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Banarasi Saree Manufacturer Moradabad: Hello friends, I warmly welcome you in Shashikant Marathi from Kesaria Textile Company and today the concept we are going to see is very tremendous and special because all festivals are special, everything is special but together our collection is special because you know The name of the collection that we are going to see today in the company of saffron is Kashmir ki Kali Definitly because the name is less and the biggest thing is that you will be recognized because friends say that first impression is not This is the last impression i.e. the first impression is your last impression, so try to be as positive as you can be towards your business, definitely you will get its effect very positive, then you can see that the concept is placed in front of you very multi. Inside Copper Jari, you are going to get the whole sequence with multi and the biggest thing is that inside it you will get six colors of six, which you will get very tremendous and very trendy, you will get it with box packing.


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Is  Because friends, when this kind of beautiful packing comes in front of you, then you are gifting it or selling it, its beauty matters a lot inside both the things, because the customer’s reaction comes like the packing, because sarees from Banarasi Saree Manufacturer Moradabad are All types of concepts are sold, but the concepts which are trending, which are the excuses of the customers, when we put such concepts in front of the customers, then we will get very good response from them, so let’s see the concept as a concept. It is going to be like, what kind of design is going to be and the biggest thing is that you are going to get all the beautiful colors of the six colors that you are seeing, but the biggest thing is that the collections that are going to be there, you will also get beautiful If it is going to be, then let’s go towards the concept and see how the concept is going to live, what kind of beauty it is going to have, because friends, when the century opens, you will definitely say the same thing that really like Kashmir’s Kali is its name, then you should know about it.


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You will also get the concept in the same way. If you have a very cute concept, you will get it and if you talk about pallu, then you can see that you will get the whole curry rich pallu and if you talk about the patterns, then you will get very beautiful You will get it as you can see it is very beautiful from start to end, you will get work, collections are going to be found, and talking about beauty, you will get very lovely attractive collections here, friends, all collections are attractive, but some When special designs or some special collections are open in front of you, then definitely you will get a very good collection of them, so let’s see how the concept is going to be, what kind of pattern is going to be there, then you can see copper Inside you will get the complete carry, you will get the pendant, and together you will see its two work, inside it you will get the complete copper work, if we talk about the border, then it is going to be a very beautiful border.


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Which is going to be your To see you within the whole of what you are If you can get it, then in this way the whole pattern which will be very wonderful and if we talk about the work, it is very beautiful, inside it, you will also get the designs, because you will get different patterns. There is no dearth of concept, just you think that I want to see many more such patterns, so please contact our online team, contact them and tell them what kind of concepts live inside the copper. How is the matching done and the most important thing is which fabric is inside it, because friends, the more beautiful your packing or fabric is, the more beautiful the response you will get from the customer, you can see. Very lovely pattern you are going to get along with the copper dey, if you talk about more fabric, then very beautiful pattern, now talk about its blouse, you can see the border along with the beauty. You will get it with Copper De and the color combination is very beautiful.


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If you have got it, then let’s see how its color is like I have shown you the first one, now let’s go to the second color which is going to impress you like this, you can see very cute water sequence has been reduced to multi. The border of the copper has been reduced, you will come and talk about the work, you will find the whole trend work inside it and talk about the color combination, you will find very lovely colors inside it. Now let’s move on to the third color and you can see how cute the pattern is and friends, when you show such patterns in front of the customer, you will definitely get a very lovely response from him because the pattern inside the copper dey is going to be a collection. Different colors are going to be available and you can see that the fifth color is going to be there, that too very beautiful, you are going to get it here and in this way Chhath colors which are in front of you, different patterns, different concepts, you will get them here.


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It is going to be available because if you talk about packing then you can see if you want dark concept then that too You will get it because in Banaras you are going to have no shortage of patterns, you are going to get different concepts, live purchasing is going on, you can see the customers, here they are being explained everything, they are being told what the collection is. You are going to live like this, what kind of patterns are going to be and in silk base, you want a simple sober collection of cob like this, then you will also get it here because the concept is going to get you a lot of different patterns. You will get it, if you want a pattern like this inside the synthetic, then you will also get it here. It is going to be because you will get a lot of concepts inside it also, because friends, you know that in this way you will get different patterns inside the Kesaria Textile Company, according to the retirement you will get, you will get all the patterns, so how did you like the collection? How did you like the video, definitely told in a comment and the biggest thing is that if you subscribe to the channel And if you are new then don’t forget to subscribe the channel then I will get sob marathi till next video thanks for watching!


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