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Banarasi Saree Manufacturer Mysore: Hello, I Kavita welcomes all of you once again in Kesaria Textile Company, today we are going to see the collection of Banarasi centuries starting from ₹ 169. By the way, here you must be seeing that so many collections have come, are going on in the festival season and are going on in the wedding season, so if you also want to purchase from here, that too famous Banarasi sarees from Banarasi Saree Manufacturer Mysore. Banaras’s but Chalti’s are everywhere, you can see these types of sarees which are going to be available here in very different colors and designs, so without talking much, let’s see today’s collection. What is going to happen, how is it going to happen, first you see this, you are going to get the entire catalog victory, in this way you get the complete catalog, if we talk about colors, then open it and see, we will keep talking, but the collection is Even after opening it, let’s see how you are going to get the catalog, then you will have to enter it like this You can get all these colors, in this way you get the colors of the whole century and you will get the blouse also, with approx six 30 more, you will get this whole collection here, you will get it in blue color.


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Which is very beautiful, the whole copper is issued, the thousand butis that come in the copper issue, isn’t it, you are going to get this in the whole century, tasals means the tasls that are there in the skirting, you get it, it is very beautiful. If you want to purchase this variety then you have to purchase this set vice, just you have to take a quick screenshot where you can take a screenshot of it as well and the number is running on the screen, call it by texting You can order now let’s see the colors, when you call or message, you will mangvaenge the PDF, after that PDF continues, you can order the colors sitting at home. If you like then order quickly and mangvaea at your home quickly Some similar collections are available in this way you are going to get complete quantity in 169.


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If you want some high range then you can also get this type of collection here but today we have some low range to see. You see this collection, you have to see some South Mein Jo test na South Ka Jo test hai, some like this, the people of South like to wear colored sarees in light colors, so if you are also from South, then this There must be a lot of different types of collections at your place, so you can also purchase all these varieties, that too sitting at home, through the facility of cash on delivery, yes, here you get the culture of cash on delivery, through which you can You can order everything sitting at home from here and all you have to do is place your minimum order of 10000 rupees, see this, in all centuries you get some such catalogs, in which you will see what the colors are in the catalogue. If you also wear this collection, then you are going to look very different, let’s see what you get in it. Because this bunch jo hai kitne ka set hai, let me tell you, this is a set of six pieces, well, here you will get quantity two pieces, means you start here with a set of pieces, but what we are seeing now is 6 With a set of pieces, first you can see that you get it in green color, then similar collections are available here, if you want red, like you want pink or you want it in yellow type.


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You are going to get all the collections here, so now we have seen all these colors, but now let’s see how you are going to get it by opening it, by the way here you are going to get the catalog, in all the items you get the catalog that you What do you mean by catalogue, people must be thinking that why there is a catalog when we wear the century, its all over look comes, it does not come in such a way that you see, now let us see how you will get the century. In the entire century, you get a complete proxy diamond in the border that you have like this, right from the beginning the diamond which is very di Lives in Mand and looks very different. His look is not different. For this type of collections are very helpful, so many thanks to all of you for watching similar collections and if you want to see similar collections, then all you have to do is subscribe to our channel.


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You also have to press the bell icon, but if you have one more thing here, I will tell you that if you want to visit here, then you get the facility of pick and drop here, through which you will not face any problem in joining us. Or there will be no problem, you will easily join us and all these things will be corrected and taken away. You can find it here if you have your own shop then you must definitely have such collections. Should be included because whatever is available here, whatever you do not get in the market, first of all you get it in Kesaria Textile Company, so do visit once, here you will get PK andro facility, through which you will not have to go here and there. There is no need, you can join us directly, if you like the video, then you have to like, subscribe and press the bell icon too, and then I take a poem bye, see you all in the next video, till then with varieties Thank You for watching!


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