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Banarasi Saree Manufacturers Faridabad: Collections of Banarasi centuries are available here starting from ₹ 169. Yes, you have heard it right. In Kesaria Textile Company, you can get such concepts of Banarasi centuries starting from ₹ 169, so today we have a video with this. Let’s start with today’s collections, then see our first collection, it is going to come in Banarasi Saree Manufacturers Faridabad, you can see the all over look, you will get it in this shade with very beautiful concept. In this, you are going to get complete in combination of purple and pink color, which if we talk about blouse, then it is looking very beautiful, you can see and if we talk about century’s pallu, then that too you will get complete It is available in heavy concept, which you can see, very beautiful color combinations are available here in starting market of 169, but if we tell the maximum price of this section, then you will get all these collections in maximum 700 in this section.


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You are going to come, see that you will get silver In this way you get complete work in Lahariya pattern which is complete weaving concept, you can see the border which is something like this, it is going to be found in Jaguar, which is going to get you this whole concept with silver jerry Very beautiful color also but what has been added in it separately this whole work looks very beautiful you can see the color you get in peach color you can see the work you can see this whole collection with very heavy work It is going to be available but you have to purchase them set wise, here you start the collection with a set of two pieces, so you have to keep in mind that here you purchase all the things set wise, if you also visit here So please do not demand single piece here at all, you have to purchase everything set-wise from here, so see this collection which mostly runs in banana, if you are from Kerala then this type of collection You must purchase that in which you get tasls in such a way that atta has been made in the century.


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You can see that There are many people who like to wear Banarasi sarees even in daily wear, so you can also find them here, look at it like this, you get soft silk fabric in which you can see very beautiful You are going to get this pallu, see here, see the pallu of this, you are going to get it in some contrast, which is blue color, I am also going to get it in blue, see this and if we talk about blouse, then you will get that also in contrast. It is very beautiful, look at it and if we talk about their set, then you get a set of 22 pieces, if you want a set of four pieces, then you will get that too, but what do you get in all these things? It is going to be that here you are going to get colors in all things, in the same bunch you get different different colors, so look at this, this is our next collection, you are going to get it in some multi colors, we have weddings here, so we need music If you want some different collections, then such collections are what you want. With very comfortable to do, you will find it very light full, if you wear it, then once you quickly visit the Kesaria Textile Company, you touch all these things once and patch them after that, it is not so.


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That if you don’t like them, then you have to patch them now, by the way, if you come to our place, you will take something or the other because you will get a lot of collections here, you will get countless and it is not that you will get here Only collections of centuries are available, here you get complete varieties in gomals rear, like century kurti lehenga, after that lehenga has lehenga choli, you also get concepts like bridal lehenga, you get it here in kurtis too Kurti pieces are available, single piece and two piece three piece are also available here, but if you want some suit material like that then you also get it here, that means you get complete varieties in womens wear here. If you get different types of concepts, then definitely take saffron tex once. To visit the Kesaria Textile Company so that you can see this type of collection once you walk here, then you must read once from here, see that this is for some derivative concept, we are also in the party.


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You can do it but it looks very pretty, you can see the print of it, you get the complete work in this way, which is looking very light but looks very beautiful, you can see it With full finishing, you get full work in it, which is embroidery work, you can see the time in it, which is made in the century, you get the border, see the border, you get the border in simple and shower type. Which is going to be found in Saturn leaves in this way, you get very beautiful concepts here, so if you want to see such collections daily, then you have to subscribe to the channel, if you want to watch videos in different languages as well. Want to watch in Malayalam or want to watch in Marathi or want to watch in English video If you want to cook, then you also have to search the Kesaria Textile Company, in whatever language you want, you will get it there and here you will find different channels of all varieties, like if you want to see the collection of Kurti You have to search for the collection of Kesaria Textile Company kurtis or you search only in Kesaria Textile Company then also you get videos of kurtis, you will also find ads in the collections of bottom wear, so I hope today’s collection is very much to you.


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You must have liked it because the colors are very different from the very different, maybe you will also be in the Kesaria Textile Company or not, but today the collection that we are seeing today is going to be very different and very different, see these small But you can see the whole zari-peta in the blouse, you can see the pallu here, similarly the pallu of Banarasi centuries, they look very beautiful because the work that remains in them is somewhat different. It only gives a look, it comes in a different way, it can be seen The combination of golden and blue in golden is completely different, but its work makes it even more different, see this complete, you will get blouse with 630 cuts in it, you will get it in a century. I open it and show it completely, you can see that you get the whole collection in this way, if we talk about blouse, then in 1 meter you also get blouse in it, you can see that no matter how much if you are healthy So you need more fabric for blouse then that too you get here, you can see that you can get full blouse in this way also in all other centuries you will get same cuts so that you have to wear If you don’t face any problem, then how did you like today’s collection, please comment and like the video, if you are new to the channel, then subscribe to the channel and also press the bell icon, see you in the next video. Till then thanks for watching!


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