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Banarasi Saree Manufacturers Nashik: Hello friends, welcome once again to all of you in a new video in Kesaria Textile Company, where you get completely varieties of women, nowadays our collection is under-1700, you are going to get the concepts of Banarasi centuries. Heard you can see the Banarasi centuries that you are seeing here, you are going to get it within ₹ 700, that too only for you, so if you want to purchase such collections, then definitely stay till the end of the video. So let’s start today’s our first collection, see this, you will get very beautiful zigzag fighter, you can also see this concept, you will get it in yellow color, which looks very beautiful, see its length You can get the complete collection with blouse with 6:30 cut, here you purchase any century, in that you will get the complete collection with 6:30 length, which you can see from the pallu very beautiful.


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You are going to get this complete concept with Kesaria Textile Company jo sur It is located in Surat and is the largest manufacturing company in Surat, here you get complete varieties of Vimal ware, like lehengas, kurtis, connections of centuries, they are also different. There are concepts, you get all of them here, so see, our second generation is also something like this. Those who come to our wedding at the Yellow Door keep studying the functions compulsorily, so these types of collections are very comfortable. Live also and give a very classic look, see this, if you want to show different in weddings, then definitely do it once with this type of collection that sir has joined the Kesaria Textile Company, you get such collections here Starting if we talk about the price of Banarasi centuries, then you are getting it here at 169, yes, you have heard it right, here you will get the concept of Banarasi centuries at 169, which you can see in the video.


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Beautiful whose combination is looking very beautiful You can see the border in the whole golden zari leaf, you get the border, in this you get the weaving concept, it is full lahariya by which looks very beautiful, if you like any collection by joining Kesaria Textile Company, screenshot You can order PDF by calling or texting on the number given on the screen You can do online purchasing Here you also get the facility of video call Cash on delivery facility is also available Yes, you can get cash and delivery here Places get them at places where pin code facilities are available, then here.
You can see the collection that you get here unlimited, you can do any kind of purchasing online or offline, but if you are online If you want to do purchasing, then your minimum order should be only 10000, on top of that you can purchase as much as you want, sitting at home through worldwide shipping, if you are not in India, you are out of India, you are out of India. If you are off then you can order home Sitting all this thing through world wide shipping and if you want to do it by visiting here then you get the facility of pick and drop here, through which you do not need to go here and there, you can directly join us, that too weekend.


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I tell you how you can pick up the facility through drop facility Surat station if you come from there call from there our office is 10 minutes away from the sales office you will see the screen you will see The number is running, you have to call, our drivers come to pick you up, after purchasing you have to drop there, so that you will not face any problem in purchasing from here, I hope You must have liked today’s collection very much because who does not like Banarasi Saree Manufacturers Nashik, everyone likes them, but along with Banarasi sarees, I would like to tell you one thing that here you have to purchase set wise, see this set of four pieces. is found in which you are going to get the facility of barcode In the convenience of the code.


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You get the mention of the quality price of everything, this facility of barcode is available here in all the products, even if you purchase a product of ₹ 10 from saffron, but from here you get the facility of barcode in all things Compulsory It means that if any member of your family comes here, then they will not get any change in the rate, the rate shown on the barcode is what you get here. In the previous video, we saw the box packing. How it happens, then you will also know that here you can see something like this. You can also get the facility of box packing here. If you get it, then how did you like today’s video, do tell by commenting, which one did you like the most in today’s collections, you also have to tell by commenting and which is your favorite color, then also tell by commenting. If you are new to the channel then subscribe and press the bell icon too. See you in the next video till then bye.


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