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Banarasi Saree Manufacturer Gurgaon: Hello friends, I Shashikant Marathe warmly welcomes you with Nai Soch Nai Disha and today we are going to see some unique concepts like many different patterns prepared inside Banaras, in which Kanjeevaram became Dharmavaram or copper silk. If it is done inside, we are going to cover all of these different patterns saree, but today through this video, we are going to cover some of the different patterns that come in Banarasi silk saree of Banarasi Saree Manufacturer Gurgaon, like you You can see that six colors of six are kept in front of you, but the biggest thing is that what kind of collection is going to be shown here, what kind of beauty is going to be and the biggest thing is that here You have repair jugaad under one roof, silk, organza, Banarasi cotton and many varieties that come inside cotton silk, so all of them are not possible, but today we are going to show some of Banaras. Today I am going to show you the unique pattern which is inside the Patola style and it talks about the color concept.


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If you can see very beautiful colors are in front of you and its beauty is telling that how beautiful the century is going to be, how its color combination is going to be, then you can see that six of the six colors are so lovely friends. Be it Maharashtra or South, in any corner of India, if you see the result of this type of program, van presence is also going to come and the biggest thing is that if our customer wants, the beauty, the collection he wants, if it comes in front of him, it will be very good. It is a great discus, you are going to get it, so let’s start and see how the collection is going to be, how its beauty is going to be, then we are going to show you van by van, in each color, how its collections are.


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We are going to live from and the biggest thing is that if we talk about the rich pallu or if we talk about the collections, then what kind of life is it going to be, so we are going to cover everything through this video, so let’s go to the collections And let’s see how the collection is going to live, how it’s beauty started living because friends in Banaras And you know from many patterns that here we tell you that whatever collection you want or the variety you want, you just have to contact us online and tell them what kind of patterns you want inside Banarasi. Some kind of design is needed inside it because there are so many options inside it that you will not believe that if you keep items from so many options immediately, then you will get a very good response, so let’s go towards this pattern.


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And let’s see the full rich pallu you are going to get is complete in contrast and you can see the border chali hai chiku and which is different inside it which has viscose border very beautiful border is taken and chiku with you Which is it’s multi which I told you that the whole contract is going to be just what you have and talk about the designs, it’s a very nice beautiful design and you can see the whole Vipin how beautiful it is The pattern is going to stay and you will find a lot of such color combination designs. But friends, the purpose of opening all was that you will understand the beauty of it, because the patola style inside Banaras or Banarasi cotton or silk is ripper, then such options are available to you. A lot of designs are going to be available, you are going to be full here and the biggest thing is that when all such designs are opened in front of the customer, then the first option is that how much is the brother, then the same question will also come in front of you.


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What kind of range is going to be there, what kind of collections are going to be there and seeing its beauty, you yourself will know that what kind of pattern is going to be there, what kind of collection is going to be there, very lovely collection Talk about the designs that you will get, there are many options available with us, like van by van, we talk about yellow color, you can see that it is very cute, you will get the look of it, you will get big borders. Which color is going to be very nice, if we talk about the next color, then you can see that its patterns are also very large. Ziya hai i.e. gray and you will get coffee which is its better look, then you will get different patterns in this way.


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You will get new patterns, new designs, if we talk about the next color, then you can see that whatever color you want to tie it, you will get it in this way and if you talk about the last option, then you will get light pink color. It is going to go means that you will get six out of six colors like this. Talking about beauty, there are many options here because you know that inside Banarasi, the options given to you are different. How beautiful you live, the biggest thing is that the color options are very good, that is, if you want light, then you want light direct, then according to your preference, you will get everything here and let’s talk about patterns. Friends, there are many patterns that you will get here, if you want a diamond touch inside the heart, then now you will get it.


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You can see the color option, very cute and beautiful, you will get the options, the kind of pattern you want, you will get all of them here and talk about rapid or talk about silk, then from different options Within this, you will always get the collections and videos here, how did you like it, because friends comments are very important because from the comments we come to know what kind of retirement is your net and we forward that retirement further. And according to that, you are provided with the entire collection of Sara, so try to mention where you are speaking from and what kind of color combinations work at your place and what patterns you want inside the silk. Say and the biggest thing if you are new on the channel then don’t forget to subscribe the channel and don’t forget to press the bell icon so that you will get new notifications and videos then friends message ka maratha hoon till next video thank you.


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