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Banarasi Saree Manufacturer Bhubaneswar: Today we will see some such collections of Banarasi centuries, which are going to be available starting from Rs.170. 700 then without talking much let’s start our collection of ji’s first collection you must be seeing which is looking very beautiful in this the golden issued in this way in the whole century you will get in the whole century And we open it and see how it is going to be available to you that very simple and shower type varieties are going to be available here, in this you also get attached blouse, so now we move to the next collection. On the side, you get many more colors in this, see this, the blouse of this you get in such a way that it is in contrast and the work that we add on the sleeves of the blouse is done in this way. You get the one which looks very beautiful now we will see the cotton which is copper zari designs in the type that you see, in this way, you will get full copper border also in this way, you will get the complete collection with rich pallu here. You have to purchase a single piece, you cannot purchase from here at all, our company is manufacturing and wholesale selling, so from here you will be able to purchase everything set wise, in this you get tasals.


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You can see in this way If you talk about the cut of the entire century, then you will get this complete collection with 6:30 cut, you people must be watching, with the cut of 6:30, you will get this complete collection with blouse, so now We keep seeing how you get the collection here, like we like to wear some cotton type sarees in daily wear, then you will get those types of sarees here and in these Different colors are going to be available in a bunch but the design is what you get, see the whole small beauty like this Completed with T you find its border in the jacket which is cotton silk, you are going to get the fabric in it and moving towards the pallu, see how you are going to get the pallu that you are going to get. The blouse is also going to be available in green color set, if we talk about the set, then here I will also tell you the set, what kind of bunch you are going to get here, see as it is a set now.


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So how many colors do you get in this, you will get it with a set of six pieces, see the colors are found in this way, the color options are going to be available to you in all the bunches, if you want some variety of the same color in the whole bunch, then that You are also going to get here, then you are going to get all these colors, then you see what kind of varieties you get to see here, so if you like any of these collections, then you can take a screenshot immediately. Call or message the number running on the screen, the link will also be given to you in the description, it will be mentioned, you will go to it. You will be able to connect directly with us and get all these collections at your home, the minimum order that will be yours will be only ₹ 10000, you will be able to order all these things sitting at home in ₹ 10000. This century, it mostly runs in Maharashtra, but if you If you are from anywhere, if you like to wear such varieties, then you will also be able to purchase.


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If you are from India, then you will also get the facility of cash on delivery in India. Cash and delivery facility is available, but if you are from out of India, not from India, but from anywhere else, then if you are watching the video from there and if you want to order this variety, then you can order it with world wide shipping. The facility is going to be available here, with the facility of world wide shipping, if you want to visit here, then you can get the facility of PK drop here, through the facility of C can drop, you will be able to connect directly with us and you will be able to visit here. There is no need to go there, you can directly connect with us and do all these things by visiting here. If you can purchase and take away, then how did you like today’s collections, please comment and like the video, subscribe the channel and press the bell icon, see you in the next video, till then thanks.


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