer that we need some varieties everyday, so for them you can see this variety of colors, its color is very beautiful and the blouse is also very beautiful.


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You are going to come in this and if we talk about Ballu, then you will be able to see the pallu on the entire pallu. Starting in this way, you are going to get its diamond fabric which is you are going to get organza basis, like many fabrics come in Banarasi too, so you get more games, you get basis, look like this, it looks very beautiful in it. The lace that you find in tasals in the border is going to be found on Puri Pallu and with this set of five pieces, this is the collection of the century, you are going to get it with the set of five pieces, which you can see. This is the color, you are going to get something in peach color, see if you want it in pink color, then it is going to be available and by the way, here are the colors.


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You will get very beautiful colors as well as all the collections, now you have to look at the colors. For in this way you have so many colors this quantity is set of five if you want to do it 25 then immediately take a screenshot call the number running on the screen or send a message and pdf mangvaea purchase it now quantity You have come to know what it is, you have also come to know what is the quality, but if you would like to watch the video Through the facility of call, you can just see the number which is running on the screen, you can call it, you will get the facility of video call here, through video call, you can see everything in it, see the whole you carry pattern.


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I am complete in this way you get daily diamond which looks very beautiful full high you can see the whole weaving concept which is going to be available to you for the whole century so now we have done that to give you a How many colors are going to be available in the same bunch and what designs are going to be available, so now we are going to see that some more different designs are also available, so let’s see how you get them if you want something for marriage. Or for festivals, these types of collections are going to be found here, if you want box packing then you get that too in all these centuries, by the way these sarees I am showing you now You are going to get it in the packing you ask, as I show you what kind of packing it is, I am going to get you If this is a set of how many five pieces, this is also a set, in this you are going to get the facility of barcode, see the facility of barcode, in which quality.


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What is quantity, what is the price, what are the colors, all the countries in which mention is available like this But if you want some kind of facility like box packing, then that too you are going to get it here, so now let us see how you get it, in this you are going to get diamond which is available in hand. Those diamonds are put on, you are going to get it on the whole pallu and in this way you get the lace which is looking very beautiful, you see how many colors you get in it In this way you are going to get this set of pieces of colors and in this way you get the colors, so now we will see that some other designs which you get only and only, where is the Kesaria Textile Company, you can see in this also In this too, you are going to get Scrooge’s Diamond on the century and initially in some multi colors, you will get Bute like this. Which is in golden red and golden green which looks very beautiful on yellow.


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You are going to get it with a very heavy concept and all the fabric which is going to be very soft, you can see the border, in this also you get full diamond like this, tasls you get it all over the pallu, which If you are looking for today’s variety, then how do you like today’s collections, do tell by commenting and which one would you like to do? If you like the collections, then we will bring the video for you according to the same accord. If you want to order, you can definitely order through the facility of cash on delivery, you get the facility of cash on delivery in the Kesaria Textile Company and here you get the facility of cash on delivery as well as self-personal communication in your language. When you visit here, if you want to make purchase by visiting here, then you get the facility of pick and drop here, through which you do not need to go here and there, you will directly join us and with that Here you also get sales person in your language if you like the video then please like me poem with money from you till next video thank you.


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