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Banarasi Saree Manufacturers Solapur: Hello friends, how are you, hope you will be very big, but the biggest thing is if I do cricket, if you are looking for different concepts inside Banaras, then your search is going to be fulfilled, where from inside Kesaria Textile Company and today I tell you with the claim that the collection we are going to see today is going to be very different and very unique because people talk big things but today I am going to show you such a collection which you will know to be particular. What kind of collections are you going to find inside this, the biggest thing is that what people talk about manufacturing, you will get it in manufacturing, but how will you know, you will have to visit once and most You can see the big thing, pick up any collection and talk about collections, you want inside Banarasi, you want it inside silk, or you want it inside repair card, or whatever concept you want from inside Banaras, you are going to get more than one.


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Normal collection will be found with rich pallu Retirement is like yours, you will get it from his retirement and the biggest thing is that the wedding has just started and inside the wedding, how do you want the color change that you like at first sight and you know like this You will get the collection only and only inside the Banarasi department, and talk about the collections, you will get very lovely lovely collections here, like if you want pallu in contrast, you will get it even if you want rich pallu and if we talk about carry booty So you can see such a beautiful collection friends, which you will not get even after searching and if you want to know the rate, then you have been given a number on the top of the screen, click on the number, you will get all the information friends, the biggest reason behind this You know that we do not tell you the rate like this because you may face a lot of problems in your business, so we do not tell you the rate, you need more information, the number is going to be found here, let’s see the next collection.


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Here inside the rich pallu We tell you that you will get this collection inside the wrapper, you will get the same, inside it you will get it, so now you can see that inside the litchi silk, you will get the whole thing, but how will you know its beauty. If we see then let’s see how spice is its collection, very lovely collection is going to be found here and you will not need to speak such collection in front of the customer as if the century will open, it will say such a tremendous collection and friends like this The same collection is going to be available to you here, let’s talk about beauty, you can see the full rich pallu and along with it, you are going to get the less repair, the weaving of viscose is going to be very wonderful, so you will get it here. Let’s go next, let’s see which simple sober collection we want, which should not be too flashy, and most importantly, whether you have customers from your South, Bihar or Maharashtra, we have a lot of options for them too.


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There are options but how to know the options friends are going to be known in this way and You can see very cute like you are going to get the whole pallu in sex and you are going to see the whole of the check button here and talk about the color concept, you are going to get a tremendous collection and such Collection friends, you are going to get it in the range and talk about the range quantity 169 onwards, the collection starts here, you will get some quarter collections and we will see how the cotton collection is going to be. What kind of pattern is going to be there, what kind of designs are going to be there, because the patterns that you will get here are very beautiful, you will get more than one button, that too inside the contrast blouse, in this way, the best collection You will get that also within the Banarasi Saree Manufacturers Solapur rate, but friends, what will you have to do for this, you will have to visit the counter and after giving repairs, you will have to confirm once that what is the quality of the Banarasi collection.


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Have you see for yourself the rate is written Fabric is written, cut is written, you will get all the information here, do you think that I want a collection inside copper jari, then inside copper dei also you will get tremendous collection, after the color chart, talk about this If you do then you will get very cute lovely designs, let’s go ahead, let’s see the simple sober century in the quantum test, as you know what kind of color fabric you will get in this, talk about the designs or talk about the color, you can see a lot hi pyare pyare colors you are going to get here rate quantity 239 you are going to get big border collection with richhpallu now let’s go let’s see some box collection which you are going to get with rich pallu as you like I tell you, you can see very beautiful color which is queen color but how will you know how the concept is going to be like this but what will have to be done for that guys see here how the collection is going to be -How are the concepts going to stay because the wedding is about to take place now The season has started and as the retirement of the customer, you give such collections to them, then your bat will be bat and we want that you get everything within your arrangement, you get all the response that you want ahead of the merchant.


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Because if you talk about collections here, you will get pattern style and if you talk about Pethe, you will get very lovely collections here, so let’s see what is the matter, rich pallu with embroidery is going to be available. Rich borders are going to be found together, you can see that the pallu that is going to be very cute, it is also going to be found with the fringe, so such concepts that you will not find even if you search in the whole face, friends, I am just telling you this. I am speaking with a claim, because you know that we have been contributing to the Tik Chal film for the last 46 years and our efforts are the same, be it Banarasi, catalog, century or daily collections, you all have that. Find the collection which is very important for your business and you will find such collection here. If you are going to get it, then definitely you are going to get a great collection inside it, which is going to be with you with rich pallu and talk about the concept, such a wonderful concept, you will get quantity ₹ 450 with rich pallu in lesilk. If we talk about the quarter, then you will get a lot of options for cotton here too, who want to know you by the name of cotton beauty and you will also have collections inside cotton duty.


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You will get it but how will you know the color when you are going to visit here to see what kind of collections are going to be there and you think that we need some work in cotton base, lines inside the fabric, that too you will get ji han friends platform. You are going to get the complete collection of silver, that too according to your demand, you can see it, very lovely collection, you are going to get cotton base, in this way, the whole of silver is going to be available and the biggest thing If you talk about Boxing, then you will find very lovely collections here, but what you have to do for that, friends, visit and see how the collections are, what kind of retirement you want, you want it in a rich pallu, you want it in a box, you want it for gifting. If you want, then such collections are going to give you a lot of benefits, do you think that you don’t have pay here from South, the customers who come from Maharashtra, up to Bihar, such collections have a lot of retirement, so friends, if there is any query, then the screen Above you have been given the number, you just have to comment and the biggest thing is something very different, you are facing some problem with business recording, then our senior team is going to help you a lot, so friends, how was the video, how was the collection Felt sure told and yes If you are new to the channel then don’t forget to subscribe the channel and don’t forget to press the bell icon so that you will get new notifications and you will get the message till the next video thank you!


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