बनारसी साड़ी का जबरदस्त कलेक्शन | दाम सुन कर आप चौक जाओगे – Kesaria Textile Company Surat

Banarasi Saree Manufacturers Meerut: Hello friends, once again welcome to all of you in Kesaria Textile Company, where you get completely varieties in women’s wear, like lehengas, you get collections of Kurtis, you also get two piece three piece single kurti in Kurtis. If you want, you get that too, as well as you get blouse pieces here, steel unstitch suit material, if you want, you will also get it here. Out of them we are going to see some collections in Banarasi centuries which is going to be available within 300. You see this you have different different colors of the same platform. You get Khan fabric, hardly you have ever heard in Banarasi Saree Manufacturers Meerut, but today some colors have come for you in such a way that in Khan fabric and in this you get embroidery work which you are seeing, this is very much for you. Will be comfortable full when you wear it. Color you can see. Some of its pallu are available in multi colors and you also get embroidery work, in this way you can see it is a very beautiful concept, like all this, I have liked it very much, so you have liked it.


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Hope must have come, you can see that its entire pallu is going to come with 630 cut and in this you also get a blouse, which you can see, in this way you are going to get this blouse and if we talk You are going to get these six two eight pieces of their pieces, so today we will see all these colors which are going to be different, you can see the pallu, in the pallu also you will find some threads made from centuries. I will make only you get tasls which are very simple which give look from sugar so let’s start let’s see what are the colors of these then you will get catalog in this also you will get tasls within 300 The catalog is available here, although our starting price of centuries here starts from 55, but you can get it from ₹ 100 to ₹ 100 here. Even if you buy high range sarees, buy at least century, all of them are different from the ones you get, but the color is very different, it looks very beautiful also, see here you will get designs from us. There is a wall in which tasals made from centuries are found in this way, you can see the color combination, you get very beautiful color combinations of all the centuries, in this also you get flowers in emiratory like this, in this way.


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You can see here you get full embroidery work and what is fabric, you just heard that you get this mine in fabric, in embroidery work also you get the facility of barcode, here you get the facility of barcode in everything. Which is Compulsory is going to be available and here you get many colors and many designs are also available, so if you want to see more designs, then you must tell by commenting so that we can provide you with one See this in Daily Vijay, which is going to be a more variety, in this also you are going to meet at work, which Color hai woh hello friends jo hai se sakta hai but colors jo hai are very different you get see here you get complete like this you get jarkan like this you can see in this you get flowers and this Look very beautiful color combination you get here you have to purchase all these things set wise only we don’t deal in single piece we deal only in whole sale so if you like any of these collection If it comes then what you have to do is to take a screenshot on the number given on the screen you can call or message PDF Where you will get the facility of pin code, then see that you are going to get it in some different color that it is available in sky blue and red, see that you are going to get designs from it too, but what is different in this is that the colors are there.


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No, they are going to meet you in full bloom, you can see that it is looking very beautiful, you see the bore in it The border which you get is in gray color rest which is in sky blue and gray you get full embroidery work you can see the border very beautiful with concept you are going to get it here in all ages Bar codes are found and what is the most important thing that here we are seeing the collection right now you see in it [music] as we can guess that if I wear then how do you feel about us It is going to be available in green and maroon color combination, in contrast, see how beautiful it looks, you can see in the video itself, the concept looks very beautiful. If you purchase things, then you get the color combination of all the things, then you have to subscribe to the channel to see more collections, because we keep coming with more than one collection on Daily Vijay, see in this also from you.


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Designs are going to be available, color is going to be different, many people are going to get it. There is a request that how many colors do we get then we have made this video for all things that you get different different colors in a bunch the designs are going to be available from you so that’s why I have made this video to give you an idea Will know what color combination you are going to get, then how do you like today’s collection, you must tell by commenting and if you want to patch all these things sitting at home, then you can avail the facility of online video. Yes, through call, here you also get the facility of video, through which you can do purchasing even after watching this directly. With the facility of video call, here you can see many collections, as many as you can see here. If you want to tie all sarees, you will get Banarasi Saree Manufacturers Meerut, daily wear, party wear, fancy bridal. Please subscribe and press the bell icon too to get thanks till the next video.


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