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Banarasi Saree Manufacturers Howrah: We have seen many varieties of this, but today we will see how to get the packing of varieties, at which place in a Kesaria Textile Company, yes, today we will see the packing of varieties Hello friends, once again welcome to all of you in Kesaria Textile Company where You get a lot of varieties in Vimal Jail, so see here, here you are going to get complete collections with some such packing and 500, see this kind of packing, you will get it in a box, that is, in a plastic box. Packing sarees are available in boxes, but if you want packing in some paper boxes, then you will also get them in such boxes, which you can see if we do weddings, then such collections would have been there. Yes, we have to do box packing or our friends have a birthday party or some personal function in our house, then we have to gift them, then mostly we do dress because girls like it very much. If there are dresses, then you get all that work here.


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See this set vice with packing, you are going to get this set of 6 pieces, but if you want it in small pack, then see this, this means that small pack and big power, please 6:30 meters You are getting the century in such a small box, the onlooker will feel that it is not a box of sweets, but a box of sweets, all can be seen, then by opening it, we will show you what kind of collections you get here. Even in box packing, see this, in such a small, cute double, you get this kind of collection, see this, you will get this whole in Banarasi century, which you can see, with such a small packing.


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You will get this whole. and you get different different colors in the same bunch, see here different different colors are available, but if you want some bridal ones, you can also find them here, but for that you have to comment on the video and tell that you If you want to see that, we will make a video for you, see this, you will also get different sets of ₹ 450 in different colors With this you are going to get this whole here, in this way, now we start the collection which we saw first, because I will keep watching, the packing is very beautiful, the packing is so beautiful, so the collection is very large.


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If it will be beautiful then see this way you get this whole collection which is going to be cataloged also you get the facility of barcode see this whole you get on silk material you can see this whole collection in kanjivaram silk wala hai in this way you also get tasals you can see its full pallu what a beautiful size pallu you get means in such a small and cute box you also get Banarasi Saree Manufacturers Howrah otherwise see a box If sarees are not good then you get very beautiful concepts, so here you can see such beautiful sarees in such lovely packing that you can see the complete catalog. It is going to be made in our place, which is made of such centuries. Pt hai you get starting from 169 that too more than one collection so if you also want to join with Kesaria Textile Company then what you have to do is call on the number running on the screen our online Team is there, they will definitely reply you and will also send you PDF for you so that.


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You can collect all these collections sitting at home, that too online through which you can see more such collections, you have to like the video if new If yes, then subscribe and press the bell icon, you get it in some red color, but if you want something different in different colors, then see this, you get it in some drama color, see it like this If you want pink color then you can get that here too means you will get different different colors in same bunch but whatever design you are going to get it but here we have made some collections for you.


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Are also going to be available in which both design and color means are going to be different, see this way you will get Sections are going to be available here, so how did you like today’s collection, how did you like today’s video, do tell by commenting and if you want to see how the bridal sarees are packed in our place and reach you, then you can comment on us. You can definitely tell because here you are going to get all the collections with very beautiful packing, so how did you like today’s video, like the video, subscribe to the channel and also press the bell icon, then see you in the next video. Thank you for watching.


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