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Banarasi Saree Manufacturer Jalandhar: Hello, welcome once again to all of you in Kesaria Textile Company, which is Surat’s largest manufacturing company, where you get complete varieties of women’s wear, although we see many collections daily, but today we are going to see From Rs 69 to Banarasi Centenary Collections, that too more than one collection as per your wish, you are going to get it here, I can say this with a guarantee, so let’s start without talking much, which is our collection anyway. Today we have taken a lot of collections from the gym, we will show you all the collections today, so first we see that it is looking very beautiful in some banarasi part sorry dark color, in this you have complete weaving concept. The collection has been made in which you will get tasals means tasals which have lace in the hem, you will get the whole attached pallu, you can see the whole bridge with pallu, my copper continues, you will get it in the whole century, very beautiful if Let’s talk about fabric, some more games You are going to get the complete quantity, that too with a set of 2 pieces, yes, here you have to do all the things set wise, you have to take special care of this that from here you cannot purchase single piece at all.


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Kesaria Textile Company is manufacturing and whole selling from here you can purchase all things set vice bunch vice which is next you can see whatever is in some bandhni you also get banarasi concept in tying this is very very mean beautiful sea that Variety is done, see, you are going to get the complete pallu that you are looking for in rich, which is in blue color, with a very beautiful concept, you are going to get this complete collection, so if you want to purchase this If you have a collection, then take a quick screenshot, the number is running on the screen, you can call or message it and get the PDF, what is the quality in it, what is the quantity, how many colors are you going to get in the quantity, you will get a mention in the PDF anyway. If we talk about century then you will get all the sarees with 6.30 cuts. Wali hai with blouse is going to get you in centuries, see this, this is the next one, it is some organza basis, which is going to test you in some simple and shower time, which is going to be the test of South.


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If you like this type of collections, if you want to see more, then you have to subscribe to our channel, as well as press the bell icon, then see this, it is very simple for you, you will get century in shower type. You get this full border in Hai Carry pattern, which is a work which looks very beautiful, in this also you get a set of two pieces, starting with 2 pieces, if you want four pieces, 8 pieces If you want six pieces, then you also get it here, but the starting quantity here is with a set of two pieces. Weaving is the concept, in this also you get rich pallu, however in Banarasi you get only rich pallu in all the centuries. It is going to be available because Banarasi is available for centuries and heavy pallu, so see this also with very beautiful concept, like we love to wear such varieties in marriage, so you will get all of them here.


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By the way, apart from Banarasi, you also get a lot of sarees, like if you want only georgette, party wear, daily wear or you want something in bridal type, then all types of sarees are available here at Banarasi Saree Manufacturer Jalandhar, but what we see today If it is Banarasi special, then see all these designs are available here, you get more than one collection here, which you are going to get a lot in the market, they are available in very high prices, but here you will get Which is going to be available at the least rate, although you would have seen very few works from Banaras in centuries, but here you are going to get complete work in Banarasi centuries also, which we are seeing now, see the whole which is starting with its diamond touch.


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Has been given full in the midst of the centuries in such a way that even tasls Most of your cats have noticed that you have got tasals. Tasals are very trendy right now, they are also in high demand, there is also a demand from customers. Many people are also lagvate because the look of tonsils is very different and looks very beautiful too, so look at this, like a newlywed bride, at our place, she likes to wear some sarees very much. So this type of sarees are also available to you here, by the way, you get many varieties here, if we talk about the set, then see that you are going to get the set, in this way you will have to purchase the complete set, you can choose the color in it. See, in the same set, you get different different colors, the designs that you are going to get from you, you get catalogs in all of them, see the facility of barcode, here you get the facility of barcode, which is a very good thing that here Pay you get the facility of barcode, you can at least range if you If you purchase things or do high range, then you are going to get the facility of barcode here, in the barcode of balgot, you get many such things which you get mentioned, like if you want to know the price or what it is.


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You have to know everything, how many colors are there, what are the varieties, then all those things are mentioned in this, so subscribe to our channel to see more such collections, but before that, if you want to tell one thing that if you If you like any of these collections, if you want to purchase, just keep your budget small while sitting at home, you can order all these things in the budget of 10000, sitting at home, it is not that you cannot order empty Banarasi century in ₹ 10000. Many things are available here, like you need a lehenga, you need a blouse, you need a suit material, or you want a kurti button, then you can understand that you get complete varieties of women’s wear here, so if you If you want to purchase anything, then just make you Kesaria Textile Company, whatever you want in front of that If you want to apply, search it, you will get PDF of all the things, and by the way, here you also get the facility of video call, just you have to call the number which is running on the screen, by purchasing online through the facility of video call. You can order it sitting at home, so how did you like today’s video? Do like and comment and tell which one of these is the best variety, then with this I take Kavita goodbye, see you all in the next video Thank you for the new variety till then bye-bye.


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